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  1. I am the sole owner of the bike. I originally paid over $3K for the bike, shoes, and computer. I changed out the seat, but I could never get into a road bike. It has seen roughly 5 - 10 hours on a Kurt Kinetic trainer and 5 miles on the road. I bought a Trek Superfly Pro a few months after buying the Madone. Mountain biking was definitely more to my liking. I still have the trainer if you are interested. This is a very light carbon fiber bike, and it is very fast. It has been sitting in my house for years. It is practically new old stock. I did pump up the tires today and they maintained pressure, and I rode it around the driveway going through the gears with no problems. I have this listed on FB for $1K, but I am open to trades. The price is firm considering I am already taking a bath on it. Regarding trades, I am open to higher end rifles, handguns, watches, or guitars. I can put money on my end. Please let me know if you need any additional pictures or have any questions. Thanks for looking. SOLD. Thanks.
  2. 2001 Indian Scout. Always garaged. 7,020 miles. I'm helping a widow sell this bike. It's been sitting for a couple of years. She hired a guy to put on a new S&S carb and some fuel lines. It seems to run fine, but I haven't taken it on the road yet. Truth be told, at age 72 and 128lbs, it's too much bike for me. It needs a good cleaning and it has two oil leaks. The bottom leak is a lot. The top leak is much smaller. Photos shown. She just wants it out of the garage so the price is great. $4,750. She *might* consider a smaller frame ladies' handgun in trade if necessary to make the deal. Oh, and it includes a second set of brand new leather saddlebags... no idea of how much they're worth. They look similar to the ones on the bike.
  3. All knifes are made from 1/8" thick O-1 tool steel. I got a smokin' deal on the tool steel and am passing it on to anyone that wants one. The OAL is right at 9 " with the actual cutting edge right at 4" They all have thumb jimping on the spine and have a false edge (swedge) as well. All come with a combo leather/kydex sheath shown and a black oxide finish. They are $75 each shipped. 1. SOLD!!! Handle is water buffalo horn with SS pins/lanyard tube. SOLD!! 2. Dymalux laminated cocobolo handle (very durable) with brass pins/lanyard tube. 3. Bolivian rosewood handle with G10 accents and liners. Brass pins/lanyard tube. 4. SOLD!!! Bubinga handles with rosewood and G10 accents and liners. Brass pins/lanyard tube. Thanks for lookin'!
  4. Collected these in my younger days. Collecting dust now, time to find someone else who'll enjoy them. Lots of wood lures, Paw Paw Bait Co, Dowagiac, Heddon, etc. Reels are Shakespeare, JC Higgins, and Pflueger, and a very antique fly reel. Two collector books come with it. Will sell the collection by itself or with the fine oak curio cabinet pictured, built by a German craftsman, aka, my brother. I'll throw this out here a few days before I piece it out to eBay. Really don't like the hassle of piecing it out, but I know it'll sell on there, and at more $$ (the reels alone are valued at $100) $100 for lures/ reels ........... $100 for the cabinet ... $175 for the whole shebang
  5. Switched to a traditional bow last year due to shoulder issues. This Mathews is as new and complete. Mathews Triax 2018 70lb 28.5 draw Spot Hog sight Limb drive drop rest 14 FMJ arrows with 6 Rage broadheads Mathews 4 arrow quiver Case and acccessories For sale $800 or trade for AR-15 in 223 or 300 black out. (pistol or carbine) Let me know what you have or if interested in purchasing. Moving to Nevada in three weeks, so it goes with me if not sold. Thanks!
  6. A nice hollow ground knife with clean lines......and a bamboo handle....no really. Made from 5/32" thick 1084 carbon steel it's 10 1/2" long with a blade of about 5 3/4". It has finger jimping on the spine and a black oxide coating to slow down rust and start the patina process. It comes with the combo leather/kydex sheath and is 100 bucks shipped. Thanks for lookin'!
  7. PICTURES ADDED!!!!! I have a Garmin GPS 172C colored unit for sale. This is the unit with the built in antenna so it does not need an external puck. I realize it is not a big fancy impressive unit but if you are on the water and want a unit that will keep you from running aground and damaging your boat of maybe suffering injury this unit is for you. It will work on any lake you travel to in the Continual United States. No need to buy extra chips or anything else. Just mount it wire it up and turn it on. It would still be on my Skeeter but my SIL had a better idea and since I have kind of turned the Skeeter over to him he went out and spent about $800.00 on a GPS, Depth finder, fish finder unit that's looks like a small television unit and Ram mount on the console. I asked him if it would wipe his butt to and got a dirty look. The Garmin is a great unit and actually was only used a year. Up until then I had a Garmin Gray Line gray screen and it worked great but I wanted a color unit as they were easier to see at night. I need to sell it rather than it just lay around here and go to waste. I gave 229.95 for it and will sell it for $100.00 plus shipping if not FTF here at my house. If you are willing to pick it up here I will drop the price to $80.00. UNIT IS SOLD!!!
