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  1. Greg, from a guy that is old, appears you and your family are in great shape. Congrats & enjoy
  2. Great rifle. I had the 742 BDL in 30-06. Later stolen out of my Bronco in 1986. GLWS
  3. Unfortunately, I lost all my weapons in a boat accident in the North Atlantic under heavy seas.
  4. This topic is old , but gas at Murphy in Lebanon today was $3.59.
  5. You did very well, Kahrman.
  6. I've squirrel hunted all my life. Can honestly say a blow torch never crossed my mind.
  7. Know nothing other than what's in the article, but if Biden likes him, he's not our friend.
  8. No rain here. Did everything but. Had one big cloud as black as the bottom of a stove lid. Vanished quick.
  9. Good accurate post. Personally, I've never fired upon another person, with the exception of Vietnam. I will never go along with changing parts of the US Constitution just because someone disagrees with it. My vote would be an involuntary exit from TGO. JMHO
  10. I carried the M& P out for a spin today. Went up to Westmoreland to see a good buddy of mine. He had a makeshift target set up across his pond, he said was 100 or 110 yes. Forgot my range finder. So I fired a few shots, hasn't been sighted in, I put 2 shots about an inch &1/4, open sights. No idea what to expect. Believe it'll be good to go once I adjust a bit. Well pleased. No pics, didn't have my phone.
  11. Makes a good cleaning tool for lots of things.
  12. That does come in handy & sights are good with the handle. The Colt AR I had & my M16 had the handle. Guess I'll see how these work out before making changes. My old eyes & progressive lens don't work well with irons anymore. Likely go to a dot or holographic of some sort. Stay tuned I guess. These rear sights have 2 flip up apertures. One large & one small. All fold down flat.
  13. That they do. Did my research, looking for reliable, affordable. I'm not into the "tacticool" stuff. I think it'll serve my purpose well. Tacticool does sell a lot of guns & accessories tho.
  14. Certainly couldn't argue with that. That'll probably cover the 4th, Labor Day, Tksgiving, birthday, Christmas, all rolled into one. LOL.
  15. Agree. Anything he says goes in one ear & out the other.
  16. Good question. The ad's new, I guess they use automatic like some say clips LOL. It's definitely not auto. Wish it was, but couldn't afford it if I found one.
  17. Added a new toy today. Been thinking on this for a while, finally got up the courage to do it. Came from Sportsman's Warehouse in the 'boro. Got some extra mags ( came with 1 Magpul ), got some ammo also. Received the military discount. All in all, not a bad deal. Had it in stock at the store. S&W. M&P 15 Sport II 16" bbl, Magpul open sights, Picantinny rsil.
  18. Combat photographer.
  19. I've still got shrapnel in my legs from those pepper shakers.
  20. My M16/M203, iron sights, served me well in 'Nam. Not likely to run into anything worse that that.
  21. That he was. Never seen him move that fast.
  22. In my neck of the woods, it's hotter than Hades with all the fires lit.


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