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  1. Just a thought: After the government shutdown in 1995 the GOP GAINED seats in the '96 elections. I'm not prophet but I do read my history, and for me that's current events. :)


    That is also a possibility.  The problem is that we have a few that have adopted the establishment line of going along to get along.  What they fail to realize is that voters sent Republicans to Washington to fight, not capitulate.  Granted, it is an extremely difficult situation, and we may end up getting our butts kicked in the end.  However, my view is that if you are going to go down, you might as well go down swinging.


    Republicans are always being accused of being obstructionists and using dirty political tricks, while Democrats get a pass, and they are the very ones who engage in such practices.  If Republicans are going to be accused of such action, then they might as well live up to it because no matter what they do, they will not change the perception of the low information voter, which is Republicans are uncaring and evil.  That perception is only exacerbated by establishment-types sniping against fellow party members.


    If the Republicans take a hit on all this mess, the blame lies solely with the establishment Republicans.  Members like McCain, Peter King, Corker, and countless others have really damaged the party in their attempts to suck up to the media by bashing those who are doing what the voters have been demanding.  Now the establishment-types say that they agree in spirit with the unruly ones, but have different tactics.  Tactics my ass.  They have been talking tactics for years, and have done nothing of substance.  Their kicking the can down the road is what has lead us to this mess.


    I know that the CR really can't do all that much to Obamacare.  However, there are some things we could get that I would be happy about.  If the CR could somehow be tied into approving the Keystone pipeline, eliminate ethanol subsidies, eliminate the EPA's biofuel requirements, cutting some funding for the EPA,  etc...  Those are all winners in my book.  Unfortunately, nobody is talking about them as everyone's focus is solely on Obamacare.


    In the end, voters want something besides a blank check.

  2. I noticed the unions are now demanding back pay if the government shuts down.  What a joke.  Back pay for what, sitting on your ass?


    Ya know, I do feel some what sorry for those who may be hurt because of this shutdown.  However, when I hear this kind of nonsense coming from the union-folks, my attitude starts to change.  I become agitated and start making claims like a lot of those public sectors jobs wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the private sector. 


    Perhaps we should transfer a lot of those public sector jobs to the private sector.  If we did that, the affected public sector employees would no longer have to worry about losing their job due to a government shutdown.

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  3. Backbone?  We must not be reading the same articles.  There is nothing backbone about what the House Republican leadership is doing.  Case in point, http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/359829/kevin-mccarthy-house-will-send-third-volley-senate-if-reid-rejects-last-nights-bill


    Why in the hell are Republicans already saying that they have another option available if Reid rejects their second bill?  Honestly, why would Reid even consider the second bill knowing the Republicans will have a third bill that will be more to his liking?  What kind of negotiation technique is that?  I swear, the Republican leadership is acting like a bunch of wussifed beta males.


    The only reason the Republican leadership is doing as much as they are doing is because they were forced to because people like Cruz, Lee, and some others stirred up the American people, and they have been hounding their representatives.  Here is the Republican leadership when dealing with Reid and Obama.



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  4. I could say the same; but I won’t. You can’t overthrow our government because you don’t like who got elected.


    This is why I made that statement earlier Dave.  I will comment on it only because it was directed at me.  With all due respect Dave, I do, at times, question your reading comprehension.  On this thread, as well as many others, I have never suggested that we overthrow the government, or that it is even warranted, at this time.  I feel that it is very safe to say the same thing regarding some of the other major contributors in these threads, AR, JayC, Punisher, etc...  I will let them speak for themselves if I am in error, but I don't believe I am.  Granted, there are some that might chime in that armed resistance is what is needed now.  I usually dismiss such talk as frustration without thinking. 


    I am certain that you despise Obama more than the rest of us; you have stated such numerous times.  That is good, but the problem isn't just Obama.  It is my contention, as well as many others, that Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Graham, and many others are just as bad or dangerous as Obama.  I, like yourself, believe the correct course of action is through the voting booth.  By getting more people engaged in the political process we can fix this mess within a few election cycles.  Just look at the success of the Tea Party over the last several years.  We have some really good Republican congressmen, and senators like Cruz, Paul, Lee, and a few others are great.  They are what we have needed for a long time.  If we can get more people like those above elected to office, things might turn around rather quickly.


    All that said, if we continue down the same course without any correction, as TMF and I talked about in another thread, we will eventually hit a threshold where we will have no political recourse to counter the rampant infringement of our rights.  At that time, utilization of other methods to secure our rights and liberties may become necessary.  If such a statement makes me a terrorist in your mind, then so be it. 


    As a side note, I have never been in the military, and I have never experienced the theater of war.  I have never seen firsthand the brutality that always accompanies war.  However, I have read vivid accounts of what occurs in battle, and I also know what it would look like if it ever happened in this country.  Do I believe that armed resistance is the correct course of action at this time?  Do I hope for such action in the future if all other methods fail?  I don't know how I can be more clear than giving a resounding  HELL NO!

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  5. I can only hope that I am never faced with either of these situations. Talk about awkward.


