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  1. Are ya sure they haven't mistaken the date...


    Remember, remember the fifth of November,
    The gunpowder treason and plot

    I know of no reason
    Why the gunpowder treason
    Should ever be fought



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  2.   If YOU never got past algebra 2 and the kid is ready for differential equations, for example?  If YOU never got past general science but the kid wants calculus based physics?  ETC.  


    I understand what you are saying, but aren't your examples a little extreme?  I didn't hit cal based physics until my sophomore year of college, and it was the first semester of my junior year before diffy.  The sad part is that I took three semesters of calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations, and I don't remember the first thing about them.  I wonder if there are any high school kids actually taking those courses.?

  3. Since someone brought this thread back to the top, I will let you guys in on another issue of similar nature.  I managed to break all the bed slats on my bed.  Last week I ordered some heavy duty steel supports for my bed from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/X-Support-GS-3XS-Bedding-Support-System/dp/B004OT0S2I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382320775&sr=8-2&keywords=steel+bed+slats . 


    The package was delivered to my house on Wednesday.  As I pulled up my driveway, I saw a bunch of cars at my house.  A bunch of relatives decided to stop by the house.  Everyone was in the kitchen, and when I went in my older sister told me that I got a package from UPS.  They asked me what it was, and I told them.  My mom asked me why I bought those, and I told her that I broke all the other bed slats.  Everyone started laughing and my mother said, "I have no idea what y'all are doing up there, but I have been married twice and have never broken bed slats."  :)

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  4. I have bought quite a bunch knives over the last couple of years, and quite a few have been fairly expensive.  While I have enjoyed having, using/abusing, and in some cases, giving away my knives, things change.  Interests, priorities, and even relationships change over time.  I have been a fan of Rick Hinderer's XM line for quite a while, and my XM-24 is one of my favorite blades.  The downside to Rick's knives has always been their popularity and the price they command on the secondary market, which is no fault of Rick; he makes a great product. 


    Anyway, a friend of mine at USN, got on one of Hinderer's Friday specials where they were selling 15 XM-18s at normal cost.  He knew I didn't have one, and he got one for me.  While I wasn't really looking for a new XM, I jumped all over this one since it was at normal cost.  It is nothing special, but here is my XM-18 (bottom), which will be the last knife I buy for quite some time.



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  5. I agree with what Steve and Mac have said.  From what I have seen, most of the top notch custom guys have waiting lists > 1 yr.  The $200 - 300 price range pretty much eliminates most of them.  This may not be an option, due to your price range, but I will throw it out there anyway.  You could probably get a custom engraved Sebenza in your time frame.  Unfortunately, the price is quite a bit more, but it is nothing compared to the top custom guys, and you would have arguably one of the finest production knives available on the market.


    If the price range is firm, I like the ZT0801 and ZT0560.  Both are fantastic blades, and the 0801 is a little below your price range.  I have given away a bunch of ZT knives, and they are fantastic blades.


    Is a folding knife the only option?  Does your friend like to camp, hunt, etc...?  I only bring this up because I just gave away one of my Chris Reeve Green Berets to my GF's son for his 15th birthday.  It is a fabulous knife that can be had at the top end of your price range.


    (edit) - by the way, congratulations to your friend

  6. I have taken several classes from Randy Harris (CruelHandLuke).  They are great classes, and Randy is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. If things get back to normal next year, I plan to take several more.  I am a decent shot (although nowhere near what I used to be since I don't get to the range much), and I have learned to properly use my firearm to defend myself if need be.  I am also a firm believer in the Stupid Rule, don't do stupid things, don't go to stupid places, and don't hang out with stupid people.  I am in reasonably good shape from going to the gym 5-7 days a week, sometimes twice a day.  However, where I am severely lacking in my training is non-firearms related hand to hand self defense. 


    The absolute last thing I ever want to do is pull my handgun, and there could arise a situation where I am forced to defend myself and those I love with non-lethal force.  I would like the confidence of knowing that I am capable of doing that very thing.  Any recommendations?  Thanks.

  7. I am not really worried about it.  Obama doesn't have the stones to do anything about it.


    I did find a comment you made rather perplexing.


     They are demanding the arrest of several Senators and Congress people that they say have broken the laws of the Constitution.


    Why just several considering almost everyone of them, including the Prez and VP, have broken the laws of our Constitution?

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  8. While thinking about all of the thuggery and total lack of discipline of some kids (primarily teenagers) nowadays, the only thing I can think of is that some parents don't want their child to see someone (a police officer) who their kids will probably have to encounter a lot while growing up since more than likely their parents have had runs in with them.

