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  1. Sidecarist

    IWB tuckable and printing

    Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy!
  2. Sidecarist

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    First guns are always a bit emotional it seems. That said there's lots of good advise here. The Jerico is a fine weapon but be aware that you will learn lessons about weight, complexity etc from owning it. You will want another different gun in the near future. There's nothing wrong with that...
  3. Sidecarist

    IWB tuckable and printing

    Actually not bad, if you can get a black belt the clip will be less noticeable. The suspenders may make it more noticeable as well by holding the bloused shirt in tight to your back. All of that said I would notice the heavy belt, clip, and you carrying but I know what to look for. Given his past does your coworker know what to look for as well? It's tougher to hide a gun from someone who knows what to look for compared to the average joe who isn't observant.
  4. Sidecarist

    IWB tuckable and printing

    Watch white shirts as they can be remarkably transparent. If you're wearing a white undershirt the butt will silhouette badly. Think of a woman wearing a black bra under a white shirt... Patterned shirts will help too if that's acceptable for your work.
  5. This thing leaves the action open to dirt I can't see how in a military application that it won't cause malfunctions. I do see how it helps train a lot of people to use the same motion to load on a variety of guns. It's not for me though...
  6. Sometimes the simplest designs look the best. I'd say these look elegant or distinguished much like a pre 64 Winchester model 70. Very NICE!
  7. Sidecarist

    Hand Loading 38 Spl Snake Shot Load Recipe?

    Those drink coasters should work great. I used to "borrow" the wifes. Clear nail polish is also great fo fly tying.. Good luck!
  8. Sidecarist

    Hand Loading 38 Spl Snake Shot Load Recipe?

    Use poster board, or the heavy cardboard from the back of a legal pad as wads. Apply a heavy roll crimp and seal the over shot wad with nail polish. The powder needs back pressure to burn properly.
  9. Sidecarist

    reloading CLEANING BRASS

    I think it's quieter. Mine is rubber lined. It's a different sound, lower frequency not buzzing.
  10. Sidecarist

    reloading CLEANING BRASS

    I have a stainlesstumblingmedia.com rebel 17 and it's fantastic, quiet and works great the improvement over vibratory cleaners is remarkable. Get yourself a media seperator too it makes life easier. I dry the brass on a cookie sheet in the oven when the wife isn't looking....
  11. Sidecarist

    Briggs and Stratton 19.5 HP Engine Issues

    Drain the fuel tank and re fill with 50/50 seafoam and 100% gas. Run it for 10-15 min then let it sit overnight to let tgge seafoam work. Fill it with 100% gas and go. I've recovered several mowers & generators this way.
  12. Sidecarist

    M&P M2.0 3.6" Compact

    I was a fairly early adopter of the 40 back in the day. it offered befter stopping performance in a 9mm size package back then. 9mm terminal performance was thought to be marginal. In the last 15 years or so bullet design has solved those issues and today I think the 40 offers little advantage over a 9mm. Most people shoot a 9mm better than a 40 or 45. For years I was a 45 guy, 40 offered more capacity with only a slight terminal performance loss. Today I use 9mm almost exclusively. If you can handle full house 10mm loads, it's top of the heap... Great muzzle flash at night! 45 ammo is cheaper...
  13. Sidecarist

    For you 10mm guys

    I have an early S&W 25-2 45acp, a 625 45acp, and a 610 10mm. The 10mm is scary accurate. I've taken woodchucks at 50yds using a 1.5x scope. It will also handle the hottest loads with ease. They can be loaded with heavy 300gr bullets no problem too. If I didn't have one I'd be interested...
  14. I've been informed that mine is waiting for me when I get home from this trip. Thanks, I'm sure I'll be as satisfied as everyone else.
  15. Sidecarist


    That's a bit sad...

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