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  1. Very few people start out looking to commit a crime like this. But you do look up one day and find yourself in so deep that suddenly committing another federal crime to try to find a way out seems reasonable. The most charitable thought here is that when you run a gun shop, there’s paperwork that has to be done exactly right every day. That’s a minor burden when you’re selling three a week. When you’re moving a hundred or more per day like they were in the Obama boom - well - that’s a compliance department.
  2. Unbelievable. I did a bunch of business there over the years. What a shame.
  3. I went back and checked. I’ve got a URX-3 wrench - that unfortunately is different enough that it won’t won’t on a URX-4.
  4. Saturday was awfully cold for dark to dark. Glad you were able to salvage it yesterday.
  5. 45-70 is pretty mulch my go to for everything larger than a rabbit under 150 meters.
  6. I know I have an SR-25 wrench. I can't remember if I have a URX-4 or not. I think the URX-3 used something a little different. Let me check.
  7. That’s cool. Who knows what’s squirreled away out there?
  8. Was out at Boxwell with the scouts this weekend. The deer were everywhere. So we’re the turkeys. Imagine my surprise when I tossed a bag of trash in a construction dumpster and about 15 turkeys flew out
  9. I expect you may have something on a pig rifle that will work in a pinch - but renting a FLIR for half a day is really worth it.
  10. What a fun little fishing boat - that will probably fit in most people’s garage.
  11. That 43 is a unicorn - and a great .22
  12. The 340PD is probably the ultimate J-Frame sized .357/.38 pistol. It’s lightweight and just disappears. That light weight also might cure you of wanting to shoot it a bunch with full house .357 loads.
  13. Larry, I’m thrilled that your still with us. Even when a lot seems hopeless - it’s good to have some people you call friends - and people who will miss you when you’re not around. Let me know if you need anything.
  14. That’s such a shame. I saw them play many times growing up in Atlanta. They were great musicians - but also seemed to be pretty decent businessmen.
  15. My favorite surf setup is an 8’ St. Croix Avid inshore rod matched to a Penn Slammer III. I run 15lb. braid. It’ll catch anything in the surf. I do run 8’ St. Croix Mojo Surf rods when I’m just fishing from shore. I run the same reel on those. The 2500 size will hold right at 300M of 15lb. braid. I’ve got a couple of older Penn Spinfisher reels. I’ve got some that are 25 years old and still running strong. I’d recommend them to anyone. I love the Stradic CI4 reels as well. I’ll use them in freshwater. They’re so smooth. But despite what shimano will tell you, they’re too delicate for saltwater.
  16. I would probably fish every day if I could. I don’t know how long it would take me to get tired of it - but it would be a minute. As the flow of my family life goes right now, I’ll spend around 20 days on the water this year. That’s a combination of saltwater (mostly surf with some inshore stuff thrown in), panfishing with whatever kids want to go, and a few days most years trout fishing. My enthusiasm far exceeds my expertise - so take this advice accordingly. As far as rods go, I’ve never been disappointed by St. Croix. I’ve got a few high end ones, and plenty of their value line ones. Their warranty is second to none. They made a lifetime customer out of me years ago when I walked into a tackle shop on vacation to replace a broken rod. I was way out of balance fishing with a higher test line than should have been on that rod. I hooked into something big - and the rod immediately shattered into a dozen pieces. I was going to buy a new rod - but the employee saw I was replacing a St. Croix rod and just said, “give us the pieces and get another one off the shelf - that’s what the warrant is for - and we know they’ll make us whole on it.” If I could only buy one not to expensive, do most everything rod, I’d buy a 6.5 or 7 foot medium fast rod in their Triumph series. Probably $100 out the door. As to reels, I’m picky. I want a reel that will perform in freshwater, but won’t complain if I walk out into the surf with it and cast for ladyfish and Spanish mackerel all afternoon. In that regard, the Penn Slammer III and now the Slammer IV are my hands down choice. In a 2500 size, they’re not the cheapest reel - they’re around $150. But, so long as you rinse them off after coming out of the surf and generally take care of them, they’ll last forever. They’re IPX6 sealed, and all the stuff you care about is stainless or brass. They’ve got enough drag to handle big bull reds, and are light enough to not wear you out casting all day. Add in a good braided line and some fluorocarbon leader and you’re good to go anywhere. if you’ve got specific scenarios you’re fishing, let me know and we can dial that in.
  17. I've recently become aware of a really cool opportunity to support TN Youth shooting sports. Over the last few years, MidwayUSA Foundation has been building a fund to endow youth shooting sports. Each year, each team can apply to receive 5% of their portion of the fund as a cash grant. This doesn't require anything of the team other than applying and generally having their finances in order. They're holding a raffle later this month where the proceeds go straight to preferred team's endowments. Tennessee's portion of the fund is administered by Tristarr-Yess and has distributed almost a $1 million dollars to Tennessee teams since 2014. Details: The Tristarr-Yess raffle will be held on October 29, 2022 -www.tnyess.net is the website to buy your tickets: 1 for $20.00, 3 for $40.00 -Over 25 prizes worth more than $5,500 will be given away -Fewer than 100 tickets have presently been sold -Winners will be notified by Tristarr-Yess and a list will be posted on the website (www.tnyess.net) -There are more than 80 teams in Tennessee with endowments summing to more than $5M If this is something that interests you, you can purchase tickets and select the team you want to support here: https://tristarryess.square.site/product/tristarr-yess-drawing-tennessee-state-registration-co42826/1
  18. Everybody needs a hobby. Making some money on the side is a hobby.


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