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  1. That's because it WAS his first role. But "White Lightning" was the first thing I saw him in.
  2. I'd imagine it's because of the old picture being 4 years old, using it would mean a 12 year old picture the NEXT time renewal came up. I had just renewed my driver's license with a new picture 2 weeks before I renewed my permit, so they were able to use THAT instead of renewing in person. But I renewed the permit 4 months early online, and didn't wait for the renewal to come In the mail.
  3. I first got my permit in 2006, so I guess this was my 3rd renewal. Since that time, the 4 year renewal has changed to an 8 yr for the same price. So the cost of a regular renewal has effectively dropped 50%. I don't remember what the original price of the lifetime was, but it has dropped significantly also. There's nothing to indicate that the price on either will go up. I just figured by the time I used up what a lifetime costs, I would be 92, and I doubt if I'll care whether or not I have a valid permit by that time, and probably wont even need one if I'm still around.
  4. That's exactly what happened to me on my driver's license this year. I got the renewal in the mail, and thought "I'll do it later" on-line. A week or so AFTER my birthday, I was driving to work, and realized I was driving on an expired license. Luckily, I was off a couple of days later, and was able to catch the DMV open. Then I checked on renewing the permit so the same thing wouldn't happen again. I thought about doing the lifetime since renewing was $50.00 every 4 years, it would only take 16 years to pay for itself. Then once I realized it was only $50.00 for EIGHT years of renewal, lifetime didn't make a lot of sense for me. I renewed in February, and mine didn't expire till August, and like it was said, my first thought was that I cheated myself out of 6 months, but 8 years from now, who cares. I look at it as getting 42 extra months for the same price that I paid on the last renewal. I also received the renewal in 8 days or so.
  5. AAAK.. ..Double Cola is the "Milwaukee's Best" of colas. It's even worse than RC, which makes it pretty much undrinkable. Pour your Coke over a full glass of ice, then let the ice melt and you'll have Double Cola. I used to have an aunt that worked at Standard Candy back in the 50's and 60's, and we were always told the Goo Goo started out as just a collection of scraps from everything else that they made, and they took off from there.
  6. PX-4 Compact has actual ambi slide releases
  7.   But I do appreciate the effort. Maybe the next one.
  8. Randall, That was me. There's not many days that I don't get on several times and scan through, I just don't say very much.   Correction: That was what I was going to change it to, but MacGyver was nice enough to do it for me after I messed it up.
  9. Thank you sir. I tried to send a request through the "contact us" link last night. That can now be ignored.
  10. Would one of you fine administrators please change my display name back to Varmint. I was trying to get rid of the "TGO Newcomer" label, and just wasn't paying attention.   I guess if it is a minimum post related thing, it will always be there. After 8 years and just over 50 posts, it will take forever to get there.   Thanks,  Terry
  11.   Willis, If this changes at some point, please inform me. Otherwise, I'll have to pass. I've had to adapt to a lot of right-handle stuff in my years, but this would just be too awkward in a crunch.   Terry


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