  9. The point I'm making is that people are often claiming to know God's intentions and will beyond what is in the Bible, and they do so by interpreting events to suit their opinions.  For example, the Westboro Baptist Church claims that "God hates fags" and therefore equate the deaths of US military servicemembers as God's wrath for society condoning homosexuality.  It's rediculous.  Gay sex may be a sin in the Bible, but when you attribute events to divine intervention on behalf of scripture you are now attempting to speak for God.  It's no different than if I just randomly pick an innocent person suffering from cancer and say they are suffering God's wrath because of the sins of our country.  Who the f*** am I to speak for God?  I'm sure if He has something to say, He'll say it Himself.


    Please do not use Westboro as an example.  There is absolute nothing Christian about them, and it has been proven that these clowns are nothing more than scam artists who push people's buttons in the hope of getting a confrontation that will eventually lead to a lawsuit.  Using Westboro as an example is not only highly offensive, it also furthers the narrative suggested by some that Christians are hateful and evil people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


    Regarding God's will, it is my belief that God is not a micromanager.  He has given us free will and oftentimes He just lets things play out.  A small child that dies of cancer is not God's will.  It is just a tragic part of life that at times bad things happen to very good people.  The same could be said of a man that accidentally kills himself while cleaning his gun.  He did something stupid, and unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price for it.


    A married man that cheats on his wife and has unprotected sex with hundreds of prostitutes and eventually dies from AIDS, was that God's punishment for adultery and fornication?  Maybe, but it could also be just like the example above.  Someone did something incredibly stupid and paid a price for it.  Life is hard without any guarantees.


    All that said, do I believe that God acts on behalf of individuals/countries to either bless or give out punishment?  Most certainly.  However, I do not believe everything is divine intervention.  As I stated earlier, I do not believe God is a micromanager.  I would also add that I have no idea when things are a chance occurrence in life or divine intervention.  Honestly, it doesn't matter either way.  It has absolutely no bearing on the fact that I am a sinner saved solely by His grace.

  10. As long as we don't turn our backs to Israel, I believe that God won't turn his back to America.


    Being a Christian, I disagree with that comment.  I believe far too many Christians take a simplistic view of the Abrahamic covenant.  How many millions have been slaughtered in our abortion mills?  I believe God views that a lot more harshly than whether this country supports Israel militarily.


    If people have concerns about God turning His back on this country, then they should repent and turn back to God.  A society, such as ours, that is becoming increasingly secular and hedonistic is deluding themselves by thinking they can engage in such behavior and expect God's blessing or divine intervention just because they support Israel.  It doesn't work that way.


    I support Israel because they are a good ally.  However, I will certainly not refrain from criticism either because Israel is not perfect and has done things that I am certain that God would not approve.  One thing to keep in mind as well is Israel has a bunch of secular leftists.

  11. Well I think that could be said of any industry.  We have a lot of industry in Clarksville.  If suddenly the city decides to tax local manufacturers to the point they relocate, is it the fault of the factory workers?  I'm not saying that I think there needs to be any bailout or continuation of stupid spending for the sake of private service industry jobs in the DC area, I just have no animosity towards those people.  They aren't at all part of the problem.  If they lose their job, well that's life, and it sucks.  But man, I do feel bad for them.


    I don't mean to come off as a cold s.o.b., but I believe it would be wise for some of those in "nonessential" guv jobs to try to seek employment elsewhere over the next couple of years.  Each year that passes our fiscal situation is getting worse.  Eventually we won't have any money or borrowing ability to pay for such jobs.  The only way around it would be for the guv to confiscate even more money from the private sector, and I am sure we know how well that will go over.

  12. If Republicans stick to their guns, there is a possibility that they end up reaping some positive benefits.  If they start wavering and going all milquetoast, then it will go very poorly for them.  Unfortunately, I believe it may be the latter, only because of the establishment-types who are going to suck up to the media and Democrats by throwing those Republicans with some backbone under the bus.

  13.  And, again, its wrong because the folks that are not getting paid are the honest workers.  The higher ups will all be untouched in the short term.


    Jonnin, that is the way it is in the private sector too.  How many stories have we read were companies have been ran into the ground by poor management?  Then we find out that the upper management will be taken care of via golden parachutes, etc... while the rest of the workers take it up the rear.  The public sector workforce shouldn't receive any kind of protection (at taxpayer's expense) that we in the private sector do not receive.

  14. Sorry to hear about your traffic experience on a date night.  Unfortunately, that is an everyday occurrence for me as I make my commute down I-75 into GA.  The absolute two worst drivers on the road are tailgaters and those who drive in the left lane 5-10 mph below the posted speed limit.  The later is often the cause of a lot of people tailgating.  I bitch about both of them every morning and afternoon.


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