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  1. reached the point of what I need in handguns

    I have both a 2" and 3" SP with improved grips. They are hefty and the overall shape don't make for a small footprint. Prefer .38/.38+p, but no issues with shooting .357. Due to the retort, I prefer .38 over .357 for SD.
  2. Orange tipped 30 carbine ammo

    Neat find!
  3. Kroger to stop selling evil gun magazines

    With WM not selling to 18 to 20.99 year olds and now Kroger, easy enough for FC to get all my grocery business. UGO and Dollar General Markets are pretty nice as well
  4. Would anyone be interested in a one day session with Randy Harris on Sunday June 3 I have been rather unsuccessful with turnout at our Knoxville venue; is there anything about the place I can improve upon to encourage attendance? What kind of program would you like to see? I enjoy the different handgun qualification drills but caution against timed drills depending on class size. 1-2 hours on a short range, basic carbine / PDW skill building set would be beneficial to me as well. My in-laws are very gracious to offer facilities for any ladies who may want to attend. Thanks for your interest and any feedback
  5. Shoulder Holster?

    Maybe I'll try a test run next week. I already use a G&G black leather belt, gun or no gun and have a safariland for the Omega and the comptac minimalist for the SDP. Both are close riding paddles which almost require removing your pants to detach. I've read some negatives on paddle holster retention in a scuffle but confident with these two.
  6. M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    TGO, saving members from themselves, one project at a time.
  7. M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    And some more $$ to spend. Found a new railed handguard advertised to dissapate the heat.
  8. M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    If you know anybody with a Ruger Blackhawk .30, they may be interested in the Wolf steel.
  9. M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    Comparing the FA extractor to the two previous OEM, it appears to be slightly higher quality in manufacture. Garufa / Craig, thanks for the heads up on the steel cased!
  10. Shoulder Holster?

    During the week, I wear a sport coat or suit. Having tried 7-9 o'clock iwb which I don't like and the necessity to be concealed has me shying away from owb. My current solution is pocket or ankle carry a Kimber Micro .380. I can easily carry 2 extra mags, but in the event of a reload during a gunfight, I'd rather have more capacity. Off work, I've got my trusty 75B. Yep, full size duty pistol, but I keep coming back to it. Shoulder Holster popped into my brain as an alternative. Talk me out of it or help me with a rig. Pistol options: 75B, P01, Glock 19 cut to a 26. Dare I ask about a "universal fit" system?
  11. Interesting statistics about those who carry

    I can neither confirm nor deny my gun totin' condition during work hours... Like Reef, against my Cali based company rules and some of my clients post.
  12. How have I overlooked the CZ?

    My opinion only, compared to a 75 variant, the P10C is ok. Compared to it's peer group, it's as good or better depending on preference. Very attractive price point as well
  13. Merits an investigation

    If this is true, folks should be in prison https://twitchy.com/jacobb-38/2018/03/15/um-this-testimony-is-gonna-be-a-problem-for-those-blaming-the-gop-and-nra-for-all-gun-violence-ever/
  14. How have I overlooked the CZ?

    My off work hours EDC is a 75B. Build, belt, holster, and attire make it possible for me. Also have a P-01. Both have had some internal work, I prefer the 75B; slightly better feel in my hand and like the omega trigger. Like them both better than my P10C which is a pretty nice gun.
  15. M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    Died again, trying to resurrect. Extractor failed, was new old stock. Under a loop I can't tell is there is any crystalization. Ordered new manufacture from Fulton Armory, all parts and pieces to rebuild the bolt again. Reaching expert level on this thing. Hopeful this will resolve my problem, I prefer shooting it over my AR...it's more satisfying...

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