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  1. Gotthegoods

    Selling guns without hustle

    Inquiring minds want to know (and a legimate buyer will provide proof of identity / address and sign a BoS if required / requested)
  2. Gotthegoods

    My Mexico EDC

    I see cigars, for smoking?
  3. Gotthegoods

    Follow the Money!

    Lobbying is a multi BILLION dollar industry. Paying people with expense accounts to influence elected officials. Is this what they mean by, "the business of government?"
  4. Gotthegoods

    for-sale Bearded Dragon

  5. Gotthegoods

    Buds has P365 in stock

    My buddy had (already sold) one his due to the striker pin issue. According to his research, users are experiencing broken pins, sounds like a timing issue. On his, he was noticing the pin was dragging when examining the spent case. Some reports to fix is a heavier duty after makrket striker. Other than that, he really liked the gun. Buddy opted to sell since it was going to be an EDC and his opinion, "I shouldn't have to upgrade parts." Argument for wait and see when brand new models are introduced. On a side note, he is a 320 fan, 2 or 3 FCGs and 4 different chassis'
  6. Gotthegoods

    Porn star gives up her gun

    It's tempting to buy a truckload of sub $100 junk gunz, turn them in, get the kudos, get them professionally valued, and get the fabulous tax deduction
  7. Gotthegoods

    Information overload

    I want, but have zero need for a .38/.357 lever. With a little practice, you could probably keep it running for serious situations.
  8. Gotthegoods

    Sparta gun show score

    Gives hope that you can find some decent stuff at a gun, survival, jerky show
  9. Gotthegoods

    CMP 1911’s

    Did I read the total to be sold is 80,000? 8,000 - 10,000 per year until supply exhausted? I'm willing to wait until they figure out the sale and delivery is such a pain that demand drops... Shame we can't get a million M1 carbines from Korea and have a fire sale.
  10. Gotthegoods

    for-sale Southern Grind Spider Monkey

    Having a bearded dragon for sale, my initial thought was, cool, someone's got a (real) spider monkey. Why is he selling it? A late night nip results a chuckle on my behalf...
  11. https://pjmedia.com/trending/police-find-huge-weapons-cache-in-mans-waikiki-hotel-room-subject-not-arrested/ The FBI alerted the Honolulu police to the subject's presence at the hotel and the man claimed to be hunting terrorists. According to Hawaii News Now, the FBI was concerned about his social media postings. "The FBI notified Honolulu police Thursday about a guest in room 803 at the Equus Hotel, saying he was claiming to be a federal agent in disturbing posts on social media. The 38-year-old claimed his mission was to hunt terrorist cells," the report said. The man's arsenal included: An AR-15, and 15 high-capacity magazines — all loaded. A shotgun and two handguns. A total of more than 800 rounds of ammunition, plus 18 military styles knives and body armor. MILITARY STYLE KNIVES???!!!
  12. Gotthegoods

    Show me your FAST cars and trucks!

    This was my coolest car, I guess fast is relative... Daily driver from 94 - 97, sold it to a good home, no regrets 1968 250SL, referred to as the Pagoda top from the hard top roofline. 4 speed inline 6, very torque-y and nimble in the curves thanks to a unique hinged rear suspension.
  13. Gotthegoods

    June 3 Point Blank Pistol Skills Knoxville TN

    Tips for a better experience. Camp chair, plenty of water, pack in lunch and snacks. I will have one shelter, more is better, zero shade, could get toasty... Should have good ground grooming, though if it rains, it will be pretty sloppy. I suggest bringing extra ammo, depending on how quickly we cycle through the drills, there may be time at the end. Bring an extra gun, if a semi - mags for it just in case your primary goes down. Bring a pistol you've been meaning to run and add to your EDC rotation. If you're curious about the limitations of a revolver, bring traditional speed loaders unless you have practice with not so speedy strips. If anyone can add other best practices or ideas for a great class, please post!
  14. Gotthegoods

    Sharpe's Rifles

    Stumbled across this title while traveling out of town. The author is Bernard Cornwell. I love historical fiction of all sorts, started with the Killer Angels and have been hooked since. This book takes place in 1809, British retreat across Spain, Richard Sharpe is a new lieutenant in The Rifles. The Rifles, or properly the 95th Regiment of Foot (ain't Google grand) carries the 1805 Baker Rifle equipped with a 24" sword bayonet. Pick up the series dead in the middle, it seems Richard started as a private, making Sergeant in India in 1799 as detailed in Sharpe's Tiger and ends in 1815 at Waterloo. My next trip out tof town, I found Sharpe's Tiger, now I'm hooked... Fun fact, Sean Bean plays Richard Sharpe in the Brit series and without watching, we know he makes it to the end. Cornwell is a prolific writer, I read his stand alone, Agnicourt. Real page turner. A Google or even Amazon search will reveal the different time periods he covers in the genre.
  15. My buddy uses FedEx, as an AA pilot, he pays about $20. If the FFL will accept from a nonFFL, it's a good deal for him. Last time I used UPS or FedEx, it was $60ish and not properly disclosed. My best option is my LGS, he will charge me shipping based on his USPS rates, but no fees on outbound. OS tuned me into Fighting Sheepdog for transfers, if they're convenient, they are the low price leader.

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