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  1. Mine took 10 business days with Midsouth, but they've been slammed by Covid. Normally, they're quick.
  2. UPS brought me 500 CCI BR2 Large rifle primers yesterday from a Tulsa,OK co. Today, FEDEX brought 200 Hornady 300gr HP 45/70 bullets, from Midsouth. I'm good to go. Not buying anymore.
  3. Folks loved the cheaper off shore prices, now they ask why can't we make that here. Well, because you didn't want to pay the price. Careful what you wish for.
  4. Commercials have gotten totally out of hand. I timed one barrage a day ago, just out of curiosity. 6 minutes. Ridiculous! There were more throughout the program.
  5. I still watch football , but I skip the opening ceremonies. The Star Spangled Banner is usually screwed up by putting their own spin on it. I start watching at kickoff.
  6. Hyped by the Nashville media, each season, the Titans are expected to make a Super Bowl run. Not happening. The Titans won their Div. because the Div. was very weak. Same thing this go round. They'll win some games, maybe the Div. again, but the bus stops there, or close by.
  7. Watched the whole game, loved every minute,. Arizona took their lunch money. Julio didn't impress. Chiefs were fun tho.
  8. Kinda hard to hide everything on your duty belt. The uniform is kinda obvious too.
  9. I love old machinery, but it's a bit far for me too. Enjoy.
  10. You're right about that. Usually takes 2 or 3 stomps.
  11. I see one of them on rare occasions. Some mean looking dudes. Stomp every one I see.
  12. I can't believe I watched that whole thing!
  13. That's true, but I've got enough that I can be choosy. Unfortunately, not all are in that position. Hopefully, they can work it out.
  14. There was a good article in American Rifleman mag, not long ago, interviewing Remington. They said they will be full tilt. Of course this won't happen overnight, but sounded better. That said, I don't use Rem. primers. I use CCI exclusively. Just personal choice. Expect prices to be higher than before. My 2 cents worth.
  15. Since you're the expert on ambush, I'll not continue the argument. And yes, I have been on the bad side of an ambush.
  16. Police OC, they get ambushed regularly. It's on the news.
  17. I got 5 seed ticks off my lower leg a few days ago, after walking thru some weeds. First ones I'd seen this year. I"m sure they weren't alone.
  18. Data is like polls, you can make it what you want. Everybody has the right to decide for themselves. Personally, I will only CC. Just because you have a visible weapon, doesn't mean you can't be approached from behind. I prefer to at least have some element of surprise, and survival. How about a link to the data?
  19. Xsubsailor, that looks like a good deal. Next time mine bites the dust, I'll check it out.
  20. As Hozzie said, wall thickness is key. I bought one from Lowes, 20'. had to replace it several times. Will not stand winds more than 30 mph +-. The 3X5 flag catches too much wind, snaps it right off.Haven't checked the wall thickness on this one, but it's thinner than reg. electrical conduit. I appreciate all flying our flag. Thanks.
  21. Mark Pody is a good guy. He used to cover Trousdale, wish he still was. Terry Lynn Weaver signed also.


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