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  1. If I was being cased that hard I'd be looking for the guys partner... increasing my situational awareness rather than focusing on one potential threat, looking for the best escape route, etc.. Just having a weapon isn't a fight ender. Some may consider it an escallation, it may make you more of a target if there is a team working because they want your weapon. Lots of possibilities. I'd look into getting some additional training. There are some vendors on this site such as Randy Harris (cruel hand luke) that offer training that is well worth it. I was particularly interested in part of a class he taught that he called the "pre-fight negotiation". The best fight is the one you never have. Flashing your weapon and telegraphing your intentions may not be the best answer...
  2. It's the same as the 140 but with a bigger transformer.if you can afford it or think you need the higher current for single pass welding on thick sections go for it.I looked at it but just couldn't justify it for what I do. I do have a 250A stick welder for the odd big job though. Feel free to PM me if you want to see mine. I'm a bit north of Chattanooga.
  3. I've had a Hobart 140 for a couple of years. Its a good machine for intermittent use. Do yourself a favor and skip flux core wire and go straaight to 0.030 solid wire and 75/25 gas. This set up has built many steel targets, jeep bumpers, trailer repairs and modifications. up to 1/4" material its just fine by me. Thicker than that is doable with some patience and care to keep things clean between passes, etc. It is limited in duty cycle, but that's where patience comes in... I also have a small Victor O/A torch set. I always wished I had a bigger one. When something needs to get Really HOT quick a big rosebud is always a go to option. For these I would look on the used market. The regulators etc are all repairable. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  4. sold

    Yes it was and I hope the buyer is happy. I'd have done it but have more cast iron than I want now... I had my wife look at it and her comment was "I have two of all those already"
  5. If you make it through life without ever having an AD then you're lucky. I'll say it's been a long time for me but years ago I had that humbling moment. I was alone, I damaged nothing more than dirt, and no one had it on camera. I still remember it and to this day it has made me a safer gun owner. This characters arrogance and over confidence were his downfall. I hope he ultimately was humbled by this. We are responsible for the path of every bullet we fire. I hope that one came to rest harmlessly.
  6. Then wouldn't "bless his heart" be appropriate?
  7. Funny, my wife "borrowed" my first P320. I picked up a second, and also got her the small grip module. Now I'll never get it back, the other day we were joking around about it and she told me that she had traded me her M&P Shield for it... She certainly shoots the SIG better. I have a hard time just giving up on any gun but those that I have sent down the road did so because they didn't fit in in some way. I wouldn't be too quick about getting rid of anything if you can afford not to. After all it only took me most of 20 years to like a poly striker pistol.
  8. It's very difficult to make a drawbar type trigger have the short take up and short reset of the stirrup trigger of a 1911. They are miles apart as a matter of design. I love my 226 Legion SAO trigger but it's not as good as any of my 1911 triggers when considering only take up and reset. I was never a fan of striker triggers back in the day of gen 1 glocks. I was a 1911 guy only, no Tupper ware for me... Fast forward to today I'm still not a glock fan but it's about grip angle now. I carry a P320, solidly in Tupper ware country now... I've found that when I get out the whole collection I notice the "bad" triggers more than the good. Interestingly shooting DA revolvers has never been a problem, the triggers are heavy but smooth and consistant. I used to have a kahr, and a few others that went down the road because they didn't have the feel I wanted. Others have liked those weapons a lot and I'm glad for it. I'll agree with Ugly that it's more noticeable when shooting a group of guns together. If I shoot the 1911s separate from my striker guns I don't find myself thinking I wish my P320 had a 1911 like trigger. To answer your question I've thought about the 938 but don't think I'm going to do it. I'm more inclined to go subcompact for the P320, or buy a P290rs, but then again I edc a compact P320 now. In the end practice even dry fire with your edc will do wonders for improving how you feel about your edc trigger.
  9. I did buy both sizes of jar sealers. The way they fit jar is with a rubber seal around the edge of the sealer that seals against the side of the jar just below the threads. Without this seal I don't think it would pull a vacuum at all . You will need the smaller attachment if you use the smaller jelly jars etc. I plan on using it for Honey. Not to preserve it but rather to help pull the tiny air bubbles out of the honey faster after bottling. Depending on temps and the honey the air can take days to rise to the top and make the honey look cloudy when its not. I think the mylar bags are more for light proofness than sealing. I would think that you could make your own meals in standard bags if you then store them in a light tight box. It will be interesting to see what others have to say on this....
  10. Maybe we should have an eastern TN TGO get together.... Not sure of where to do it. I'd say at Mac's place, but to remove those stumps with tannerite would require several days hard work! To sum up my TN experience in one sentence. "The people and the weather are better"
  11. I was really surprised at the difference. The only reason I thought of it was someone else had mentioned earlier that once used lids seemed to work better. For long term storage I prefer new to avoid any chance of contaminates in the food. Interesting tip about the O2 absorbers creating a vacuum as well. I don't think I would have thought of that.
  12. I did get the Food saver jar sealing kit and it works just fine with the Weston 2300 I have (Thanks Mark A!). It looks like using lids that have been through a heat cycle will help keep the seal tight longer. I tried new lids and its Ok, but a lid that was heated in hot water then screwed down tight for a few minutes then dried and then vacuum sealed is holding tight enough that the wife can't remove it and it isn't too easy for me... We will be experimenting with things like keeping pre-made salads longer than one day, as well as using it to keep our bulk spices etc. longer. I'm going to try it on our next honey harvest too. I'm sure that as time passes we will find many uses.
  13. "At this point what difference does it make"
  14. If you can keep 20 rounds at 3yds, 20 rounds at 5yds, and 10 rounds at 7yds on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper then you should be able to pass easily. There was plenty of time and all shooting was done in 5 shot strings. My wife is set to take the class in a few weeks and she can pass the shooting test very easily for an inexperienced shooter. I'll be be interested in hearing what has changed in the class.

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