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  1. Thats fantastic. Glad you got it working!
  2. This makes me think about the situation in Oneida county NY that has been in the news lately. That man inherited a revolver and couldn't afford to come into compliance with state laws. Now he's charged with a regulatory felony after legally defending himself... Regardless of NY law being ridiculous this is an example how lowering the regulatory bar to gun ownership is generally a good idea. Training is important but it shouldn't be a requirement to gun ownership, just like its not for owning knives, bats, cars, etc. I like Col. Coopers thought... Given that there are more good guys than bad guys. What would happen if ALL the good guys and ALL the bad guys had guns?
  3. If I wasnt broke from buying a car i'd need another GT blade. Thankfully this condition won't last too long and I'm sure there will be more examples of fine workmanship available
  4. Sometimes its the obvious stuff that is soooooooo easy to miss.
  5. Im near Dayton about 40 min from Chattanooga. PM me and we can figure it out.
  6. If the 250 takes the same grip module as a P320 I have one in compact size you could try along with mags. Let me know.
  7. I have several old saw blades... I might be able to keep GT in material for a while! Ill admit to a knife addiction and I get some satisfaction seeing GT's knives sold out before I see them for sale... It saves me from the temptation!
  8. Sidecarist

    Glock 19x

    Im the opposite. I cant seem to shoot glocks well. I tried and failed several times. I was and am still a sig guy, but have had great luck with the M&P 2.0. If it needs a new home I promise it wont be lonely....
  9. Sidecarist


    Order and install a factory weight recoil spring (wolff makes good ones). These are good guns and if it hasn't been butchered with a dremel then the best reliability advice is keep the proper recoil spring in it. Clean it, shoot it, enjoy. (Repeat as needed)
  10. I might head down for the cruise-in. Weather dependent...
  11. I dont trust cables...they're to easy to cut. Steel cable bike locks are easy to defeat with electrical cable cutters. The cable that is used for most in car lock boxes isn't any better. They arent much more secure than just locking the doors. If you choose a safe bolt it or chain it. My 2 cents.
  12. For those that care... The silver ones are PLA, the red is ASA. ASA is harder to print but more durable. It was a fun project. I hope they hold up enough for a couple of laughs. Enjoy!
  13. Welcome I made the move several years ago and love it. Everyone here at TGO has been great. It soooooo much better to live in a placs where we can preserve our rights rather than fight to recover them.

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