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  1. As Gov of Kali, didn't he start the ball rolling on current Draconian laws, with original agenda to disarm the Black Panthers?
  2. We have a flexible, open-for-interpretation, and selectively enforced legal system. It now applies to our immigration laws. Apparently hitting them in the wallet is the only thing they understand.
  3. Thanks for the replies! It is stainless, 6 shot. No box or papers. I'll get a pic next time I see him
  4. "...Wrestled the gun away and returned fire.. " From the Fox report. Nice
  5. My friend (who is not a gun guy but likes guns) just bought some from an elderly acquaintance. One is a full sized, pre lock Smith, 4" barrel, full shroud, beautiful factory "target-like" grips, adjustable rear sight. I thought it was 686 or equivalent. Until I saw it chambered in .22LR I've never seen it's like, any idea what model it could be and value? It is too clean to have more than 100 rounds through it.
  6. Just sent off my 75B Omega off to David and his team. My buddy used them and was pleased. CGW is the only one obviously advertising specialty Omega work as compared to Automatic Accuracy or CZC. $31 via UPS, second day air. Machined parts for a work bench. I spoke to David prior to; he talked about quality, attention to detail and providing what the customer is expecting. Honest too, "we make sure your gun is right before it leaves, but sometimes they have to come back." 6-8 week lead time. The cool thing is David sends a second mail after your initial inquiry; they manage accepting new work to deliver the finished product in a reasonable amount of time. It also helps them stay focused on the work on the bench vs. a huge back log of guns waiting to get on the bench. Second email received with clear instructions on how to ship, David includes a copy of his FFL so you know he's legit in the eyes of the BATFE. They received my gun on Friday and I received an email notification (as promised) Having no cosmetic work, only visible difference will be a new hammer vs. the OEM ring hammer.
  7. So you subscribe to "it's math, not magic?" Liars figure but figured don't lie. Business simply passed along it's estimated tax burden to the consumer. .Gov doesn't even have to pay for all the free tax collection and remittance
  8. The radio ads are slick, a little fear mongering focusing on bridges and overpasses. 'Everyone who uses TN roads participates' (unless you are in a border county?) Reduce grocery tax to 4.5% Older article from the Tennessean http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2017/01/18/haslam-plan-calls-7-cent-gas-tax-hike-cuts-grocery-sales-tax/96666332/ The State makes more per gallon than those evil, greedy, enviro-raping, non-tax-paying oil producers and refiners.
  9. sold

    If you want to meet somewhere between you and Knoxville on Saturday (or Sunday) I'll take your remaining 6 @ $15
  10. Aim Surplus, Radical Firearms http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=F1RF556FGS12 $419.00
  11. It looks like the avionics package includes an in dash CD player
  12. I like the barter / co-op idea. Possible to lease out sections, so as not to interrupt your shooting? My B-I-L raises cows in South Knox, in the valley, they still share crop. He puts forth his labor and equipment and gets a share of the hay. Depending on your land / water use and management, maybe grazing leases as well? Be super selfish and use what you need and bring in TWRA to help develop the rest as your own private hunting domain? It's a farm right now, but what else could it be...
  13. L to R .35 Remington, no clue where it came from. .303 British 7.62 x 51, Chromed Franklin Arsenal 1816-1977 commerative M855 M193 .30 Carbine 7.62 x 39 Viking for CQB
  14. I kick myself for not buying from Aim Surplus when they had them. Got as far as checkout, $400 ish for gun, ammo, accessories. A rational moment of need vs. want Still not an owner

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