    It was awkward, but it was also what made it so funny.  Considering my mother is 78, it was something I would have never expected to come out of her mouth.


    Anyway, I am glad it happened.  It is a memory that I will want to keep.  One day when my mom has passed, and I am sitting around with other family members reminiscing, I could see a moment when someone says, "Hey, you remember when mom said..."

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  6. I don't care how lousy the service was, I always tip, and it is typically 15% or higher.  I once tipped a guy $20 for wiping off my irons after a round of golf, and I tipped the guy at Autozone $10 for spending a whopping 3 minutes to install a battery in my car because I didn't have any tools with me.  In both cases, I am sure it made their day.  I know I felt good about it.

  7. If Patriots are around they won’t have to run anywhere. It’s why a revolt won’t work; Patriots won’t let it happen. If revolutionists decide to take down our nation by force they will die where they make their stand.


    I was about to engage in a debate with you on what you stated, but then realized the futility of the exercise.  I will go bang my head against the wall elsewhere.  :)

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  8. To preface the story, my elderly mother lives with me, and she was in my car with me this evening.  During our trip, I accidentally cut one.  I couldn't help it, and this was an absolute tear-jerker (the downside to a very high protein diet).  It was so bad that my mother started laughing and claimed that I had died.  After the aroma died several minutes later, I quipped at how embarrassing it would be to do that during an intimate moment.


    My mother spoke up, "Speaking of that, this is your house and I don't care what you do in your bedroom.  However, when you have someone over, make sure you do not do it on top of your bed spread.  I had to clean it today."  I had no idea how to respond and felt really embarrassed at first.  Eventually, all I could do was laugh.  It was a good and funny moment to an otherwise crappy day.

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  9. And no one remembers Sarah Palin's acceptance speech
    at the RNC convention. The teleprompter did quit on her.
    It was a great speech, also. And before anyone starts
    dumping on her, she is the last one who energized anyone
    in the Republican base.


    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly.  I honestly think that if it wasn't for Sarah Palin, the Republican party would be dead.  They would be as useful as a poopie-flavored lollipop.

  10. My line in the sand is about where it needs to be. If we continue down the path we're on our voice will eventually be taken away. With the rising number of takers and shrinking number if producers it is inevitable. But we can't fight that outside the bounds of our laws just yet. As long as we have a peaceful means to overcome (as slim a chance it is) it is only moral to continue to use those means. When we lose that the game has changed and you'll see doing my thing.


    Getting beyond the misunderstandings that often result from different writing styles, I believe your line in the sand is pretty close with the rest of us. I think that most of us, with a few exceptions, view revolution as the very last option, and I believe that most of us hope/pray that it never comes to fruition.  However, as you stated, the balance between producers and consumers is reaching a threshold.  Once we are over that threshold, we could see our rights and liberties stripped from us at an alarming pace with no possible political recourse to stop the infringement of our rights.


    If we continue on the same course, this may come rather quickly.  I am still holding out hope, even though it is minute, that more people will become engaged in the political system to help get these bastards out of Washington.  The emergence of the Tea Party, and their continuous battles in the political theater give me a little reassurance that all is not lost, at least not yet.

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  11. It seems pretty incredible (and not in a good way) to me that someone would question the sense of liberty or self-sacrificing nature of a member whom he doesn't know and has never met.
    Even if semiautos and TMF do know each other, making such assertions is something that I sincerely hope isn't tolerated.

    Why make a big deal of it? Someone gave their opinion on someone else's post and said something foolish based on their ignorance of the individual. Ain't the first time, and won't be the last. I think TMF can handle himself and doesn't need moderator intervention.
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  12. . In fact, while I may believe in the ideals of those who would revolt, I would fundamentally disagree with the manner in which they choose to revolt, to the point I would don a uniform once again to put those people into the ground.

    I agree with your earlier comments, but it seems to me that the above is contradictory to your signature. Putting people in the ground isn't defending those you disagree with. ;)

    Any talk of armed revolt at this point is nonsensical, and in all cases it is just people talking out their asses.
  13. I love me some technology. I just can’t see how IDing someone at a border crossing or looking for a suspect in a crowd is tyranny or a Police State…. Just can’t make that leap.

    I feel the same way about this I did when folks were whining about ONSTAR. If I crash and I am unconscious my car can call for help. I’m supposed to pass on that because some man in black somewhere might use it to track my vehicle? smilielol5.gif


    What is one of the tenets of a police state?  Massive amounts of surveillance.  What is this program if not massive surveillance?  I know this might not bother you as you come from the crowd that believes that if you have done nothing wrong, then you should have nothing to hide or fear.


    Initially this program will be benign.  In fact, some good may come of it.  However, as government grows, which it incessantly does, and becomes more and more involved in our lives, more than likely this program will expand beyond its original scope.  Think of London with all of its video cameras through the city.  I do not like the fact that the government will eventually have the capabilities to track everything we do on a day to day basis, just like I don't like the fact that the NSA captures massive amounts of metadata.  It is just too much power for the government to have.

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