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  1. Just discovered this place, care of the Farm Bureau magazine. Founded 105 years ago, still using a cutting machine installed in 1918, they are the owners of the Pointer Brand of high performance farming and hunting apparel. Made in the USA from fabric, thread, buttons, and tags sourced from US manufacturers. Lifetime warranty and according to the 4th generation owner, "you have to commit to wearing it because you have to break it in." Now that's real denim! Passing through Bristol? Give them a call to see if factory floor tours running. https://lcking.com
  2. Gotthegoods

    Tired of being tired.....

    I learned this year the importance of using vacation time as intended, in a weekly block. In the past, add a day here or there to a weekend or holiday. It's a neat experience to unplug. Regarding stress, income and time investment, depends on what is important...just don't bitch when folks make more money or climb the ladder faster.
  3. Gotthegoods

    Venezuelans regret gun ban

    The same ones who yesterday, today, and tomorrow endorse disarmament, because they believe, "stuff like that can never happen in the U.S."
  4. Gotthegoods

    The Great Commission

    To celebrate the event of Nelson Mandela's birthday and promote the anti aparthied movement, a rock concert was held on 6/11/88 at Webley Stadium. Star studded cast, after hours of rocking and screaming for curtain calls, the closing act, unannounced, un promoted, and more than likely unknown, walked on to the stage and captivated the audience Perhaps, if man is born broken, and life is mending, God's grace is the glue.
  5. Gotthegoods

    Ruger PC9 Carbine

    .40 is surprisingly affordable, have seen it for 12.99/13.99 off the shelf / online Only recently noticed the pricing when I got my Sig p224 with .40 and .357 barrels.
  6. Gotthegoods

    Rural King

    Having visited 3 different locations, I've browsed once and attempted to buy twice. On both occasions, I gave up. The wait time to never be acknowledged or served was not worth the pennies I could have saved. Shame too, because they have a lot of good quality products available.
  7. Gotthegoods

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    Dad worked for Martin Marrieta (at the time) on the Lantirn system. He has (or had) an old VHS tape of test footage of a large cat stalking what appears to be a rabbit, looking south on their Sand Lake property. Vintage '85 - '87 We assume an elusive Florida panther, but who knows? How cats (in general) interact with humans is pretty interesting, after watching, "the lion in your living room," on Netflix.
  8. Gotthegoods

    Did I miss it somewhere?

    I was aware, actually watched some of the Pacific War in Color on Smithsonian. What I learned was on 12/7 and the subsequent 48 hours, the Japanese attacked Pearl, Wake, Guam, and Hong Kong. They hit Midway on the way back from Pearl, but the defenders beat them off. In the wake global political correctness, we certainly can't have any kind of remembrance since, all those crack pot, narrow minded, nationalist Trump lovers will want to re-open internment camps.
  9. Gotthegoods

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    I see your point of panther / jaguar, not likely they crossed the SE US from the Sierra Madres.
  10. Gotthegoods

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    I believe we have Black Panther deniers here on TGO. The problem is the actual sightings outside of our area are re-posted as caught in area and shared. A large vibrant population is not probable. pass throughs with a few locals is possible and with the size of the Park and no residential, it's virtually impossible to confirm or deny. Hope we actually do have a few, protected (by accident) through the NPS. Here is an actual sighting of one in it's winter environment.
  11. Gotthegoods

    for-sale Moorea sit-on-top Kayak

    Bump for a guy trying to sell a boat in the dead of winter.
  12. Gotthegoods

    The Great Commission

    The Gospel of Luke is my favorite As you watch, as Linus speaks, he discards his security blanket, which some Peanuts experts say is unusual. Throughout the comics and cartoons, he is never without it and desperate to recover from Snoopy. As Linus speaks of the birth of Christ, Schultz demonstrates the source of and in whom true security exists. Oh Joy! Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on Earth. Lord God, heavenly King, almighty God and Father; we worship you, we give you thanks, we praise you for your glory. Lord Jesus Christ, only son of the Father, Lord God, lamb of God; you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us. You are seated at the right hand of the Father, receive our prayer. For you alone are the holy one, you alone are the Lord, you alone are the most high, Jesus Christ. With the Holy Spirit in the glory of the Father.
  13. Gotthegoods

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    Is there any documentation of big cats in the Smokies, going back even to early settlers? It would not be hard to imagine solitary big cats in the Park, smart enough to avoid humans, caves to shelter in, and a tasty variety of critters to eat.
  14. Gotthegoods

    Review TN AL GA Training Group, 12/1/18

    Hope you can make in to the tentative January event.
  15. Through my work, I've meet state reps from NE TN and greater Knoxville. They seem to be approachable and want to here from us, the voters. Call, email, snail mail. Not a form letter, they like to know an individual took the time to think, draft, and send. It's more powerful and "evidence" for them. Big turn over this year, with so many new members trying to navigate and making new "friends" this could slide through.

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