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  1. I can just imagine trying to find my hand and arm parts after firing that.
  2. Very familiar with those old tater masher grenades. Still got fragments in my legs.
  3. Doug, I can't answer that with any degree of certainty . All I know about them is they are for vets after 911. As for the scandal, all I could find was that it had been cleared up ( according to WWP ). Travel at your own risk. FWIW, I don't donate.
  4. I only had one White Supremacist in my jail( Trousdale ). Turned out to be a wannabe. Trying to impress the rest of the inmates. He failed.
  5. Combat Infantry in 'Nam were called "grunts". I was there in "67 , so...
  6. I've still got Craftsman tools I bought in '62. They still work & still clean. Army taught me, take care of your equipment, itll take care of you.
  7. I started out listening to NASCAR on the radio ( no tv ). Later, watching on TV. Now, it's gone off the rails to me. Still watch some, including today. I long for the days when the CI & HP were on the hood.
  8. As a combat wounded 'Nam Vet, I waited 40+ years before someone thanked me for my service. It took awhile to get used to that, but now I'm grateful to hear it. Even little kids. Shows it came from the parents. Am I surprised by any cuts the Feds make? Not in the least!
  9. My take on this , is it's not so much about gun control, but just control . Gun control is a tool. Once they have our guns, then they can control us. JMHO
  10. Good ammo. It's what I carry. Our Dept uses the same in 40S&W.
  11. You're right about the Ghost pepper. As they used to say about Brylcreme, a little dab will do ya. I like spicy, but Ghost pepper is my limit. Haven't tried the Nashville stuff.
  12. Strange as it may seem, I got temporarily banned from the Henry forum for alluding to the 2A. I made it a permanent one.
  13. Couldn't agree more
  14. 79+. I remember when the first load of dirt was dumped on Earth.
  15. Reports, 3 kids killed. Shooter dead by police.
  16. 31 at my house. No damage, few small limbs down .
  17. I've got one with a red dot from the factory. Carry it every day. Good gun, good shooter . GLWS
  18. I have the same gun. Inherited from my uncle yrs ago. Killed 2 ground hogs with it ( 10' ). Now tucked away in a drawer. Great shape. Not for sale. Good luck with yours.


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