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Found 292 results

  1. Silvertn350

    wanted WTB : 22lr rifle

    Wanting to purchase a 22lf rifle . Something like a m&p-15 or Ruger 10-22 will consider others cash in hand for the right rifle and price . Can text me at(615) 853-3246 for faster response
  2. Looking for an older small light weight camper. Trying to find one fairly close less than $6000. Cash or I have several firearms left still. Anyone got a camper they don't use anymore?
  3. swim615

    wanted Marlin 336

    I'm looking for a marlin 336 30-30. Made around 1970ish. Gold trigger and walnut stock only. Hunting grade. Would like 2 pay $400ish. I have some trades if u prefer. Thanks
  4. Hello, I've recently picked up some property in Marshall County and find myself in need of a tractor, bush-hog, disc etc. I'm thinking I'd like something in the 30-45 HP range. Bush-hog 5-6' wide. Just curious if any forum members have said items and are willing to part w/ them before I start looking on the web in earnest. Thx
  5. itchytriggerfinger

    wanted Wanted Ruger 22/45 Lite

    Looking for a 22/45 Lite. Preferably the Davidsons model in red, but I'm open to others. I'm in the Nashville/Hermitage area.
  6. I looking for an older P226 9mm. Preferably a German gun. I don't need any of the fancier decked out versions. No need for light rails, night sights, etc. Just a plain jane old pistol.
  7. Want to buy Beretta Elite or Vertec or other unusual 92. May be interested in other Beretta models as well. Let me know what you've got. thanks.
  8. alleycat72

    wanted Silencerco radius

    Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  9. As the title says I’m looking to buy a free float handguard/rail for an AR15 build I’m working on...looking for a carbine length. Anyone got something for sale?
  10. monkeylizard

    wanted WTB NB Miata LS or SE

    I'm looking for a well-cared for NB2 Miata (2001-2005). I want an LS or Special Edition, not a Base or Sport. I'm watching all the usual places (eBay, CL, Autotrader, BaT, FB Marketplace, etc.) but thought I'd check to see if anyone here might have a low-mileage garage queen tucked away they've been thinking about selling or have a neighbor with one they might know about.
  11. Pickaroon

    wanted WTB Ruger MKIII grips

    I need a set of OEM black grips. Can trade a set of Ergo or Hogue. Or I'll buy if reasonable.
  12. luvmyberetta

    wanted Ruger Pistol Case

    I'm looking for a factory Ruger hard case. I bought a new SR9c a couple weeks ago & Ruger sent it in a cardboard box & I just prefer hard cases for my pistols. Any SR series case will work, regardless of caliber. I can buy or do some trading. Just send me a message if you have one you don't need. Located in Oneida. Thanks.
  13. Dolomite_supafly

    wanted WTB: Scope, $700 or less

    I'm looking for a decent FFP scope with MIL reticle and MIL adjustments. Prefer 30mm or larger tube. Minimum magnification 3x-4x, maximum magnification 18x-20x. 4x-12x, 4.5x-14x, 6x-18x, 6.5x-20x. Looking to spend under $700.
  14. Cruel Hand Luke

    wanted Speedfeed Rem 870 Stock

    Hey guys I'm in need of 2 Speedfeed Short/Youth/Tactical/whatever you want to call it stocks for Rem870 12gauge. Want the standard one that does not hold extra shells. I have 2 projects I'm working on and need that for both. Also looking for the Speedfeed LE ribbed forearms too. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. TerryW

    wanted Gen 4 Glock 21

    Looking for a new'er gen 4 mod 21 in the west Nashville area. Thank you
  16. Anyone have a couple of 10 round 9mm that you are not using, or would like to sell or trade? I need a couple to send to Kali for a new friend. Thanks for looking at this.
  17. Does anyone have, or know where I could find, a cheap metal car port? One of those 20'x10' covered jobs you often see on the roadside for a few hundred bucks. The canopy I'm building my boat under collapsed in today's storm & I need to replace it asap. My budget is as far under $1000 as possible (that's everything I have saved for a new outboard...)
  18. Just tossing this out to see if anyone has a Trijicon RMR they no longer need. I know they aren't for everyone, but I'm getting to the point I appreciate the need. I edited my original post to reflect any variation of the Trijicon RMR just to see what may be available. PM if you'd like. Thanks in advance. ETA: I would also be interested in a complete slide with RMR for Gen 3 Glock 19...just in case anyone is looking to move one. 5/14/18 Jamie
  19. Want to buy. Browning Double Auto Shotguns and extra barrels (Skeet, Improved Cylinder or Modified choked barrels only). These are two-shot semi-automatic shotguns that were made in 12 gauge only.
  20. I thought I'd just throw out one on my wish list and see what happens. Want to buy a Ruger Security Six with a 2.75" barrel. I would prefer blue, but will consider stainless. Must be in good condition and reasonably priced. I might also consider a 6" if the price is right. Anybody got one they're willing to part with?
  21. Looking for a 22/45 Lite in the Nashville area. Gen 3 or Gen 4. Father's Day is here an I'm cashing in while my wife still thinks I'm deserve a gift! Lol Condition not important as long as it works properly and is priced accordingly. Thanks, Theo
  22. Looking for a 30mm PEPR or PEPR style mount for a new build. I figured I’d check here before I bought from a store. Thanks!
  23. I’m looking for a Smith & Wesson Model 39. I have $cash$ or could possibly come up with something to trade; depending on what you want/Need. Shoot me a PM with a price and how close you are willing to meet to Murfreesboro/Shelbyville and I’ll let you know if I need to see pics. Thanks, Dave EDIT: I'm not really interested in nickel.
  24. Pickaroon

    wanted WTB Ruger 10-22

    Looking for a basic 10-22 in the Nashville area as the basis for a project to throw money at. Condition doesn't matter. Doesn't even have to be complete.
  25. Just took the Glock armorer class and want to build a Polymer 80 Glock 19. Not necessarily looking for fancy stuff. If you've upgraded and have extra G19 (Gen3) parts laying around collecting dust, let's talk. Looking for: G19 Slide G19 Barrel trigger with trigger bar Heck, if you've got an extra G19 or other Glock frame collecting dust then I wouldn't have to build up that 80. I live in Tullahoma and work in Franklin, so can meet pretty easily throughout much of middle TN. Thanks!

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