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  1. My Mother Passed

    Many others here have had very wise words for you. I agree with all of it and will add... The fact that you have made yourself a success regardless of your childhood relationships and experiences shows the strength and resilience of humankind. Grieving will come for you in time and in your own way. Have faith in yourself and the family that you have nurtured. If you have faith in god lean on that as well. I went through parts of this with my parents death, and am estranged from my only brother by his actions. I can not control others, I can act honorably in my life and do my best to do so. It sounds to me that you have acted honorably towards others, and for that you have my respect. To be honorable in the face of adversity is difficult but it is a noble goal. Your siblings like mine have the option of trying to reach out to you and be honorable about it. Their place in this world in not your fault and carry no guilt for it. I did not make my brother who he is, but if he approached me and had straightened his life up I would forgive him. I have not rejected him, but rather his path in life is destructive and I had to choose between traveling it with him, or choosing my own path. We are individuals and I chose not to follow him and I have a good life because of it. I have no guilt, and as long as he didn't threaten me or my family I could offer forgiveness. These are VERY personal decisions, only you can make them. My two cents is that you shouldn't carry guilt for doing right when others chose not to. Thanks for sharing your feelings here I hope it has helped you and it will likely help others that you may never know about. Do not despair but take joy in what you have accomplished in life and in your family that has not had to suffer what you did because of your hard work.
  2. If going the red dot route give one a try if possible first with your trifocals. I have a bit of a astigmatism and it makes the dot flare out and look weird with one pair of glasses. With a different pair it's not noticeable at all. I'm NOT discouraging you. I do think it's a great solution. Most gunsmith should be able to fabricate a mount that replaced6thd rear sight with no new holes. If th e dot looks good to you go for it!
  3. Keeping members in your thoughts this holiday season

    I will gladly keep everyone on TGO in my prayers. I only know a few members personally but everyone here has helped me keep my sanity lately, and that's saying something! This is a great community and I'm happy I can participate.
  4. Folding Glock

    uhmmmmm no.
  5. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    Just had an online chat with S&W. They will send me the frame plugs to fill the holes left by the safety at no charge. Refreshingly good customer service.
  6. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    M&P 2.0 Compact 9mm. The safety will have to go but it was a good deal so I'll get the frame plugs and remove it. The trigger ins't quite as good as my TP9SF, but the grip feels better. Now for an IWB holster, Ameriglow CAP sights, and some spare mags...
  7. Darby

    That's satisfaction!
  8. hope ya'll understand!!!

    Not to hijack the thread but you do find kindness and good people in times of need. I was at the transfer station today and two young men helped me unload my truck. I didnt ask them they just did it. Ive been having back issues and appreciated it a lot. There is a chance for mankind for sure. Bersa I know that my dogs make me a better person. It's great how they can do that to us..
  9. Zarate aquited because of a "Hair Trigger".

    The prosecution screwed up royaly. Possibly on purpose. The weapon discharged three times as I understand it. He is a felon in possession of a stolen weapon. He fled the scene of the crime, and I'm sure several more I don't believe in double jeapordy for the same crime, but there are several federal statutes that he wasn't charged, or tried on. I hope he is crushed by the full weight of any federal statutes that apply. The state, county, city, etc should cease to receive ANY federal funds for any reason immediately. The state, county & city may also be in violation of federal law and subject to prosecution. I hope so.....
  10. Comparison S&W M&P 9C 2.0, CZ P-10C

    I already have one! I do like it a lot. I pulled the trigger (so to speak) on the M&P today. I should have it mid week. Thanks to everyone that responded.
  11. Darby

    Some people were just made to be dog owners. You can tell who they are because their dogs clearly approve of them! Best of luck with your new pal
  12. New S&W M&P 9mm 4 Compact 2.0

    I'm interested to know as well...
  13. Comparison S&W M&P 9C 2.0, CZ P-10C

    I've read David's Review of the P10C, and I think I remember it being sold here. I was never a fan of the first generation M&P it's not bad, but it didn't push my buttons. The 2.0 seems a big step forward. I thought that I'd throw it out here to see if anyone has shot both, or made a direct comparison.
  14. Comparison S&W M&P 9C 2.0, CZ P-10C

    Mea culpa I stand corrected, but you did get the idea...
  15. Comparison S&W M&P 9C 2.0, CZ P-10C

    I've got the new pistol bug... Has anyone here handled or better yet shot both the S&W M&P 9C 2.0 and tge CZ P-10C? I haven't laid hands on the CZ yet, but the M&P 2.0 seems to be a significant improvement Thanks for your help.

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