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  1. I've got both a Leatherman and Victorinox. I like the Swiss army tool better, heavier duty than my Leatherman.
  2. About 83 million Millennials will be able to vote in the next presidential election...
  3. $350 after $75 mail in rebate https://www.smga.com/p-122309-dpms-mrfa3oc-panther-a-15-oracle-556.aspx Also advertising SW MP S2 for $499
  4. Evil now?
  5. Which most evil?
  6. That's why I want to handle one before I buy, he read the reviews and bought on line. My budget is also waiting on my 75B Omega to return from Cajun Gun Works.
  7. My buddy took the chance, he's out of state, so second hand info He is so impressed with his first 500 rounds, that it has replaced his G19 for EDC. Ergos and trigger out of the box are excellent. Fits nearly all of his 19 holsters to boot. Pretty high praise considering he went through Sig, Glock in .45, Beretta, CZ to end up with Glock (with trigger and grip mods) in 9 for EDC. He also carries an H&K in .40 for work. I'm a CZ fan, if it's all that, I'll get me one.
  8. How the intelligentsia feels about you and me? https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/yale-dean-whose-brutal-yelp-152420857.html Should I ever meet her, I will not offer my hand and simply say, "Ma'am, you are no lady." Nice to see she is being held accountable, if dismissed, I'll be impressed that Yale has some backbone. Wonder if she would try a reverse discrimination suit,her name implies not white. Throw in wrongful disciplinary action / termination over free speech, an ambulance chaser might give it a shot. Interesting that Yale has $23 Billion in endowments...$23,000,000,000. They could educate a lot of the unfortunates who could never go to college, get a lot of homeless of the street, kick in some subsidies and reduce those six figure salaries a bit so the likes of you and me could afford to send our kids to an Ivy League. The also enjoy taking money from those evil greedy satanic hedge funds. $150,000,000 from Blackstone alone. Give enough to the right cause and you become respectable. On a side note, does the intelligentsia and media realize in most autocratic and/or socialistic countries, their "class" is first to bend the knee or be "relocated" or lucky enough to be reeducated? Post WW2, consider the warm and fuzzy governments of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America. You could argue a modern day example ard the Islamic theocracies in the Middle East And let's not forget the dismissive, "that would never happen here, this is America." Denial is not a river in Egypt.
  9. We used to call it losing them to fumes, fumes of gasoline mixed with perfume... and that is an awesome picture
  10. Mine is He needs you even more, just not as helicopter parents. Just the transition from high school to college is a huge change in his life. He needs your wisdom to make good decisions and stay focused on those things he has done to be successful to this point in his life. Most at 18-19, (or under 30) despite any level of maturity, drive, desire or talent, would not fit the definition of wise. The challenge and opportunity is to how be great parents, coaches, mentors and his support system from a remote location. Phone, text, Facebook, Skype...lots of ways to build your communication network of love!
  11. Embarrassed to say, who?
  12. The small print in that pesky Patriot Act...
  13. Being a non hunting member of PETA, a person who eats tasty animals, I have zero desire to kill any critters. I have zero reservation killing coyotes. Damn the HOA and full speed ahead
  14. I had one, it's a great little pistol. The additional grip thickness due to the double stack doesn't make it harder to conceal and gives it a good feel in the hand. Low round count with no malfunctions. I traded it off due to being cheap - .380 was $18+ box when I had it and spare mags were not available. With .380 coming down, wouldn't mind having another. I think I found it on sale for $349 when I bought it.
  15. According to the internet, the red fox is not dangerous to humans unless they have rabies, which is supposedly rare. Corner them, get near the den, get bitten. Even house pets are safe except for miniature dogs and house cats smaller than 10 pounds. Even those situations are rare since when the dog starts barking or the claws come out on the cat, the fox typically moves on. Unfortunately no game cameras to observe these shy critters. In the words of the Festrunk Brothers, "the foxes are now!"

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