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  1. I got the chance to meet Randy a couple years ago at a local IDPA match in Cleveland. The person that introduced us didn’t give me much information about him. He just told me, “Randy does some training. You should check him out.” I was waiting for Mr. Harris to give me a sales pitch. Didn’t happen. Randy gave a brief rundown of what he does. That was it. The day ended and he smoked the rest of the squad. There was no chest beating, no look at me attitude, it was just another day. After returning to Knoxville I did a little research. Both online and by word of mouth Randy seemed to have a good standing in the shooting community. I thought that if an opportunity opened up and the right class was offered i’d give him a try. Not only did I attend the class this weekend but my daughter did as well. This class helped both of us greatly. Not once was my daughter uncomfortable. The course was a very professional and well put together. Randy and AJ held our attention both days and did an outstanding job. Guys, we’ll see you again. Thanks, Howler AKA Full Size Target
  2. I've been in the stand a little bit this season. Had multiple deer within bow range (even in ML and rifle season) but nothing that I'd want to drag out. Small racks and bodies all season long. The wife told me last night "What's wrong with you, we don't eat the horns!" I typically see multiple coyote by this point. This morning, just after daybreak, a coyote came in without being called. The animal came in from behind me. By the time I got the gun up it either caught my wind or seen movement and came to a halt. I put the scope on him and he took off. I missed.
  3. I'm assuming that if you have enough room to shoot them then you have enough room to trap them. Get a hunting/fishing license and buy a dozen snares. Read the game laws and/or talk to a TWRA officer. Set an 11" loop 11" off the ground on well known travel lanes. There are tons of youtube videos to guide you in the right direction. I've been trapping them for the last 10 years with pretty good luck. Make sure you read ALL the game laws. Deer stops, cable size, and name tags and such. It will be hard to find people to trap them for you unless you pay them because the traps have to be checked every day. And that takes time and money. And one more thing. Don't let people put pressure on you to do something illegal because they "hate those dang things." I've been asked to do some crazy stuff that I refused to do.
  4. I try to shoot it each month. They have fun and and challenging stages. And on top of that you won't find a better group of people to hang out with. There are some videos on youtube if you want to check them out.
  5. I had the opportunity to shoot one back in April. Is it worth the money? That's really going to be up to you. I can tell you the one that I shot had no malfunctions and was very accurate. The trigger was as crisp as any 1911 I've felt. The owner of the pistol did mention that it didn't like low power loads. It definitely packs a punch and was fun to shoot.
  6. The CZ is a shooter. As soon as I get a holster and mag pouches she'll probably replace the Glock on Saturdays.
  7. I took the plunge and ordered and picked up my new CZ Custom SP-01 Shadow. Friday evening after work I was able to put it in my hands. Because of the gully washer rain there was no chance to shoot it on Friday. So Saturday I took the gun to a local IDPA match just to show it to some of my fellow shooters. Next thing I knew I had on a borrowed holster and mag pouch. It's first shot was going to be on stage one. Man is that thing sweet. Zero problems out of the gun, one mental mistake (procedural- down3) , and two bad shots (down 5 X2) put me in 19th place. I've shot so much with the Glock that all the moves are drilled in my head, reload, seat the mag, drop the slide and get on target. At least three times my body tried to drop the slide using the CZ's safety lever. And not one time did it work...and I tried hard!
  8. I've trapped a fair share of coyote over the last ten years. Snares are my choice. Make sure they are legal in your area. Also make sure they are the correct size and don't forget to use deer stops. If you set them correctly you won't catch non-target animals for the most part. A stray dog is about the only animal (again if the trap is correctly set) you might catch. As of yet all my animals were alive when the traps were checked. Keep in mind the traps need to be checked every 24 hours.
  9. Yeah, the weight is over the limit for IDPA. I looked at the tactical model at bud's and the trigger felt like it was less than 2lbs. That might be a little light for my liking. I'd like to put the Shadow2 in my hand just to get a feel.
  10. I was given the opportunity to shoot a Shadow 1 last weekend and wow what a shooter. The trigger was great and it's heavy frame helped me clear a plate rack faster than I ever have. The Shadow 2 peeks my interest but it isn't legal in IDPA matches. Now I find myself searching for CZs online. Not for sure I'd carry one simply because of the weight, but I'd snatch one up for competitions without hesitation.
  11. Heck I just want to get my TGO ARs built. I tend to put things off till the last minute.
  12. This has been the worst start to a season yet.
  13. I'm not an expert, but I can tell you the Seven is an awesome little rifle. I've had one for years and love it. It's very nice to hunt with because of the light weight and short barrel.


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