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  1. for-sale 4 Alabama Damascus Blades

    For cryin out loud! Its killing me that for now I have to pass. Going to be some happy new owners out there. I can't say enough good things about the GT knives I already have. The Alabama Damascus only makes them better.
  2. Help! Goose Invasion!

    This will work for most birds. Have a buddy that had a buzzard problem in Florida. A rubber turkey decoy hanging in a tree almost completely solved it. They eventually come to associate the location with death and move on. I had turkey issues up in NY (eating seed)and we would shoot one on a nuance permit and let it lay in the field. They learned quick from that, not something you want to do at a lake house though....
  3. GLWS that's a good price. I like mine enough that it gets shot regularly...it's got a lot higher round count. You're going to make someone very happy!
  4. Getting to know you. What do you do?

    Not sure how I missed this thread... I will echo Daves comments above about those that serve and have served. I have several friends that are in LE and the Military I am humbled by your commitment. I'm a transplant from far Northern NY, I lived in the other part of NY (Adirondack Mtns) where it's more like TN than the "City". As soon as the kids were out of the house and the wife could retire we were gone... I'm a regional manager (Eastern US) selling industrial valve products. I got into the business by mistake 25 years ago and worked my way through several jobs and companies to get to this point. I also held an FFL 01 and had my own gunsmithing shop for nearly 20 years, also owned a one hour photo shop before digital cameras. Sold that and answered the ad for a valve sales guy and here I am... I'm self taught in many things and have had very good fortune to work with some great people that mentored me over the years. It's great to be part of thevery TGO community. I've met a few others here and look forward to meeting more of you.
  5. Cooks Holsters

    Hey all, I ordered 2 holsters from Cooks https://www.cooksholsters.com/ a while back and am very happy so far. Hard to find someone to make a Kydex holster for the Canik SF Elite but they do. Anyway, I got a special offer from them and thought I'd pass it on to the TGO community. 20% off through end of day on July 5 using coupon code FREEDOM16 I am very happy with the holster the fit is great. I also bought a mag pouch and its a bit sloppy on the fit not as happy with it. Not a bad deal and I thought I'd share it.
  6. Like it or not I have issues with ginsing hunters, as well as traditional hunters that have no respect for property lines and will be having my property surveyed for accurate placement of all signs and paint. After reading all this I'll be discussing with the surveyor blazing the property lines with purple paint as part of the process.
  7. I was told by TWO officer that I had to have a sign every 50ft, and it was suggested that I fill in between the signs with blue paint on trees. It appears that purple paint replaces the signs. I'll still use signs, but it's a fact that paint is hard to remove from a tree...
  8. That may be the case I didn't research her at all and know nothing about her. I'm a bit jaded lately by this selective free speech crap. I'll look into what she's all about and for now I'll take your word for it. I don't disagree with what she said, my response was more about the narratives we see so frequently now
  9. Funny how this video is about "free speech" and this girl didn't do anything wrong. Yet I suspect that she has different feelings about speech she doesn't like on college campuses or political speech, etc. this whole video makes me scream "double standard". I don't see the connection with a dead idiot, and stupid girl that was talked into shooting him.
  10. To me this is a great example of peer pressure. no matter how hard someone tries to convince you of anything. If your GUT says don't then DON'T. Her instinct was right she chose not to follow it. She will have to live with that for the rest of her life in or out of prison, with or without a record. Her life has been changed and can't be made whole again. He was an idiot, or a coward looking for someone else to shoot him. either way he doesn't have to live with anything now... Darwin telling us all something here.
  11. Looking at a Sig P229

    The early 229s were not available in 9mm. Finding a conversion may not be easy. I know some that use a 40 slide with 9mm mags and barrel, but I wouldn't trust it to be reliable in that configuration. For what it's worth mine has 20k or more through it and the only part ever replaced is the recoil spring. I'm not a laser fan so can't offer advice on the CT grips.
  12. 120$ too much?

    As a machinist I'll say it's a bargain if done right. The real quasi on is how much would it cost me to do this work to this quality? The answer is self evident then.
  13. A robber making a really bad choice

    My edc is a mid size 9mm. I am fortunate that most days in can carry that. I used to be a 45 guy, but years of engineering on 9mm ammunition has changed my mind.
  14. A robber making a really bad choice

    "Stopping Power" is largely a construct created by the FBI and other agencies. Better to have a weapon than have the super stopper 1000mm magnum at home in the safe because you can't carry it! Besides when the bad guy makes a really bad mistake and robs a store full, of armed citizens or off duty LEO's getting shot from multiple directions they are getting what they asked for. I've carried a 22 when circumstances dictated it. Shot placement is more important than anything else...
  15. [Security Cameras] Nest Cam Outdoor Vs. Arlo Pro?

    I've had the best luck with duracell and panasonic brand batteries. Energizer and some other brands seem to be of lower quality. I'm swapping batteries at about 6 months. I date the batteries with a sharpie when I install them

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