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  1. I still have my 4.25 Anaconda coming, but the up-and-coming new Colt Kodiak has me thinking about adding another .44 magnum in 4.25 inch to the stable
  2. I am considering getting a 4inch Python in stainless next, it would be cool owning both an Anaconda and a Python with 4.25 barrels, so I may just do that
  3. I like it so much im Buying a second
  4. Guys, Do any of you have a resource for Steel Plate targets, some cool ones that are reactive? My Berm is growing, and I am in the process of making a proper Gun range in my back yard. I have bought some simple ones from Amazon and shot them up. I would appreciate some info
  5. Gorgeous, Yes S&W needs to back to their old ways!
  6. I love the older Smith and Wesson Revolvers, Pre trigger lock. I called Smith and Wesson a few years ago and begged them to build me a 686 Plus with no trigger lock installed. I even said I would be happy to pay more money if they wanted to consider it a custom order. They refused which broke my heart. I love the new Model 19 Carry Comp revolver, so I called them again and offered to pay more once more they refused, that just reinforced my love for the Colts I would love to see a picture of your Python, man do I love the old ones!
  7. I felt the exact same way before buying my King Cobra, I rolled the dice and bought it before ever seeing one but after having that for a while the Python Combat Elite came out and I knew I would love it. I think once you put one in your hand you will agree with me
  8. I was excited when I heard the Blued Pythons were being released. I am not a fan of the long barrels so 5 inches is about the longest I would want. There are many pictures online of the new 4.25 Python that show two rib vents I have attached a snip it. I spoke with a Colt representative who confirmed the one in the picture is not what you will be buying, it has 3 Vents, for lack of a better word. She also told me that for the Python line they intend to release all barrel sizes that are offered in stainless. I currently have a King Cobra 2 inch stainless, and a Combat Elite Python. I will soon have a second Combat Elite and a 4.25 Anaconda. When Colt releases the other Blued Pythons, I will more than likely pick up a 3 and a 5 inch. If Colt would have made the 4.25 like the original, or the new one pictured here, I would already own one. In my experience these Pistols are amazing with one Flaw, the rear sight. Wilson combat makes an excellent replacement rear adjustable.
  9. She said the whole line up will eventually be released in Blued but could not give me a time frame unfortunately
  10. I spoke with Colt today and was told a 3 inch Blued Python is on the way, Now I know more will be in my future, I love the new Colt revolvers
  11. I am putting a Wilson Rear adjustable and a Harrison Design Green tritium front sight on this one when I get it. The Stock G10 grips are excellent for a carry revolver and the sights will make it perfect
  12. Screw it, I'm getting a second one and leaving the stock grips on that one, Folks the Combat Elite Python in my opinion is so good you should have two!
  13. I am getting my 1895 SBL 45 70 from Kentucky Gun Company
  14. new Grips, damn I like these much better I have a similar set coming that will go on my 4.25 Anaconda


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