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  1. They are used for carving. Ive seen them used for sculpting bears & such. I wonder if a cordless version could be mounted as a bayonet?
  2. Yes 175, 180 was harder to reach with the powders then. Better choices now. Still 175 in a 4" barrel was as you say nothing to sneeze at. Much easier to make with a 45ACP in a commander but the capacity reduction sucked.
  3. It was all lead bullet, but made major with a 155gr. No not powder puff
  4. I have or have had several 40's with 10k plus round count. I still have an early S&W 40 SS frame that easily has 30k on it with zero issues and an early sig alloy frame that is at 15k ish. Both were used hard in IPSC limited matches for years. Both show slight wear on rails, but nothing more than a bit of burnishing, no battering or damage. Slide velocities are higher than 9mm but keep a fresh recoil spring in them as regular maintenance and this won't be a problem.
  5. Welcome. There is a turkey shoot up on the plateau above Dayton on rt 30. Im not sure when but they advertise it in the Sequachie Shopper paper.
  6. I have a wonderful wife... she just informed me that were going up to Old Pogue Distillery in Maysvill, KY to pick up my case of 6 bottles in mid October. Its hard to come by and one of my favorites. I'll post pics when we get back.
  7. I'm curious what this cost you? I have a Duramax diesel pushing 250k that I'd like to test.
  8. Kevin, you need this.... its so much more satisfying to shoot a coyote with something like this!
  9. Theres not much that can't be done by a careful amateur gunsmith particularly on the 1911. Not many special tools needed for the basics. That said beware of the fact that you will ruin some parts along the way and that can be expensive! The other big concern is safety. This is most common with trigger work, but can also involve barrel lockup etc. In the end you pay a gunsmith tor his knowledge more than anything else. One last thing if you do try your hand at this if you screw something up please don't ever sell ou give it to someone else. Be honest with yourself about your abilities and quality if work. An old gunsmith that taught me lived by the rule "Learn from and OWN your mistakes but NEVER pass them on". After many years he had quite a few mistakes he still had that were used as reminders and lessons!
  10. I know several families with downs or autistic kids. Its not easy for them. I've learned that the best thing is to treat them with simple courtesy and offer to hold the door etc. Acting agitated only makes things worse. I now have several young friends that are always happy to see me. The love these kids are capable of expressing is the only contagious thing about them! Their parents are remarkably courageous on a daily basis. It is hard work, sometimes it isn't pretty. Give them a break and dont make a spectacle of things, again common courtesy goes a looooooong way.
  11. Thats fantastic. Glad you got it working!
  12. This makes me think about the situation in Oneida county NY that has been in the news lately. That man inherited a revolver and couldn't afford to come into compliance with state laws. Now he's charged with a regulatory felony after legally defending himself... Regardless of NY law being ridiculous this is an example how lowering the regulatory bar to gun ownership is generally a good idea. Training is important but it shouldn't be a requirement to gun ownership, just like its not for owning knives, bats, cars, etc. I like Col. Coopers thought... Given that there are more good guys than bad guys. What would happen if ALL the good guys and ALL the bad guys had guns?
  13. If I wasnt broke from buying a car i'd need another GT blade. Thankfully this condition won't last too long and I'm sure there will be more examples of fine workmanship available

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