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  1. I've seen Buddy Guy many times and he does this sort of thing frequently. It's great to see artists that give kids like this the opportunity of a lifetime. This made my day. Thanks
  2. I had to order it. The HST is in LE boxes. I think it was SGammo.com
  3. 124gr HST in the 9mm, 230gr Critical Duty in the 45acp, Critical Defense in the 380. This is based on research i did two years ago. I also bought a three year suply at the time. If possible buy 50rnd boxes it saves a surprising amount of money. I'm not a fan of boutique ammo. I prefer something that LE might choose.
  4. Sidecarist

    Rifles... 22 caliber Whatcha got?

    I used to have a bunch but sadly I lost them all in a boating accident. I miss them!
  5. Sidecarist

    Need some advice

    Try this... when dropping the slide on an EMPTY chamber WITHOUT a magazine in the gun. NO ammo around etc...... Pin the trigger back then release the slide with the slide stop. This keeps the disconnector down as the slide slams home, and eliminates the bounce of the trigger & disconnector. If the hammer falls there are issues hammer/sear engagement. If the hammer stays back release the trigger and listen. There should be a click as the disconnector moves up. If you have a trigger scale measure the pull after this test. Compare the pull to when the hammer is thumb clocked on an EMPTY chamber. If there is a difference in pull weight then the hammer/sear geometry is wrong. I learned this from an old bullseye shooter with a box full of Jim Clark guns. Dropping tge slide on an empty chamber it much tougher on a gun than when its dropped on an empty chamber.
  6. Sidecarist

    What was your very first firearm?

    Remington 581 22lr. Christmas gift when I was 10. Just passed it on to my son as a house warming gift. He loves it and it's good squirrel medicine for his new home.
  7. Sidecarist

    holster for an ostimate

    Good luck with your search. Another option is to use your suspenders to support a belt that is a bit more loosely fastened. The stiffer the belt the better if you try this. Something else might be a paddle holster worn without a belt. Not ideal but with your suspenders it might work.
  8. Sidecarist

    Ruger LCP

    I've just picked one up. Nice little gun, disappears in a pocket. Not fun to put 100rnds through at one sitting, but it was 100% reliable. I can keep a full mag (6rnds) on a paper plate at 7yds without any difficulty. The only change I made was some yellow paint on the front sight. I'd recommend it.
  9. They want to avoid this going to SCOTUS. This will be as far as this one goes.
  10. Sidecarist

    SEPTEMBER 22 Fight At Night!

    I took this class 2 years ago and would HIGHLY recommend it. Its not just about using a gun in low light. There is a wealth of information about self defense in general.
  11. Sidecarist

    Disturbing Info about our Vaunted Leader

    I see (not so) random bannings in our future... possibly when that desert is being assembled after the wine tasting.
  12. Sidecarist


    I use a large bag of color changing silica gel in my safe, but I do use a Hygrometer for my cigars. You can test it very easily using a salt test. https://m.wikihow.com/Test-a-Hygrometer I'll start the test in the evening and check it in the morning. To be honest I've found little difference in accuracy of hygrometer. Price gets you features, but not more accuracy for anything less than $100. I just note the offset on it with a paint pen and do the math. Almost all are off by 4-5%. YMMV
  13. Sidecarist

    Disturbing Info about our Vaunted Leader

    I've slowly been converting my wife as well. She used to think Pink or red meant you would get sick, now she's a solid medium person and associates the color with good flavor and texture. I'm a Medium Rare guy at restaurants I'm not familiar with, in known good places or at home it's rare all the way, no sauce, etc. Salt & Pepper are all that's needed.
  14. Sidecarist

    ad closed Small Ferrier Rasp knives.....

    I'll take the other one... dang that's pretty!
  15. Sidecarist

    Knoxville area members please check in

    I'm not far from Dayton, and we had severe storms, some gravel washed out on the driveway, but that's about it for us. I haven't been to town though.

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