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  1. All are the same blade blank with different handles. All have thumb jimping on the spine and have brass pins and lanyard tube. They are $75 shipped. They all come with the combo leather/kydex sheath shown. 1. Bloodwood handles with Tru-Stone and G10 accents and liners. 2. SOLD!! Black canvas micarts with G10 accents and liners. I sculpted the handles for looks and comfort. 3. SOLD!! Spalted Elm with Tru-Stone accents and G10 accents and liners. 4. SOLD!! Jigged elk bone dyed amber with red G10 liners.
  2. Odd request for here, but I figured I'd toss it out there...... I'm learning western riding & I'm looking to buy my first saddle. Ideally, I'd like a high cantle, hard seat 17 or 18" ranch, roper or trail saddle of decent quality (Circle Y, J Black etc...) It needs to have full quarter horse bars & a 7+" gullet. Looking to stay on the 'happy marriage' side of $500!
  3. All are made from the usual large round sawmill blades with all the pits and character left in tact. All are the same blade blank with black oxide treatment and come with combo leather/kydex sheath shown. All have thumb jimping on the spine. Of course the are $75 each shipped as always. 1. SOLD!! Black Palm handles with SS pins and lanyard tube. SS , Cocobolo and G10 accents and liners. 2. Bloodwood handles with brass pins and lanyard tube. Brass and G10 accents and liners. 3. Sold!!! Figi wood and jasper and black and gold liners with yellowheart and G10 accents and liners. Brass pins and lanyard tube. 4. SOLD!! Birdseye maple with G10 accents and liners. rass pins and lanyard tube. 5. SOLD!! Orange agate handles with camelthorn and G10 Accents and liners. Brass pins and lanyard tube. Thanks for lookin'.
  4. Made from 1/8" thick 1095 carbon steel. It has jimping on the spine for your thumb and also nearer the tip for better control if required. The handles are Elk antler and has mosaic pins. It comes with the combo kydex/buffalo hide sheath shown. I've added the forged look and a black oxide treatment to aid in rust control. This is $130 shipped. Thanks for lookin'!!
  5. Before I haul this off, worth seeing if anyone could use the motor. Craftsman 20 gallon air compressor with a 1.5 HP motor. The tank has a leak and seems to be rusted inside, but still builds pressure. I don't know the full history of the tank and don't trust it based on the brown tinted water when I drained it recently. Must pickup in Columbia. If you want to give me a box of 9mm or a case of beer that's appreciated, but listing as FREE to get it out of the garage.
  6. Figured I would throw this on here instead of dealing with eBay or Facebook immediately..... I ended up with a smoking deal on a high end gaming laptop recently, so have my Surface Pro 3 available to sell or trade. I am the original owner and the device has been well taken care of. There is light wear on the back of the device and on the detachable keyboard from normal use. The touchscreen is in great condition. Includes the detachable keyboard, charger, input pen, and a case. This is a lightweight touchscreen device great for travel . Meet in the middle TN area or am wiling to ship at cost. This is pre-owned and does not have a warranty but in in excellent shape and has never given me issues. Used device prices on a couple of online sources I checked are all over the place but $220+ seemed like a going price. I am asking $160 or equivalent trade (I need a couple more AR-10 mags, some reloading components, Lowes or Home Depot gift cards). This is the Surface Pro 3 with Intel i7-4650 CPU. 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Currently running Windows 10 Pro and has been fully reset to out of the box configuration (accounts/files/etc. deleted).
  7. All come with combo leather/kydex sheath shown, thumb jimping on spine and are $75 shipped. 1. SOLD!!! Padauk handles with cocobolo and G10 accents and liners. Brass pins and lanyard tube. 2. Yellowheart handles, Tru Stone, and G10 accents and liners. SS pins and lanyard tube. 3. Gabon ebony and faux ivory handles with Padauk and G10 accents with SS pins. 4. SOLD!!! Bubinga handles with Tru Stone and G10 accents and liners. SS pins and lanyard tube. 5. Sold!! Cocobolo handles with Tru Stone and G10 accents and liners. SS pins and lanyard tube. Thanks for lookin'.
  8. 1. SOLD!!! This has Merino Ram Horn handles ( cost $59) with brass pins and lanyard tube. Made from 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel with a full flat grind. OAL is 10 1/2" and cutting edge is 5 1/2". It has a nice hamon and comes with the combo buffalo hide/kydex sheath. It has thumb jimping and some file work on the spine. $160 shipped. 2. It has Arizona desert ironwood handles with G10 accents and liners and mosaic pins/rass lanyard tube. Made from 5/32" thick 1084 carbon steel. OAL is 10 3/4" and cutting edge is about 5 1/4". The finger guard is made from a piece of pickup truck leaf spring. The knife also has a hammer forged look, false edge and black oxide finish to aid it corrosion resistance. Comes with combo buffalo hide/kydex sheath shown. $130 shipped. 3. SOLD!!! Handles are a composite resin and fiji wood that gives a nice contrast. It has mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. Made from 1/8" 1084 carbon steel with a hamon. OAL is 8" with a cutting edge of about 3 1/2". There is thumb jimping on the spine. Comes with combo leather/kydex sheath shown. $125 shipped. Thanks for lookin'!!
  9. Selling an Apple TV 4 - 32GB. Of course, the Apple TV itself is in great shape...it's been strapped to the back of my TV. However, the remote does have a crack in it. Still works, though, as we've been using the cracked remote for probably 2-3 years now. Pictures sometime soon. $100.00 OBO.
