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Bob Wright

This started me on the road.......................

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in the spring of 1946 my older brother returned from WW II, when I was about nine years old.  Among his souvenirs was this Mauser M-1910 .25 ACP pistol.  The caliber designation read "6,35 mm" and none of us knew what that meant.  My Dad took the gun to old J.G. Schmidt's in Memphis and learned it was .25 ACP.  He bought a box of cartridges  for it and we went down to an uncle's farm in Mississippi:




We got some cans from the trash pile and set them on a fence post.  After we each tried our hand and the box was expended, the can still stood unscathed.  I kept one live round, the first of my cartridge collection, and determined then and there I would learn how to shoot a handgun, and to learn everything I could about them.


Still learnin'.


Bob Wright


P.S.  After my brother's death the pistol was passed on to his son.  Shortly before his death, my nephew gave the gun to me.

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Wow, what a story! That's a beautiful piece with a great history. Congrats on getting it and sorry how it came to be. Thanks for sharing and let us know when you replicate that first shoot and get it with the 1st shot. 

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Great memories [in perspective]

I am glad to see another here of your age......and one that can use a keyboard, navigate social media, etc...bwahahaha.

You, being here, makes me feel very young, because I AM younger than you.


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    • By Dennis1209
      Hey folks, it' been awhile since I was last here. Picked up a few guns since I was last on here. One in particular I'm really impressed with that I should have taken a picture of the targets. Shooting from 5, 10 and 12 yards all hits were within the size of a pie plate and the trigger is the best I've ever felt on a striker pistol. It's smooth and the reset is the best I've ever encountered. It's a long story and to keep everyone from falling asleep I'll keep it as brief as possible.
      Last month I shot so well in our monthly IDPA match with my G19, which I switch back and forth between a Kimber Pro Rapter .45, I decided I wanted a duty size gun for competition and a longer sight radius. I had my mind made up on a G34, that is until I walked into the local gun shop and our club treasurer was working at the time. They didn't have the G34 in stock but would order it for me, but he pulled out another full size nice looking 9mm of which I had never heard the name of before. He and the other sales guy working there were praising it and saying they both had one and loved it. So I fondled it for about 10 minutes, pulled the trigger some and checked the reset, etc. I looked at all the gizmos and gadgets that came with it and asked the price. With tax less than $500.00. SOLD!
      The pistol I'm referring to is the Canik TP9 SFx. There's nothing like buying a pistol first, then looking at all the Youtube video's and reviews afterward is there? Like any handgun, there are a few detractors out there, but most praise this Turkish pistol. The only draw back I've found so far was finding a holster for it, in LEFT - HAND, that was a chore. I'm anxious to see if and how much it improves my IDPA and steel match scores. Did I mention it comes with two - twenty round magazines? What a gun for the money. No, I'm in no way associated with them...
      I covered Keyholing on my Heritage Rough Rider 22 six shooter revolver under a topic I had started previously (started when buying the gun). a Heritage Rough Rider 22 It's as you know a rather cheap gun (paid $119 for it). I have been happy with it as fun to shoot, play cowboy, loading and unloading one at a time, cocking the hammer to fire single action. Just like Wyatt. HA!
      Anyway, I decided to expand the Keyholing events with a New Post regarding in hopes of getting more information about causes. There is some info on Internet search (GOOGLE) under the word Keyholing. You also get some U-Tube (of course). A friend of mine is somewhat of a gun expert (did some gunsmith work as more of a hobby) and also provided some inputs.
      Just wondering if any other inputs from YOU ALL?
      In my case, none or very little evidence of Keyholing but sometime ago I saw elongated holes in targets VS nice round little 22 caliber holes. A couple days ago at the range -- it really was BAD. Showed up, but accuracy not bad at 20 foot (4 inch target).  Then went to 30 foot and had only three in 4 inch (rest within say 6 inch) and of course elongated holes (Keyholing).  
      Hopefully, I can show pictures here.  I could not on the previous post due to limit of 40.9KB. GROAN
      First Picture is at 30 foot and 4 inch target (keyholing very evident). Like I said, I had also shot at 20 foot target and msot all in the black, but obvious Keyholing there also. 
      I have reduced the pictures to like 15KB files -- see what happens.
      DANG, now says can only use 10.2 KB (WHAT IS THE DEAL ON THESE LIMITS?).
      Reduced to 9.0KB (might be too small to see) - it allowed that. However, pretty small picture, think can still see how the holes are not little round 22 Caliber Holes and accuracy is way off (14 rounds at 30 foot 4 inch target).  

      What started this was I stopped by Knifeworks (Hwy 66 Sevierville) just looking around. I spotted three GSG Firefly (like old Sig Mosquito) and took a look (at $189.99 nice gun with threaded barrel extended past frame).
      Spent some time looking at reviews (U-Tube) and ran into U-Tube on GSG 1911 22LR. 
      Back at Knifeworks and asked if they had any 1911 22LR?
       Guy said yes, it's an American Tactical. He got it out to look at and it was a GSG 1911 22LR (American Tactical of Summerville, SC is the importer -- gun comes from Germany).
      I like the features on the Firefly feel and features (it's similar to 1911 with easier controls and is 4 inch barrel, but with extension measures 4 5/8 barrel).
      That said, I liked the idea of owning a 1911 even if it is only a 22LR (can afford to shoot it is a nice feature over say a 45). Also, the reviews on U-Tube I felt give it a better rating (still it is recommended to use HV AMMO -- 1250 FPS as is the Firefly).
      All that, I decided I just wanted to own a 1911 and at $239.99 not bad. Mostly going to target and plink anyway.  
      So, shot it today about 130 rounds using 4 different AMMOS. Scared me the first two shots as it failed to load (that was with Blazer 22 LR 1235 FPS). Then shot 28 more - no fails. It's lead nosed AMMO.  
      Final result summary.
      I had a COUPLE MORE FAILURES (4 all together with 47 rounds) using the Blazer AMMO. 1250 FPS
      I had NO FAILURES with American Eagle Hollow Point Cooper Coated AMMO. Don't no FPS
      I had NO FAILURES with some Remington lead nosed AMMO. Don't know FPS
      I had Four FAILURES with Federal lead nosed AMMO (probably some bulk low priced I had). Don't know speed. 
      All and all I was pretty satisfied with new gun (first shooting). I did take it down the night before and lube things (it was very dry).  
      Accuracy for ME SHOOTING (20 feet and one target at 30 feet -- all sitting on chair and elbows on table) was satisfactory (most shots well within a 4 inch target and many with in 3 inches). I am not a marksmen at 80 years old.
      It did take me a couple shots to know where to set the sights (front on back dots and aim a bit below the bulls eye) I like aim below target to see target and turns out that is the way it was out of the box.  
      The gun comes with four sets of front sights (to adjust elevation). The rear sight does not have the normal windage adjustment -- you can adjust by loosening the hold down screw and rotating the rear sight (windage seems right on for me).
      Trigger pull is real smooth and very little take up.   
      BY THE WAY --- Lifetime Warranty that passes to nest owner per American Tactical. I called them as manual said 2 years. They said they had changed that and I was seeing an old manual.   
      This web site stopped me from putting pictures in on a previous post -- I will try. Could not as says only allowed 40.9KB, mine are 49KB to about 70KB. 

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