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  1. Some of you may have read about me exchanging a new M&P Shield today for a G19, which was intended as a Christmas present.  Well...the G19 wasn't the only thing I picked up.  I got something else for me today.



    Not a good pic, but you can see what it is, a Tavor SAR B-16.  It is pretty sweet.  :)


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  2. As most of you are aware, PSA has been running a fantastic deal on M&P Shields.  The price was so good that I decided to purchase two.  One was for me, and the other was a Christmas present for my girlfriend.  I took mine to the range today to see how it performs.  Holy s***.  This thing is the biggest (or smallest, depending on how your look at it) p.o.s. I have ever shot.


    I only had eighty rounds with me today.  Out of those 80, I had 20 failures.  TWENTY!  Fifteen were light primer strikes, and five were slide lock-back failures.  That is a 25% failure rate, and 50% on the slide not locking back at empty.  As a side note, It is interesting that I put those 15 rounds with the light primer strike in my G19, and had no problems.


    I was so troubled by my experience that I traded away the other brand new Shield I got for my girlfriend.  I upgraded her to a G19, which I know will go bang when the trigger is pulled.  While I am fairly certain I got a lemon, which I will be contacting S&W about, I have become so disconcerted that I will never purchase another S&W product, at least in the near future.

  3. Thanks much for the notice.... I missed the last one due to bad timing.  Merry Christmas to my wife!  ;)


    You did the same thing as me, except it was for my girlfriend (not my wife, yet)  :)

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  4. I neither like nor dislike police officers.  I don't like to group people.  I prefer to judge people on an individual basis.  That said, this man does not deserve the honor of wearing a badge, and he forgets that he is a servant of the people, not a dictator.  I don't know I would file any charges against the officer, but I would make him apologize to the parent then fire him immediately.  I would also take it a step further and bar him from any form of public service as he does not have the right temperament or people skills.  Based on what I saw, he is ideally suited for digging ditches.  Unfortunately, he appears much too out of shape for that.

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  5. All that for going 16 mph above the speed limit.  Sheesh. 


    I would agree that the officers were in the right initially.  However, considering kids were in the vehicle, I think the line was crossed when they started busting windows.  If I was making the decisions, I pretty much agree with Dolomite.  I would probably require the primary officer to undergo further training, charge the mother (although I would not take her kids if she has a clean record), and charge the son.  The officer that was shooting?  Well...I would throw the book at him.  He has clearly proven he cannot use the proper judgement that is required to be a good officer.

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  6. Poor kids don't have a chance from birth and before you know it they've grown into these worthless pieces of sh!t. 


    Poor has nothing to do with it.  I as well as many others grew up dirt poor, and we turned out just fine.  You had it right initially when you mentioned parental involvement,  These kid's parents are more than likely worthless pieces of excrement who really don't care about anything but themselves.  Granted, there are some exceptions, but I believe they are minority.  While I do not have any kids, I believe that it takes a lot more than just providing food, shelter, and clothing to properly raise a child.

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  7. I can think of several actors that are pro-military or at least sympathize with what the our soldiers have to endure.  Mark Wahlberg is not one of them.  Before Mr. Funky Bunch gets all high and mighty, he should remember that Cruise does a lot of his own stunts.  While that is absolutely nothing like being in a war, it still isn't easy and can be very dangerous.

  8. I have no use for counterfeiters. However, people making replicas of a product and selling it under their own name, I am all for that, assuming the replica doesn't infringe or can get around someone's patent, copyright, trademark, etc...  We should all be for the later because that is free market capitalism at its finest.


    Let's use the Coach bags for an example.  If Coach doesn't have their designs protected, and another business comes along and copies their bags almost exactly except they are calling their bags Couch, and they undercut Coach by 50%, well... that is fair game, and Coach is just s.o.l.  Now, if that same business called their bags Coach as well, which I am certain is trademarked, then that is an entirely different story. 

  9. The election could have easily gone to Romney if people just went out and voted for Romney.




    Romney lost because he was Romney, nothing more.  If Republicans and Democrats (open primaries) keep nominating Democrat-lite candidates in the Republican presidential primaries, then the Republicans are going to loose.  McCain lost, Romney lost, and if someone like Christie gets it in 2016, he will lose as well.  I would have no trouble voting for someone like Cruz.  While he might lose in the general, I would feel much better voting for someone who more closely shares my values and beliefs.  I stopped voting for candidates that have been deemed by someone like Karl Rove as the candidate most likely to beat the other guy.


    How many people on this forum voted for Corker in the primary?  I guarantee you it was most cause he got 85% of the vote, and then got 65% in the general.  How's that working out?  Me?  I didn't vote for him in the primary or general, so I feel comfortable saying, "Don't look at me.  I didn't vote for that p.o.s."

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  10. Disengaging from the fight ensures victory for the other side. It takes more than voting to win.

    You have to be engaged in the fight on the ground, teaching the youth, and sharing your knowledge and opinions, etc.

    The left loves the fight. They love their small progressive victories and they're starting to see the collective fruits of those victories.

    Find a part of the fight you enjoy and go for it.

    But the only way we win against such a well organized and funded left-wing is if we also fight collectively.

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    I understand what you are saying.  However, we are way past the point of simply viewing this as left vs. right.  Try abolishing a lot of the entitlements, subsidies, etc... so many Americans currently enjoy.  You would see millions (if not a majority of the population), who I would classify as apolitical, start screaming that their benefits and such are being taken away.  They will become your enemy as you start taking things from them.  People in this country have lived far too long under varying degrees of socialism that they have become accustomed to it, and they have adjusted their lives around it.  The only way to rectify the situation is let it play out until it crashes because there is no way we would ever be able to get enough hardliners in office to make a real difference. 

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  11. I am no longer as active in politics as I once was.  The reason I am not is I have come to realize that it is pretty much over; we have gone past the point of no return.  Things will not get any better until we have a massive collapse where everyone is affected (The Big Pain as OhShoot puts it).  When that happens, there is no guarantee that we will revert back to a system that has been proven to work.  We could very easily go the wrong direction and turn against each other, eventually destroying ourselves. 


    That said, I will still participate in all elections, and voice my opinion from time to time.  However, I will no longer allow politics to be a big factor in my life.  I have chosen instead to focus my attention on more important things such as preparing, building/strengthening relationships, renewing my faith/spirituality, and just working on becoming a better person in general.

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  12. You can't make a person care. They can only choose to. The more people who quit caring, the less chance of having

    an election count for anything. We delegate, by default, too much power to the political class every time one more

    quits caring and quits voting.


    We probably are going down the hole, who knows when, but when it happens, there will be a lot of people who had no

    clue it was going to happen. That same bunch didn't care when it did matter.


    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

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    Personally, I'm not a fan of CR.  Just personal opinion but I watched CR treat people poorly over the past few years and it turned me off from him.  Same with Hinderer.  There are way too many good guys out there for me to be supporting the jerks.  
    RJ is one of the good guys.  



    I haven't had any problems with either manufacturer, so they are still on my buy list, but I do understand your viewpoint.  In regards to the CR one-piece knives, you would not be supporting CR by purchasing one since they no longer make them.  The only way to get them is from individuals selling from their personal collection. 


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