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  1. I had Lasik about 15 years ago to correct my 20:600 vision. That was the best $2500 I ever spent. My far-sightedness is still good from the Lasik. I figure in a couple of years I will have to use the readers on a daily basis.
  2. Nothing special...Just a glass of Maker's after dinner.
  3. mav

    CMMG Banshee 300

    I have never tried them. Actually, I never knew they made them. I have a bunch of FN mags for my Five Seven.
  4. That is nice. I bought a Nighthawk Custom Talon FLX, which essentially built on a STI frame, about 8 years ago. I love the STI 2011s.
  5. I think they are very tight too, but they aren't uncomfortable. Then again, I haven't worn them for an extended time period either. I think I would have done better just buying a $15 pair of reading glasses and use them only for reading. I can't wear the glasses while on the computer, so they were really a waste for me.
  6. I can't believe how fast your eyesight can start to deteriorate.
  7. mav

    CMMG Banshee 300

    It has been quite a few years since I have posted anything. I honestly think I burned myself out shooting so much a few years back that I just walked away from the gun community altogether. I am slowly working my way back into it as time allows. That said, I went to a local gun show a few weeks ago and saw so many new things that I never knew existed. One of the things I saw that really made me smile was a CMMG Banshee 300 Mk 57. The FN Five Seven was my first handgun I ever purchased, and it is still one of my favorites. To have the 5.7 as a PDW on an AR platform was really cool. Does anyone have an familiarity with them or with the quality of CMMG? I am not all that familiar with them either. Thanks.
  8. I no longer have any of Rick's stuff. I lost my last XM-18 skinner a couple of years ago. They were great knives. My EDC is now a Praetorian T. Greg's quality used to be pretty crappy, but the badassery of his knives still made you want one. Thankfully, his quality has improved tremendously. I have had three Praetorians, a G, a Ti, and a T. The G was too small and the Ti too big. The T was just about right for my taste. The quality on all three were as good as any of my other knives. They are still ridiculously overpriced, but good prices can be had on the secondary market.
  9. It is an Elite Enforcer karambit.
  10. I finally found a karambit that I would want. Here it is pictured with my EDC knife.
  11. I have been looking for a robust karambit lately and I noticed that Emerson is coming out with a XHD karambit. The price point will be relatively expensive and since I have never owned an Emerson I am a little hesitant. Have any of you owned Emerson knives? What do you think about them in terms of quality...fit and finish...etc...?
  12. I still carry a RHK skinner as my EDC. They are good knives and their quality has improved a lot over the years, but I am no longer a big fan. Still, if I ever got an opportunity to get a battle black XM-24 full Ti with a recurve (my favorite grind) or a warncliff at table price I would jump all over it. Ha.
  13. I have withdrawn the scope mount. It is listed elsewhere to increase the number of potential buyers. I will also drop the price on the Combat Troodon to $300 firm. This is a really good price for this knife. I will keep this listing open for another week before it will be removed. Thanks for looking.
  14. First up for sale is a Suunto Core Alu Black. https://www.amazon.com/Suunto-Core/dp/B01KVU4MGQ I bought this watch a few years back on an impulse. I couldn't get used to it and only wore it a few times. I have the original box, paperwork, and the watch is almost like new. The condition is so nice that it could be given as a Christmas gift. It will need a battery which takes about 1 minute to put in. It is very easy to replace and takes no special tools outside of a nickel to unscrew the back. Price: SOLD Next is a Larue Tactical LT-111 QD scope mount with 30 mm rings. http://www.larue.com/larue-tactical-obr-qd-scope-mount This mount is almost new. I say almost new because it was mounted just briefly. However, it has never been on a rifle while the rifle has been fired. The reason I am getting rid of this mount is I originally had purchased a NF NXS scope that had a 30 mm tube. I didn't like the scope so I upgraded to an NF Atacr F1 which has a 34 mm tube. Price: Sold Lastly, is my Microtech Combat Troodon. http://www.bladehq.com/item--Microtech-Combat-Troodon--5300 I bought this years ago and have carried it just a few times, but have never cut anything with it. The knife has the factory edge on it and it is hair shaving sharp. While they are very cool, I am not a fan of automatic knives. This was just another impulse buy. I have the original box, sheath, and the condition is excellent. I would like to rate it better than excellent since it has almost has never been used, but there is some slight wear on the pocket clip edges as shown in the pic. Price: Withdrawn

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