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  1. So I've been running a couple mags and mag catch for a while now. So at least 1-2k rounds through my 43X with them. No issues at all. The mags really have changed my carry life. I find the 43X to be easy to shoot and with 15+1 rounds it's hard to carry my 19. It's obviously snappier but I can still run the 6 plate plate rack from 10 yards in under 5 seconds consistently so I feel comfortable with the capability. Not as fast as my 19 or other full size but still adequate I think. It made my 43X go from mediocre to the best gun purchase I've made in a while.
  2. I feel this is one of the most underrated optics. Someone should buy this, I love mine.
  3. For sale is like new pair of AR500 Level III UHMWPE Plates 3.3lbs. I only have worn them once for 20 minutes and put back in safe. 11/11/17 date of manufacture. New they go for $640 a pair right now. Asking $350 ftf or Venmo Spring Hill, Franklin, Columbia area.
  4. I ran the military equivalent of one for a while in Iraq before switching to an Acog. I never had any complaints and neither did anyone else that ran them. I also had the PRO for a while on a personal rifle and always did great. It's a battle proven optic and a solid choice in that style of optic.
  5. So I have all my need guns out of the way and work guns complete, now moving on to guns I just want because I think they are cool. I want a 1895 sbl or 1894 sbl. Can't decide on caliber though. Kind of like the 1895 because I dont have anything close to a 45-70 but the 1894s would no doubt be easier to shoot for fun. If I go 1894 should o go 44 or 357? Ammo cost is not a factor and I'm not invested in any of the calibers. What is the opinion of the forum out of the 3 offerings?
  6. Interesting timing as I just purchased one for my Glock 43x. Not necessarily a good comparison as they are different platforms. But I have tried Agency, Zev, and Haley Strategic in Glocks. The Overwatch Precision trigger I got for the 43x seems well made and definitely cleaned up and shortened the pretravel a little. The flat trigger shoe is the most comfortable of all my triggers. The Agency is about the same but with even more pretravel removed and is my favorite all around. The Zev is clean and smooth but the trigger safety irritates my finger as it seems to have a sharp corner. Also Zev h
  7. I have for sale a Glock 43 Battlefield Green. Round count is less than 500 for sure. Comes with original box and everything in picture. It has one magazine with a Taran Tactical +2 extension and one magazine with a Taran Tactical +3 extension. The extensions do have some light scratches from being dropped during reloads. I can not find the original floor plates but if I do I will include them. $400 firm FTF in Franklin/Spring Hill area. Must have a Drivers License and legal to own firearms.
  8. Got mine this past week with the aluminum mag catch. They work great in my 43X so far. No problems. Crazy to have 15+1 total rounds in a small package. Don't know what else to say about them. If you have questions feel free to ask.
  9. Pretty excited about the k series for a Glock 43x/48. I will probably pick one up. Hope they prove reliable/durable.
  10. Last range toy was my lower I built with a factory 14.5" DDM4SLW upper. If I go back to 5.56 for duty use I will probably use it but currently run a DDM4V7 300blk. This is it before it was finished. Now has an Accupoint 1-4 and Surefire M600df Next toy is undecided. Maybe a Colt Night Cobra. Don't own a revolver and really like the look. Dont know if I would ever carry it as I'm an auto guy.
  11. I carried a MC Operator w/X300 for a while along with a Champion Lightweight Operator on plain clothes duty. The Champion was fantastic to carry. I only stopped to standardize with SWAT and 8+1 rounds is on the edge of my comfort level. Plus my back is a mess and that MC Operator with light got heavy. Never cared about wear and tear. The more beat up they get the more I like them because it means I'm doing something with them. I carry kydex only in an Aeres belt. I do flirt every now and then with going back to a Lightweight Operator but it seems threats have changed over the years.
  12. cch2a

    Ruger 57

    Not really sure about the 5.7 round mostly because I haven't looked into it all that much. However, I think this is a neat looking gun/concept. One I will probably never buy though. If 5.7 is your thing I could see this being tempting.
  13. I guess my Glock 17 that I then fully Zev'd. I already had every other size i wanted: 34,19,43 Need a Glock 45 now so I can go David's route. My next purchase will be the G45 or if the railed 48 ever comes over I'll buy that.


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