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  1. Brand new, only ever test fit, never used. It's the 10rd size and lets you shoot longer than magazine length ammunition in an AR-15.   http://www.midwayusa.com/product/967912/original-bob-sled-loading-block-ar-15   Looking for $30 out of it. 
  2. Brand new, never used. Clearing out some things I don't need any more.   http://www.midwayusa.com/product/163348/dewey-rifle-lug-recess-and-chamber-cleaning-kit-ar-15-223-caliber   Looking for $20.
  3. If anyone wants this, I'd be happy to get the spa service done for you so you'd have basically a brand new knife!
  4. Just clearing out some things I don't need any more. This is a great condition 4 die set from Lee for 45 ACP. Looking for $30 firm.
  5. Carried this every day for the past year, but looking to move to a Sebenza 25 or maybe down to something like a Leek to save some money. Never abused, but certainly used. Mostly to cut packages open. No stupid treatment like flicking it open or smashing it to test how hard the lock up is. If there's interest, I'll get detailed photos. Don't forget Chris Reeve will do a "spa service" on these knives for only the cost of postage which will restore it to like-new condition. I had planned to do that before selling, but wanted to gauge interest locally first. Comes with box, accessories, certif
  6. Price drop to $1750. She's pretty firm on that, but may consider offers. We'll be closing on the house on June 8th and then have a few more days to move out. Would love to have a plan in place for this!
  7. Helping my mother-in-law sell some things before she moves. This is a fantastic safe that's in great condition. It's a Champion Crown 40 and is rated at 1500* for 120 minutes. It's always been kept indoors in a climate controlled room. No garages or sheds, no pets or smoke. It's very clean and has only been used to store documents, keepsakes, and recordings/tapes/masters.   I think it's the standard layout ( you can find more info here: http://www.championsafe.com/champion_safe_catalog.pdf ). I will verify that and get some pictures of it emptied out if I get interest in it. That m
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