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  1. Sig M11-A1

    I hope you reach your goal and report then. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
  2. Sig M11-A1

    I'll bite and say 226 Legion SAO, but then again I'm a single action guy, and the Sig just fits me a bit better than any 92 I've ever tried. I admit I've never tried a Wilson 92... If I had to go SA/DA if still pick the Sig 226 but I'm not sure the Legion version has an advantage, a better comparison might be a Bruce Gray 226 vs the Wilson 92.

    Sorry, the date messed things up for my buddy and I. I'm headed out of state for work tomorrow. Wish we could have done it. I'm very interested in these sessions. I will make it happen someday.
  4. A pelican...?

    At least he didn't bomb your house or car.... Garufa is right about the size and volume that they leave behind!
  5. ad closed RIA 22 TCM/9mm Combo 1911 SOLD

    Oh I've thought about it....
  6. Avatar update

    And a fine looking avatar it is!
  7. Robbed.

    That pic is from the inside and you can see the thumb latch on the deadbolt. Locks only provide security up to the strength of the door, glass door frame, etc. Security for a business like a gun shop needs to be layered to slow down the thief. Given time and tools its easy to break in, but if you can make it take time and make it a pain in the a$$ they will look for an easier target.
  8. Cost of permit?

    My wife just went through the process. Costs were as I recollect... $50-$75 for safety class. She found a Group on coupon that saved some. It was for Shooters Depot in Chattanooga. Course cost was I think $50 after the discount. $100 at DMV after the safety class paid at DMV when they take your photo. They will also set up an appt for you at a fingerprint vendor. In her case it was a ups store. Now the wait... let me know if you have questions. I'll try to help.
  9. 16 years ago

    I was living up north then. I was at work and happened to be in a Coke bottling plant in Yonkers, NY on a service call when everything stopped I was brought up to the roof by my customer. We watched the towers fall with little information as to why. I remember as a child seeing the towers go up as my dad worked in Manhattan. It was surreal to see them gone in minutes. I don't talk about it much, but I'll never forget. It was a national tragedy that day, and those that served and serve today have my utmost respect. It effected us all then and we still feel the results of the cowards attack. I will never forget!

    I'm planning on it. Any objection to me bringing a friend?
  11. Inforce APLc on CZ P-07

    Nice, i just put one on a Canik TP9SF Elite, no pics, but it mounts about the same. If I can find a P-10C in the next few months I'll be putting one on it too.
  12. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    An inforce APLc for use on a bedside gun. Oh yea and my wife's CCW license.
  13. Today's Dummy......

    That made me flinch!
  14. Shooting Irma... Really?

    This is simultaneously hard to believe and ridiculously true. Some people will be idiots because they were born that way. It's no wonder that some countries think we're "gun nuts" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/08/florida-gun-owners-encouraged-shoot-storm-fire-guns-hurricane/
  15. I just had my wife read this... after she got done laughing she asked me if it was real. BTW she is not a gun person...

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