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  1. Still available
  2. btt
  3. BTT
  4. For Christmas this year the wife bought me a GoPro Hero5 Session. It seems to be a little hard to navigate the menu functions but I can live with that. After some time using it the camera should become more user friendly to me. What really bothers me is the sound. When I used it this weekend at the IDPA match my gun sounded like a squeaky spring when fired. After watching other shooting videos with different models seems the Hero5 audio is a little subpar. I'll admit not doing a ton of research. The camera was small, shot high res video, and only had two buttons. Seemed like a no brainer. Anybody else use this camera and have the same results? I might have to move to a different one for just shooting.
  5. BTT
  6. $90 shipped
  7. Gen3 Glock 27 This is as clean as you can get. Less than 200 rounds down the pipe. There isn't even a ring on the barrel yet. Comes with two mags, a box of Blazer ammo and fourteen Federal SD rounds. $460 Knoxville area
  8. Nope! They like to move way to much. I won't even take the .22mag after losing a few with good shot placement. Not head shots but good body shots. They are tougher than you think. I'm no expert but I've killed a few and I wouldn't even consider taking .22lr in the woods after a coyote.
  9. Had me up till $2*^+#
  10. Love both of my Fury's.
  11. White 16GB Iphone5 for sale. This was my wife's phone and was always in a case. The battery life is good, the screen doesn't have any cracks and all the buttons work. I charged it a couple days ago and played with it off and on before wiping it to sell. $100 shipped.
  12. Watched it this morning and couldn't agree more.
  13. Have you guys seen the inside of a UPS facility? They work like dogs most of the time. I've never worked directly for them but worked in one of the buildings for several months when I was younger. The guys/gals that sort, load, and unload are worked very hard. The drivers deliver in places most of us don't want to drive through. I cut those guys/gals a lot of slack this time of year. At the time the drivers put in for the route they drove. The driver for my area tapped my retaining wall and knocked off the cap block. He offered to come back on his own time to fix it. Had I called in he more than likely would have lost his job. That company isn't easy to work for.
  14. Caught a huge male this morning. Probably one of the biggest and most aggressive coyote I've come across. Most try to get away but he came at me. The pic is him next to the average female I caught the other night. He makes almost two of her.
  15. I've hunted them from a stand several times and with some luck. Just remember that they can pinpoint the sound with pretty good accuracy. Most people say that they charge right in. But my experience has shown me that's not always true. They like to "check up". Figure out where the dog is likely to stop and try and pinpoint your position. It might be the top of a ridge, the other side of a gully (looking before they drop in), or the point of a field. By this time of year their kind of skidish and less likely to commit. Use the lip squeak to bring them in that last little bit.

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