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  1. Bill's Outpost (in Maryville) gets them every so often. I've picked up a box here and there since I have a hand-me-down rifle my uncle gave my dad that shoots both short and LR.
  2. Thanks! I'll have to check this out and see if it'll do the trick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Glad you found one that works. I just looked that up since we've been having some issues with my 16 year old niece. She keeps making up new emails and Facebook accounts to get around her grandmother knowing her passwords. Bummed though since it has to be installed on a jailbroken device and her iPhone cannot be jailbroken since it's running iOS 10. [emoji853] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. SamZzz

    Single Stack 9's

    I've never tried the Taurus, although hubby has a TCP he keeps around as his backup carry. I've been happy with my LC9s (not the Pro version, mine has a thumb safety which I preferred having since it's frequently moved from vehicle to vehicle and the extra handling without a safety made me nervous). I can't take it into the office with me, but it stays in the car tucked into a nylon holster locked in the console. When I get out somewhere other than work I clip the holster into my front pocket and it disappears. Perfect size, even with the LaserMax laser guard added. And yeah, before you give me crap about the laser, I know how to shoot the gun.. the dot is just there for intimidation. Works great when someone pulls into your driveway late at night, cuts the engine and sits there. Red dot in their rear view mirror makes them think twice about getting out and you don't see that car again. Where I live, you don't call 911 until it's time to pick up the body cause it'll be at least two hours before they get there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I carry my Ruger LC9s in my pocket all the time. (Which is saying something since pockets on women's jeans are traditionally smaller than men's). I had an LC9 which I never used the safety on because of the long trigger but with the striker fire I use it. Even with the LaserMax laser guard it's still an easy carry. If I do have pants with pockets that don't accommodate it, the holster I use doubles as an IWB. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. No I think this one was yours... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The striker fired LC9s is a huge improvement over the original LC9. I own both and after carrying my LC9 for over a year, it's now sitting in the gun cabinet and the 9s goes with me daily. Love the new trigger in the LC9s. A few other often overlooked (in the ads) changes are the removal of the big red pop-up loaded chamber indicator and a minor redo of the manual safety. The LC9 safety always seemed stiff to me and not simmering I'd ever consider actually using because I didn't want to fiddle with it in a stressful situation. I never used it because I figured the LC9's trigger was enough to keep me from firing accidentally during unholstering. The LC9s safety is easier to move with the thumb and smoother. I still don't use it, but if I did, I'd feel better about it. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4
  8. 1. 2. 3. Probably grab one of the swords off the wall or just flatten em with the Xterra.
  9. [quote name="musicman" post="1178038" timestamp="1407706183"]There is a distinction between corporate stores and franchise stores. Bud's in TN is a franchise store, from what I understand. In some situations (think Subway) the franchises may participate in the sales promotions of the franschise licensor. In other cases, they don't. I have found no mention of the TN store on the regular budsgunshop.com site. They are not advertising for the new TN store. I'm sorry for your wasted time and frustration. Funny enough, it never even crossed my mind to expect the same prices as the Bud's site we all know and love/loath.[/quote] Looks like advertising to me. Note the email address.. Just sayin...
  10. [quote name="luvmyberetta" post="1178022" timestamp="1407703821"]I learned a long time ago to make a call & ask questions before driving 2-3 hours round trip for something.[/quote] Well that's all fine and dandy, but considering every other place I've ever been (I never shop walmart on line and rarely in store) has always matched their online prices I don't really agree that one should have to call every store they plan on visiting before hand to make sure the price they advertise is what they'll charge. I recently had picked out an item I wanted from Amazon but didn't want to wait on shipping. Walked into Best Buy, found it, showed them the Amazon page on my phone and walked out paying Amazon's price. And further more, people were asking for prices on their Facebook page and all they ever got was "come see us" and "we don't have a price list" available at this time. It's like Dave says... They're just using the Buds name to get people in the store so they can charge what they want. Poor business model if you ask me. But of course there people who are fine with it, just like every other crappy thing out there... Otherwise how can we explain why the same worthless law makers keep getting re-elected. 😒 As for us, we will not be back. It's the principle of the thing now... Just like Wally World. They think they're bigger and better and the rules don't apply.. Well they can be bigger without my money. This wasn't a gun. This was a box of ammo. $30 on a firearm purchase is one thing but $30 on ammo.. I should have been able to buy almost three boxes for what they wanted to charge me for two because they refused to honor the prices that they sent to me in an email. When you get an email saying "Buds is open in Tennessee" and the same email address comes back the next day with prices on ammo.. With ABSOLUTELY NO mention of varying prices per location or "online price only" they should be expected to honor that price everywhere.
  11. We'll consider me unimpressed. I don't know that the hubby and myself will return honestly. He sent me there yesterday to get some .223 ammo that was being advertised in an email. 120 round mini ammo cans for $39.99. After walking around the store and peeking through the glass to see how the range was coming along I made my way to the counter in search of the ammo. They had about 6 of them sitting on the shelf behind the counter. I asked the guy if I could see one to confirm it was what I was there for and after comparing tho the email I said I'd take two. Hubby was on the phone with me and freaked when he heard the guy say the price was $54.99. He swore I had the wrong thing which I assured him was not the case. Course the guy who handed me the ammo had basically dropped it and ran off after mumbling something that vaguely sounded like "pay up front". So I'm standing there, two boxes of ammo and my phone in my hand when another dude walks up and says "if you're looking at the online price it doesn't work here." Umm what?? He proceeded to tell me that "we aren't buds online, we're like cousins of theirs and we don't have the same sales. If you want that price you'll have to order it online and pay shipping so it'll still cost more." At this point I just stared at him... Really.. I drove over an hour to get here, to pay $30over the advertised price. He then GRABBED my phone out of my hand and started clicking the links in the email to show me how much I'd have to pay for shipping and fees to get that ammo from buds online. When he couldn't find it, he dropped my phone back on the counter. I told him he could put those back up because I wasn't playing those games. He was still looking at his phone when I walked out the door. So yeah. They're playing the "we are not the same company" card for more than just sales tax. Buyer beware, add in the local tax at the store to the fact that they basically charge whatever they want regardless of Buds prices and it may not be as great as it sounds. We'd rather support the local guy in our own county anyway.
  12.   Hmm.. I hadn't thought about that before.. do you glue in both pieces of cardboard or just the one over the shot?  How well do they hold up to loading/unloading/handling/carrying, etc?  
  13. We've been searching everywhere for shotshells for a 38spl.  We have the reloader equipment to make our own, but the only place I've been able to find the empty capsules is online and the shipping is insane.     Has anybody seen any floating around locally? (Knox/Blount/Sevier County areas?)
  14. I've seen women at Frontier (Kingston), Stars & Stripes (Maryville), Coal Creek (Knoxville) and Nashville Armory (Nashville obviously).  Couldn't say if they were owners, spouses or just employees but I find they are usually more honest.  In a gun shop, I've noticed you either have guys who know a lot or guys who don't but assume you know even less.  They don't like to admit they don't know something and will make up an answer where a woman is more likely to say "I don't know" and offer to help you research the answer.  I prefer to deal with honesty any day.   Good luck! Where is your shop gonna be?? 
  15. I seem to have lost my posting privileges at sine point since I was last here... roughly for years ago considering I was still in the process of getting my permit, which is now expiring in April. I live in a little one horse town (actually I think there are two) between the Foothills Parkway and North Carolina. Hubby and I are both permit holders, reloaders and occasional hunters. He drives a truck and I work in Knoxville. When I'm not working I'm usually somewhere hanging out with our two shepherds (one registered GSD and a GSD/Belgian Malinois mix). Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4

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