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  1. As a machinist I'll say it's a bargain if done right. The real quasi on is how much would it cost me to do this work to this quality? The answer is self evident then.
  2. My edc is a mid size 9mm. I am fortunate that most days in can carry that. I used to be a 45 guy, but years of engineering on 9mm ammunition has changed my mind.
  3. "Stopping Power" is largely a construct created by the FBI and other agencies. Better to have a weapon than have the super stopper 1000mm magnum at home in the safe because you can't carry it! Besides when the bad guy makes a really bad mistake and robs a store full, of armed citizens or off duty LEO's getting shot from multiple directions they are getting what they asked for. I've carried a 22 when circumstances dictated it. Shot placement is more important than anything else...
  4. I've had the best luck with duracell and panasonic brand batteries. Energizer and some other brands seem to be of lower quality. I'm swapping batteries at about 6 months. I date the batteries with a sharpie when I install them
  5. And an EARLY Barrett 50, notice the Leupold scope, and NO muzzle brake.
  6. Well.... pm me your email and I'll send you the mp4 file it's small.
  7. Here is a link to download the video of the deer. Downloading Lower_06_16_2017 2_00_03AM_1497592803920.mp4
  8. We have a non pro arlo system used to monitor our driveway. The batteries last 6 months or more (4 CR123). Easy to change with my setup, but if the cameras were up high it could be a pain. Night vision is OK out to 30ft or so. Not as good as a mid priced game camera. Motion detection is a bit slow for catching vehicles. Sometimes we only get the back half of car from the side. It's easy to monitor from your phone, but only one person can do it at a time. Im happy enough that I'm thinking of expanding it to 4 cameras. I don't know what the pro version offers extra, maybe the sound recording... If you are intersted PM me with email and I'll send you a short night video of a deer on the driveway, about a 500k mp4 file.
  9. Nice! What light is it? I picked up a truglo light laser combo at the NRA show that in on my SF. Perfect for those bump in the night moments like the possum on my porch last week.
  10. Shhhhh Don't tell anyone that a private armed citizen! its against the narrative. In all honesty, when you watch the news story video its is reported honestly so I can't really complain. I'm sure the police responding were glad they had the help.
  11. Maybe they could start an annual congressional 3 gun tournament. I highly doubt anyone would show up at practice for that with the intention to shoot any congresmen! Heck they might even find out how fun shooting is...
  12. Hard to carry on the field, but aimed fire from those in the dugouts might have brought things to an end faster. Sadly it probably wouldn't have changed the result much in this case. Everyone I saw interviewed said it took them a few moments and a couple of shots to realize the gravity of the situation. By then the congressman had been shot. If those two Capitol Police officers had not been there then of course it would have been a very different story... It makes me wonder about how long I would take to react in similar circumstances when seconds count. In this sort of situation the aggressor has the advantage for a few crucial seconds. The only advantage the direct target has against this sort of attack is that they seem to universally be poor shots... The advantage swings to the legal gun owner when they can respond in defense of others. This is unexpected by the coward and they usually fall apart quickly.
  13. You beat me to it and said it more eloquently. Well done sir!
  14. This coward is indeed the only one responsible for his actions and he's gone now. The bigger problem is that there is a measurable part of the population that doesn't have the skills to deal with loosing. They want a participation award for living... if they can't get it they will throw a violent temper tantrum. Most of these cowards use only words, or social media, but a few become physically violent. The problem as I see it comes from these few people following a meme together and getting incited to group violence. Their minds can't differentiate between right and wrong they have no morals and are cowards of the highest order looking for something to make them strong. They latch on to an idea and use that idea for strength and justification of violence. BLM riots are the same as the Berkley and Evergreen campus riots. To them it's about fairness, not right or wrong. They feel justified to threaten or commit violence in the name of fairness To them it's all about what they WANT to be given, rather than what they will DO for themselves. This has been a long time coming. I think it's a form of civil war. The wanters vs the doers, fairness vs hard work... I'm a doer and will defend myself because of that, I won't go out and commit acts of violence because I don't need to to make myself feel good, or strong. I have the moral strength to know right from wrong and not harm my fellow man except in defense.
  15. I had 3 but have given 2 away as gifts. Both are cherished by close friends. If I had the spare cash I would have snapped these up. Alas someone else got a great deal on some very fine blades.

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