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  1. OK, please keep me in mind if the fist buyer bails out.
  2. Some friends and I are considering this; we'd split it up after the purchase. Is it still available?
  3. Just a guess on my part, maybe the change has to do with collecting of sales tax for online orders. Many/most online businesses are doing that now.
  4. If wobbly bipods are appealing, the Magpul would seem to fit the bill.
  5. On second & better thought, I should wait. Given the other projects I have, a $2500 rifle just isn't what I need to pursue presently.
  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL rifle! Any chance you'd be interested in any trades + ca$h to make the price point?
  7. I'm trying to help a friend determine the value of a 1873 US Springfield 45-70 Trap Door rifle with bayonet. Can anyone on the board enlighten me as how to best go about this? The rifle will be listed for sale once the value can be determined.
  8. Greetings to the group, Having purchased a Savage model 10 in .223 Remington, I'm interested in handloading ammo with very good uniformity for target shooting. I'm new to this sport, so there's lots to be learned. Reading about the different methods of dealing with lacking concentricity & with proper bullet tension, neck thickness & run out & such, I'd like to know if any of you have strong opinions on whether the bushing style, collet style or ball style neck sizing dies give the best results in terms of concentricity and bullet tension. Keep in mind this is for a b
  9. I like my pair of Howard Leight Impact Pro powered muffs. They easily allow me to converse and hear what's needed while wearing them. The volume dampening happens VERY quickly when a shot is fired, providing protection. The auto-off feature saves battery life. They also have a convenient input jack for portable devices, although I don't use that feature. The two downsides I've found are that one of my ears is a bit larger than the other so a portion of my ear gets pinched under the muff, which isn't a reflection on the product, and that the muffs are too big & get in the way when I sh
  10. I have one of the Henry .22 rifles with the octagon barrel..really like that rifle. I'm trolling for a deal on one each in .357 & .44 magnum with the brass receiver. 
  11. I have a few of the Chip McCormick magazines for my SR-1911, they feed very reliably in my limited experience. Lube & polishing couldn't hurt, either.


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