  8. 3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 5 3/4", OAL 11 1/2". Finger guard is 1084 also. Combo leather/kydex sheath included. $155 shipped. First a couple pictures of a handle in progress. 1. Initial cut and glue up 2. Rough shaping Handle is Texas Mesquite, Padauk and Wenge with with G10 Thanks for lookin'!
  9. 22 Assorted Musky Lures Mepps-Mud Puppy-LeBlanc-Burmek-Bucktails-Divers-Topwater... $110.00 FTF $125.00 Shipped Priority Cash-Check-MO-NO Paypal PM with any questions-Thanks for lookin'
  10. I have a set of loading ramps for a Ford truck. I had them installed by the dealer before I picked up the new truck (2018 F-150). I have the complete setup to include the hangers that go in the bed of the truck. The hangers store the ramps when not in use. The plate that bolts to the tailgate for the ramps to hook on has some marks on it as it was mounted for some time. The plate is still in excellent condition but shows use. The ramps were never used and only one ramps was extended for the picture below. If I am not mistaken Ford started putting the holes in the truck bed in 2015 for extra tie down points. Those holes are used for the ramp hangers. Selling for $325.00 reduced to $250.00
  11. Year: 2000 Mileage: 9,000 Color: White Condition: Used This jeep is an absolute blast to drive. Once you drive a V8 powered Wrangler, you will never settle for stock engines again. 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ, Powertrain Engine Swap from 2001 Chevy Silverado 5.3L Chevy Vortec engine with TH350 Automatic Transmission. (Note: TH350 is widely considered to be one of the greatest transmissions ever built.) GenRight Inner Fenders, Flares, Bumper, Rocker Guards—Powder Coated. GenRight Fender Steel Armor. GenRight Winch Guard Front Bumper. Rough Country 2.5” Long Arm Kit. Corbeau Suspension Seats. Rhino Lined Interior Floors and Sides. BESTOP top. And much more. This is a unique, fast and powerful Jeep. Rides extremely well for a lifted Jeep. I originally bought this as a stock jeep for my daughter in 2005. She drove it through high school, college and after college. I had the jeep upgraded in 2017-18 by Essentially Offroad in Murfreesboro, TN. Price: $25,000 (Will consider reasonable offers.)
  12. I thought I would post this here before going out to the internet at large. We recently replaced my wife's daily driver with a new truck. We originally thought we'd keep this around for other uses - but just don't need it. It's got a bunch of miles on it - but it works fine - and will likely run fine for a lot longer. This would be an ideal car for a kid that you want in a bigger vehicle. It would also make a fine work truck to just keep your stuff in. It's got 229K miles. Doesn't burn oil. AC is cold and works fine. There are only two minor issues I can think of. First, there's something up with the cable that hooks to the passenger side sensor that tells you whether or not you've got enough weight to turn on the air bag. As such the airbag light flashes. It's probably an easy fix - we just didn't have kids riding in the front seat. Second, the tire pressure light flashes even though the pressure is fine. Apparently the battery life of those sensors is about 8 years - we got longer than that - but they'll need to be replaced the next time you get tires. I'm literally posting it here at a come and get it out of my driveway price. I'll likely cross post it elsewhere - and you might see it pulling a landscaping trailer somewhere around Nashville next week.
  13. 1. 1/4" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 7 1/2", OAL at 12 1/2". It has a custom made brass finger guard with G10 and faux ivory handle accents. Handle made from Zapota. Brass pin and lanyard hole. It has a false edge/swage running entire length of spine. Includes combo leather/kydex sheath. $145 shipped. 2. Sold!!! 1/4" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 5 3/4", OAL 11 1/2". Finger guard and steel handle accent are also 1084 carbon steel., brass and G10 accents. The handle is made from 6 pieces of Padauk, 4 pieces of birds eye maple and 2 pieces of chakta vigra. This is truly a one of a kind knife. There is a false edge/swage on the spine and comes with the combo leather/kydex sheath. $155 shipped. Thanks for lookin'!