  10. I recently purchased the Milwaukee M12 Propex Expander. However, it came with 2 batteries and a charger --- and although everyone needs some spare batteries, I don't need anymore! Selling the two batteries and charger for $50.00 shipped. Home Depot shows $49.00 for the batteries, each. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M12-12-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Compact-Battery-Pack-1-5Ah-48-11-2401/100672228
  11. MagSpere MagGrip MagGel MagGel Standard Gels $120.00 for all - Compare to MSRP
  12. I love the MagPul series Bump cases more than the Field cases. However, it's taken MagPul nearly two years (from the iPhone 8, longer if you count from the iPhone 7) to come out with the Bump case for these phones. Right now they are hard to find at a reasonable price, they are $49.95 currently on Amazon.com. I found a supplier and ordered four at decent pricing. One for me, one for a friend. That leaves two left that I'll be selling for $30.00 each, shipped. Let me know if you want one. MAG989-BLK
  13. I bought this trailer to store my Ranger and Zero-Turn while I was looking for new property and had my things in storage. I am now settled in to my new place and don't really have a need for it anymore. I don't want to leave it sit and degrade. - 16' V-Nose with 18" V so 17' 6"" inside length to V-nose. 7' wide. Electric Brakes. Tires are excellent. This hasn't been used much. - 3500lb axles, 2-5/16" ball. - 7' ceiling height- Allows for driving in a UTV (I had a Polaris Ranger XP1000 in it and it fit fine. I have doors but could open the passenger door and get in and out of the Trailer side door by myself. I pulled my zero turn in behind it and had about 2" to close the ramp. There are two set of E-Track on each wall at different heights. Good for tying things in. No damage of any sort and inside is very clean. No leaks or any issues at all. TGO Price is $SOLD. Will be listed higher on other sites. Title in hand. These were all the pics I had right now, but can take inside pics if someone really needs them.
  14. All are $75 each and includes combo kydex/leather sheath shown and have thumb jimping on the spine. Buy 2 for $140...buy 3 for $215. #1 SOLD!! Walnut handles with Purpleheart and G10 accents and white liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. #2 SOLD!!! Roasted curly maple handles with maple, tru-stone and black G10 accents and liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. #3 Sold!! Bog Oak and red oak handles with red heart, black and white G10 accents and white liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. #4 DymaLux Indigo Knife Scales ( resin treated layers for toughness and durability.) Grey, black and white G10 accents with grey liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. #5 Sold!!! Arizona Sonoran Dessert Mesquite handles with Padauk, OD green and white accents with OD green liners. Mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube.
  15. Hopefully later today I will be taking quality photos of both of these pieces and posting to Ebay, but just thought I may save some trouble and find a buyer on TGO instead. If you are interested, message me as soon as possible as I will be posting these to Ebay as an auction soon. $125 - Apple Watch Series 3, Black, GPS 42mm Decent shape, screen/body shows some wear/scuffs. Fully functioning. If you are interested, I can take some quick cell phone photos and send to you.
  16. Bought new, used twice. At almost 65, I've decided to hunt from the ground for the rest of my hunting days. I don't bounce like I use to. This Summit MSRP is around $250, google it. I'll take $100 firm. Murfreesboro area.
  17. I worked out that you are getting $3500 plus worth of equipment here. Please have that in mind when you look at this add. This kit is perfect for beginner and pro alike. It’s in mint condition and priced at $1900 for a quick sale. Extras include: Roland Drum Amp Pork Pie drum seat Gibraltar High Hat stand and pedal Iron Cobra kick drum pedal Roland VH-11 High Hat, As well as the standard Alesis HiHat Various Drum Sticks Drumstick caddy DW Drum rug
  18. #1 5/32" 1084 carbon steel. Blade length- 4" OAL- 9" Hammer forged look with a light black oxide finish, Grandillo handles with SS pins, lanyard tube and handle accents. Thumb jimping on spine. Also has Tru-stone and G10 accents and G10 liners. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $105 shipped. #2 SOLD!! 5/32" 1084 carbon steel. Blade length- 3 7/8" OAL- 8 1/2" Hammer forged look, spalted elm handles with brass pins, accents and lanyard hole. Tru-stone accents on handle as well. It has a nice crisp hamon , G10 accents and liners. Thumb jimping on spine. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $115 shipped. #3 Sold!! Same blade size as #2 only in Damascus. Wenge handles with mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. Tru-stone and G10 accents on handle as well as G10 liners. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $130 shipped. Thanks for lookin'.
  19. Does anyone want to make a serious offer before I place this Mac up for auction on Ebay, which will cost me 10% of the final sale price? I purchased this a while back, it's a great machine but a coworker has me itching to build a PC. I know, I know, there is a 90% chance that I'll spend money on a PC, use it a few months, and then sell it at a loss to purchase another Mac. It is what it is, but someone on here can just buy the PC from me at a discount at that point! $800.00 PayPal Shipped via USPS Priority I would also accept a Gen 5 Glock (9mm) + $400 Cash. I can and will take photos if needed, but it's basically been sitting on my desk ever since I purchased new. There is likely some minor wear if you were look closely, but it hasn't been dropped or anything like that. Specs: I've used this machine for Photoshop + Lightroom and it works great. Chances are, if you are unsure if this computer will be fast or good enough for you, it will be. It won't exactly play any modern games due to the integrated GPU. It is also still under warranty until December of 2019: Your product is covered for eligible hardware repairs and service under Apple’s Limited Warranty. Estimated Expiration Date: December 5, 2019 This product is $999.99 MSRP as shown at both of the following sites: https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/mac-mini/3.6ghz-quad-core-processor-128gb# (make sure to change the storage to 256GB) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1441907-REG/apple_z0w1_mrtr1_bh_mac_mini_late_2018.html/BI/1717/KBID/2301/
  20. Perception Kayak asking $180. Text for pics 615-556-9696.

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