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  1. A screen shot from the GoPro.
  2. Heck I just want to get my TGO ARs built. I tend to put things off till the last minute.
  3. MuzzleLoader Season Opens Saturday

    This has been the worst start to a season yet.
  4. Remington 700 vs. Seven??

    I'm not an expert, but I can tell you the Seven is an awesome little rifle. I've had one for years and love it. It's very nice to hunt with because of the light weight and short barrel.
  5. Bicycle wheel question

    I was completely ready to spend the money to fix it. Durability is what I need. I was assured the used rim was the way to go. When I decide to get a road bike this shop will more than likely get my business. Not one time have I been ignored or treated poorly. Service sells.
  6. Bicycle wheel question

    The bike shop told me that the manufacturer of that wheel had a good bit of problems with broken spokes. I've read the same thing online but I don't always believe what's on the net. The rear rim was trued with the first spoke replacement. I was given all the options from a new rim, a used rim, and replacing all the spokes. I chose the used. The shop replaced the wheel today with an "almost new"one. Said if the new one broke a spoke he'd replace it for free. The bike cost me a good bit more than $300. I liked the disc brakes and extra gears so I spent a little more. Resale might be in that area but I don't plan on selling it. I still like the bike. And because of that, I just want to get my money's worth. Besides that, not all of those 2k 1911's go bang like they should. And I'm sure $2000 bikes have problems as well. A nice road bike might be in my future as long as the back holds out and I can find a way to hide it in the garage. The wife is on the Dave Ramsey kick, therefore I am too. I plan on riding this weekend...so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for all the replies, folks.
  7. Bicycle wheel question

    I've got roughly 750 miles on a 3 year old Giant Roam bike. I've now broken the third spoke on the rear wheel. Two last summer and one this summer. I ride greenways and Cade's Cove for the most part. I don't feel that the bike gets abused, but I don't avoid tree roots or rocks should they appear in front of me. I'm kind of a bigger, older guy so I don't jump school buses. Is it simple metal fatigue in the spokes? Should I keep replacing spokes or buy new wheels?
  8. 300 BO and VihtaVuori

    DS it's a 16 inch barrel with a pistol length gas system w/adjustable gas block. I've been running 10.6gn of 1680 with Hornady 208gr BTHP for subs. I'm looking to load some 110gr - 125gr bullets (supersonic) and thought there might be someone that uses Viht N110 powder.
  9. Anybody use this powder for the BO? I want to load 110gr-125gr for small to medium game, coyote and such. I have some Barns TAC-TX and some Nosler ballistic tip I'd like to try.
  10. Ruger 22/45 Lite

    You folks have any experience with one? Been looking around and can't seem to find one to handle.
  11. Before my first ever IDPA event?

    I've only shot a few and I believe it's a great place to start. A gun, holster, mag pouch (but I have seen guys just use jacket pockets), three mags, cover, and ammo. No flashlight. Sign up and read the range rules before you get there. Watch the other shooters and ask questions. Go slow and don't worry about impressing the other shooters.
  12. Glock 27

    Still available

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