  14. Got a 5 by 10 single axle open trailer for sale. Bought it to haul around a lift that I no longer own. The lift weighed 3000lbs. It hauled it just fine. I’ll get pictures up later. The “ramp” for lack of a better term needs some minor repair. It’s got new tires, a spare, and a toolbox mounted to the tongue. Asking 500.00
  15. I'm sure a lot of folks here knew that I made soft plastic fishing baits and a few people here ordered some from me. Well like all good things, there comes a time when a person can no longer do what they enjoyed doing for 20+ years and making baits has come for me. I use to be able to pour a 300 bait order in 1/2 a day. I got a 300 bait order a little over a month ago and it took me 3 days to complete it. That was the final nail in the coffin for me making baits. Time for me to turn it over to someone that can do it and enjoy it as I did for all those years. I have over $12,000.00 invested but want it gone so I can use the room for other things so I am asking $1,500.00 to move it. I am willing to show anyone that buys it how to pour them from raw material to finished product. If you would like more information please PM me and we will discuss it. Bersaguy aka Doug
  16. This was bought back in the early early to mid 90's. It was mainly used to power the essential items at my parents house when they would loose power. The last time it ran was in May 2010 during the great flood. It ran great then and powered the essentials in my house. When power came back we turned it off, parked it in the garage and it has sat since then. I am sure it needs a new battery and some new fuel. I would not think it should be too hard to get running again. It is heavy. I will not deliver this. It will have to be picked up at my house in Bellevue. I don't think two people could pick it up and put it in a pickup. We always used a trailer to move it around. $300
  17. SOLD Clean 2007 HHR with bout 115,000 miles. Like said, we are the original owners and have nothing but good things to say about this little truck. Gets 30 mpg, has new tires, new battery couple months ago and had the brakes done maybe 6 months ago. This one is a bit diffrent than most as the chrome is called black chrome, sort of a darker tint. Does not use oil. I been looking at prices and found they range from 2600 for beaters to 8000. Asking a fair $5000 Middle TN for those interested... PM me.
  18. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost my Protech Strider SNG last year. It was my favorite knife and I’ve been aching for another one ever since. I can’t find one with the black knurled aluminum handle anywhere in stock. So what I’m looking for is a Protech Strider SNG with a black knurled aluminum handle. Regular or TGO model. Thanks!
  19. Kobalt tool box. Ball bearing drawers. I somehow still have the keys, so it locks up. Measures 46” tall, 28” wide, 19” deep. It’s probably 10 years old and spent the majority of its life in a garage in Arizona, so no rust that I can see. It obviously has stickers on it and some wear on the top, but plenty of life left in it. With purchase- 9MM Ammo boxes, as pictured. $80 for all of it. Pick up in East Nashville.
  20. In an effort to bring variety in my knife offerings I watched some YouTube videos and noticed several people were doing this and I though why not? Many of you have seen, used and may know someone that owns an Old Hickory Knife from the Ontario Knife Company. They have been around for nearly 100 years now opening their doors in 1924. Their knives are made in USA from 1095 carbon steel. I have reshaped and added new handles to the old favorites and offer them up here. A combo leather/kydex sheath comes with each one. These are $80 shipped. 1. 5 1/4" blade and OAL 10" This has Alabama live oak handles with Paduak and G10 accents and G10 liners. Pins and lanyard tube are SS. 2. This I reshaped into a Kephart style. blade is 5" and OAL is 9 1/2". It has Orange Agate handles with G10 accents and liners. The pins and lanyard tube are brass. 3. Blade length is 6 3/8" an OAL is 11". It has Bocote handles with G10 Accents and liners. The pins and lanyard tube are SS. Thanks for lookin'!
  21. OEM Jeep 3 piece hard top textured black. Fits 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 doors. This is a 3 piece with freedom panels and tinted glass with rear wiper. ****Forgot to add that this top has a Rhino Rack included as well**** No damages, just some minor wear. I prefer my soft top so I am selling this to free up some room. $1000.00 or best offer. Ooltewah residence. Open to trades. Let me know what you have.
  22. There is really no great way to take a picture of these so I'll try to describe them the best I can. And there's one picture of the cork so you can see how they're used. This sale only includes the rods. There are no reels and no rod tubes. What does come with these are a lot of good fish juju from the last 15 years. Local pickup in Mount Juliet. $40 - Temple Fork Outfitters - Lefty Kreh Signature series - 5wt, 9', 2 piece - dark green blank with green thread wrap $20 - Albright - 3wt, 7'6", 2 piece - gloss black blank with black thread wrap $20 - White River Bugger - 5wt, 8'6", 2 piece - dark gray blank with black thread wrap $20 - Pflueger Trion IM-8 - 5wt, 9', 2 piece - dark brown blank with red thread
  23. SPF I bought these a few years back and never wore them. They are size 10. Comes with gloves and a shotshell holder. $40 Local pickup in Mount Juliet.

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