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  1. None... objects can't be evil, only people. Even that addition of the magazines can't make them evil. Nice group photo though!
  2. It actually seems worse than that.... Get a box, or other container, a hive body is ideal but I've seen it done with a 5gal bucket. Shake the crap out of the branch making the bees fall into the container, hopefully you get the queen. Take them home and set up a hive body with foundation keep an eye on them. If you have the queen and she likes her new home she will set up housekeeping if not they will fly away again. If you don't get the queen they will all be dead in about 20 days.
  3. I use Bluetooth headsets a lot. I drive 50kmi per year for business and my truck is my office and warehouse. I've tried many many Bluetooth headsets for phone calls and plantronics wins in the small catagory. In the large I don't have to carry it around catagory vxi takes the prize by a long shot. I use a bt350, and bt350 daily. I just saw that they have a serious headset now. The s450. You might want to give it a look.not main stream, but these guys cater to truckers and the stuff is well built with awesome battery life. Pick it up at a truck stop, Pilot etc. http://www.vxicorp.com/on-the-road-headsets/blueparrott-s450-xt All of that said, the biggest issue may be that Bluetooth simply doesn't have the bandwidth for hi fidelity. It will never compete with a wired decice.
  4. Ooooh a VP70Z.....
  5. Nice size swarm. The queen will leave the hive if it's over crowded and conditions are right. Swarms are usually very docile, and if you can get the queen they will all stay with her. You don't see them as much as I the past because beekeepers have gotten a great network out there to catch them. Many also use swarm traps to attract them. Free bees to a beekeeper. Call one if you can and they will likely reward you with some honey!
  6. Sea containers like this have vents built into the corners. This is to help prevent condensation as well as let them sink when they wash overboard, many also have wood floors. Burying one shouldn't be too bad if consideration is taken for these items. I'm thinking of making one into a root cellar Roof strength isn't bad, but if burying it deep some timber's across the top would help for sure. The floors are remarkably strong, most will have a placard showing load limit in lb per sq/ft. I wouldn't pack one solid with ammo, but if packaged in a way that a human can move I wouldn't think it's a problem for floor strength.
  7. Nothing mind blowing innovation wise. I got to handle a lot of stuff you just can't always see in stores. My time at the show was limited, and disorganized because of others I was with. If I can make it next year, I'll be more prepared and less distracted for sure. Others may have better info for you.
  8. 5 gallon buckets... Does that make me a horder?
  9. Good deal! GLWS
  10. Guns? No rack....they take up to much space that I want to fill with guns. Right side up. Otherwise 100% natural, no fillers, additives or preservatives.
  11. That's disappointing to hear. I had very good communication with my order. But it was some time ago.
  12. Go. Pretty register, get there early tell them you're a new shooter. They will gave a new shooter briefing. Minimum equipment is: holster with covered trigger, mag pouch or pockets for mags, 3 mags, ammo, and a cover garment (light jacket, unturned shirt, etc). Howler advice of go slow and watch & listen is perfect. Good luck!
  13. Talking to the wife today I floated the idea of a home range for my steel and she thinks it's great idea. Now to find a good source for about 25-30yds of bank run fill, and some time with the tractor!
  14. One sure way to make sure that the guns get a thorough clean and lube... I like the grip texture on the P320 as a carry gun. I have not shot it in slippery conditions and it is remarkable how slippery things can get with just water let alone mud etc. I used to run IPSC & IDPA matches rain or shine. Lots of fun and educational too. I haven't shot enough in the last few months work and other obligations got in the way. That's changing now as the wife is getting her ccw and is pushing me to practice with her.
  15. I have an Aerostitch suit for riding it's the best combo I've found for that, goretex, armor etc. But when setting up camp splitting wood etc. I get soaked from the inside out. The goretex can't handle the heat load. I carry a frog togg jacket and pants for work and play it just works better. Wicking undershirt maybe a light fleece if it's cool underneath. Dry and warm with low activity is very different from dry and warm when working. My dad swore by a simple wool jacket treated with lanolin. Waxed canvas jacket for heavy rain.

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