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  1. Sidecarist

    Briggs and Stratton 19.5 HP Engine Issues

    Drain the fuel tank and re fill with 50/50 seafoam and 100% gas. Run it for 10-15 min then let it sit overnight to let tgge seafoam work. Fill it with 100% gas and go. I've recovered several mowers & generators this way.
  2. Sidecarist

    M&P M2.0 3.6" Compact

    I was a fairly early adopter of the 40 back in the day. it offered befter stopping performance in a 9mm size package back then. 9mm terminal performance was thought to be marginal. In the last 15 years or so bullet design has solved those issues and today I think the 40 offers little advantage over a 9mm. Most people shoot a 9mm better than a 40 or 45. For years I was a 45 guy, 40 offered more capacity with only a slight terminal performance loss. Today I use 9mm almost exclusively. If you can handle full house 10mm loads, it's top of the heap... Great muzzle flash at night! 45 ammo is cheaper...
  3. Sidecarist

    For you 10mm guys

    I have an early S&W 25-2 45acp, a 625 45acp, and a 610 10mm. The 10mm is scary accurate. I've taken woodchucks at 50yds using a 1.5x scope. It will also handle the hottest loads with ease. They can be loaded with heavy 300gr bullets no problem too. If I didn't have one I'd be interested...
  4. I've been informed that mine is waiting for me when I get home from this trip. Thanks, I'm sure I'll be as satisfied as everyone else.
  5. Sidecarist


    That's a bit sad...
  6. Sidecarist

    ad closed A beast of a Kukri....

    Doesn't matter how many. You can't go wrong!
  7. Sidecarist

    ad closed A beast of a Kukri....

    If only I had a disposable $200 right now... As always any GT knife is a bargain considering the workmanship!
  8. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    It's about ratings not about doing the right thing. The most sensational headline wins the day. Plus half of what gets reported is speculation at best so they have to come back and revisit it over and over until the next big story.
  9. Great, looks like 100% to me. You will surely get better. Dry fire if you can, cheapest practice there is. Congratulations.
  10. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    While I see your point, I think when considering such a thing as a ban on guns we here in the US would have to look outside our borders in an attempt to gauge the effectiveness of such a ban. Lunatics are lunatics all around the world. A determined man that plans in advance is not going to be thwarted by restricting access to one weapon type. The crime will look different but people will still get murdered. At its heart this is still a people problem more than a weapon problem.
  11. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    I'm not just looking at the US or just schools. Elsewhere in the world trucks and cars have been used for mass murder where guns are harder to get. A determined sociopath will find a way to be successful and/or become famous. Bombs are regularly assembled in some parts of the world by people with far less education and resources than this guy had. As far as nerve, how much nerve did it take for him to commit this crime? Plenty I think...
  12. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    A ban on the weapon (gun) used by a criminal to commit such a crime would only direct them to a new weapon (truck, explosive, etc).
  13. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    If we have a law that says 26yrs of age or whatever, what makes you think they would obey it? This isn't a legal problem it's a people problem. Common sense isn't common anymore and I'm afraid that the backlash from this will not be helpful in the long run. Restriction of rights for the majority of people in an effort to stop random sociopaths simply won't work. A true killer will find a way to kill.
  14. Sidecarist

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    The media goes directly to blaming things like the weapon. This is a symptom of the current political correctness where it isn't acceptable to blame the Person that committed the act. Regardless of age we know it's wrong to kill other people, but the numbness caused by constant exposure to violence on Movies, TV and Games has caused many of these kids to simply not care, or react to it with the outrage that most of our older generations do. It's simply just the way they perceive the world. Many of these shootings if not all of them have a mental health aspect to them. Notice that there is a constant drum of the FBI was notified, someone should have known. There must be a way to use social media to predict this sort of thing. This scares the crap out of me because it smacks of "thought police" Yet again the blame is being directed somewhere other than at the Perpetrator. This young mans father and mother are both dead, his mother raised him, he is in counseling, has been called emotionally disturbed, etc. I have yet to hear anyone in the media, or government say he is plain and simple a murderer. As a society there has been a shift away from Personal Responsibility. I fear that the next few generations will suffer greatly because of this. We will have the government Surveilling us, banning the weapons we enjoy responsibly using, and our grand kids will grow up thinking that this is just how things are. I know this is preaching to the choir but I am deeply saddened by this, by the fact that we have so many adults and children in our wonderful country that think that they are owed something, and if they don't get it they'll go out with a bang. No personal responsibility, and our elected officials don't have the integrity to point out that an Evil Person did this and that there really is no way to prevent an evil person from committing acts of evil. This is a problem that has taken several generations to create and I fear that we have gone past the point of no return.

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