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  1. Gotthegoods

    Took the plunge...CZ75

    CGW I think my 75B turned out better than my SDP from CZC.
  2. Gotthegoods

    Selling resources for eastern TN

    Like others posted, summer is slow. I'd rather buy/sell through the trading post, if I don't know the person, there is a good chance I know a member who knows them. Prices are fair,; we're gun cranks, so we know how to figure appropriate value. Some of the other sites seem to have near retail pricing for used firearms (sorry, but as a rule you're not getting back tax, shipping, grips, holster, and sights)
  3. Gotthegoods

    Chicago ignores Risk Based Strategies

    I come back to the why for the behavior. Replace a family unit with .gov Take away the need to provide food, clothing, and shelter. Expand benefits as new dependents are added. Single mother black families are reaching 70%, increasing from 30% in the 60s due to the war on poverty. Percentages are rapidly increasing in the White demographic as well as the Hispanic. Gangs create a family for cast off, fatherless kids of all races. Gangs provide employment and income opportunity Gangs and thug life are glamorized. Add Chicago's catch and release, ala no real consequences for actions, and you get the Purge every weekend.
  4. Gotthegoods

    Chicago ignores Risk Based Strategies

    I guess the uncomfortable question is why are gangs so successful in recruiting young black men?
  5. Gotthegoods

    Carrying a Walther PK 380

    Any odd looks with SP? They seem largish (I've never carried a cell on my belt)
  6. In lending, we use risk based pricing to set rates, amounts / advances, and terms. Insurance underwriters use actuarial tables to compare behavior to risk to price accordingly. In Chicago, Rahm says it's too many bad guys with guns, moral decay, and a lack of community reporting. A West Chicago pastor responded; while Chicagoans were being gunned down, the mayor was celebrating his new green spaces in the re gentrified area. Citizens do not trust the police and have no protection if they report gang members. CPD does have an actuarial tables to forecast risk. Politicians and the Media choose to ignore facts. It's not guns or race, it's a gang problem with a catch and release solution. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/08/john-boch/a-detailed-look-at-last-weekends-chicago-gang-violence-shooting-victims/
  7. Gotthegoods

    Good holster threads?

    Don't have your pistol, but for owb, I like the comptac minimalist paddle for my 75B and P01. Erik88 gave a positive review when I was doing my research. AIWB is pretty subjective, so I'll defer to others with specific gun experience.
  8. Gotthegoods

    WW II British 303 /Vibrashine ?

    Check out the trading post for a .303 special.
  9. After a 500 round function test last week, I put into carry service, both work and personal. For work, it was back pocket carry, grip towards spine, under a sport coat. The depth of my pockets coupled with overall length the grip exposed to get a full, consistent grip. With no cover garment, too exposed and not secure in close quarters. It's possible to front pocket carry, I tried in a pair of 5.11 Tacticals. You'd have to be a pretty big guy to pull it off. It's only slightly shorter in height and length than a traditional compact (G19/P01/etc.) but is slimmer as a single stack and the backstrap shape appears almost minimalistic layed over a Glock or CZ grip. I now understand the appeal of a bobtail 1911. With a good belt, the weight is a non issue, especially if you consider my past EDC choices. Speaking of belts, 2018 represents 10 years of using a proper gun belt. Best thing I even learned on this forum for EDC, get a good belt. I used a 5.11 Tactical - leather casual. It is still serviceable, though horribly scuffed from holster clips. It is also beginning to bubble when when buckled around the waist. Stiffener is still stiff, belt shows no signs of sagging where gun and holster primary attached. For my 50th, my BGB (best gun buddy) got me a NexBelt. Pretty cool, really like the micro adjustment, seems gimmicky, but it's not. If curious, be sure to get a gun rated buckle for the gun belt, it has 2 set screws for additional security. Using it right now with the PK in a High Noon Upper Cut. This is a non moulded holster I brought for my SDP. Aside from about 1/2" of excess leather at the muzzle, the pistol is safe and secure. After my recent class with Randy Harris, I discovered the challenge of a consistent, full grip using my beloved N82 Tactical (10 year history as well) You see, it's the sweat shield, even modified by Gjohnsoniv, it trips me up. The Upper Cut allows me the draw grip I want to achieve. The pistol length also prevents it from rolling forward using my belt / belt line as the rotation point. Repurposing the holster also gives my thrifty heart joy. So why this gun over an equivalent sized none or .45? Love my deal and gives me a second, good quality .380 It's very shootable, filling the niche of fun range gun I believe with my reload practice, I can keep it running if we exceed 3-3-3 Being practically tactical, I probably don't need 15+ rounds on board plus 18 or 36 more...the Jared Weston video still gives credence to more bullets is better, but unless necessary, I'm probably not running towards gun fire. During non coat and jacket months, I'm confident carrying modern .380, Precision One specifically and will be purchasing some Sig Vcrown for function testing.
  10. Gotthegoods

    sold CZ 75 B

    If you are thinking about a semi custom, at this price point you'd be under $1k if you sent it to CGW or CZC (internal work) Just noticed from the roll mark it's an Omega, still an excellent price!
  11. Despite your probable outcome, you are choosing to live with a positive attitude. I believe there is only one thing the Lord allows us to control in all of creation is our attitude. We can choose to react positively to life or negatively and crawl into a hole. Thank you for your example of strength, courage, and faith! I pray the Lord continuues to shower you with his mercy, grace, comfort, and love.
  12. The only suggestion I can make is no gun related stickers. Perhaps add a prominent anti 2A Org sticker for camouflage?
  13. Gotthegoods

    I added a CZ to the mix

    Welcome to the CZexy side.
  14. Gotthegoods

    free .303 Brit, Odd lot

    20 rounds PPU, 150 & 180 SP, mixed, in box 7 rounds, Remington, assume standard 174, loose Greater Knoxville, pick up / delivery / meet
  15. Gotthegoods

    Walther PK 380, pre range review

    After 500 rounds of mixed PMC, Rem UMC, WWB, corbon, and precision one, pleased to announce zero failures on two brand new, opened the package at range, magazines. Very comfortable to shoot, recoil is less than my CZs, which absorb recoil very well. I can get sights back on target slightly faster than the CZ. SA trigger is really pretty nice, I do like it is a traditional style with no blade or hinge saety. I adapted to the paddle mag release pretty quickly, it does not close on a full mag every time. My opinion is if you are expecting it, bad...if it happens, bonus. Generous mag well for skinny mags, I think with some practice, I could keep it running if the situation escalates from the 3-3-3 probability. I think it's a keeper and good compliment to my other .380

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