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  1. I liked the 'here's what happened' format along with what was learned (proving and disproving myth) from a gun fight and being shot. For me, it reinforces don't get in a violent fight, armed or otherwise. Dealing with Pests comes to mind. If I do get it a fight, he's right, I have to win. No prize for second place. As an aside, I am reading Fairbairn's Get Tough, he strongly recommends staying off the ground.
  2. It’s snowing

    Dusting in Seymour, roads look clear but haven't been out to check for ice
  3. Drones

    A few weeks ago I posted the killer drone simulation video. It appears the technology is not as futuristically sci-fi as I thought https://www.defensenews.com/air/2017/01/10/pentagon-launches-103-unit-drone-swarm/ https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/01/08/drone-swarm-tactics-get-tryout-for-infantry-to-use-in-urban-battlespace/
  4. Prayers for Doug

    Prayers here!
  5. Hello from Virginia!

    Organized shooting sports at Oak Ridge Sportman's Assn. ORSA Haven't been to the flea market in years, but still open. Regarding gun shows, same stuff different city would come to mind. I go to one or two a year for something to do.
  6. Goodbye Russian ammunition

    Buy Serbian? Aim Surplus has PPU in most calibers at a fair pricing. My experience with .30cal, .303, 7.62x25, .380, and 9mm has been good.
  7. Hello from Virginia!

    Seymour (Blount County corner) mailing address. Assume shooter friendly, I hear gunfire from time to time. I am too residential to safely (though legal) to shoot. I head over to the in-laws in South Knox county to shoot. Rural Sevier or Blount County should fit your needs assuming you are willing to travel 20-30 minutes to the corner store. I believe Sevier County still has lower property taxes than Blount. Come on home!
  8. Kel-Tec Marketing Fail

    A box of whup-@$$ to go with the frozen urine
  9. whats your favorite handgun of 2017 ?

    Broken record here; 75B Omega with work by Cajun Gun Works. Thought the P10C could be the replacement, 75 continues to win.
  10. I've seen new and used 75Bs at both Bud's and SMKW in Sevierville and SIAn West Knox. I saw the new convertible 75B Omega online, I am unfortunately too invested in my current model.
  11. Multiple transfers 1 rate

    nOrfl, you are correct, as a customer, the business should cater to you. I'm not sure how a small brick and mortar can adjust their business model to sustain competing on price vs. online. "If price is less important, what is most important, quality or service?"
  12. Multiple transfers 1 rate

    Why should an LGS give a discount for a potential one and done? I know the customer doesn't give 2 flying f***s if retailer makes any profit, until the retailer goes out of business. Big box / internet retailers do not offer FFL transfers, why begrudge the LGS for a performing service .gov forces and no one else offers?
  13. For guns, I want to get the M1 carbine to reliable status, the Walther PPS m2 has piqued my curiosity, and perhaps add a theta trigger to the P10C. Adding a stabilizing brace to the PPS-43c is also penciled in. Gear wise, other than buying ammo, I think I am in good shape. Training is also penciled in for spring and fall/winter. The snowflake in me avoids summer exertion.
  14. Kel-Tec Marketing Fail

    Not ice, frozen urine
  15. Favorite Christmas Movie Scenes

    To start with a comedic note "...I studied psychology, so I'm right in there..."

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