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Where to shoot in Tn

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to shoot in the woods? I just moved here and  I live in Spring Hill. I don’t like public ranges and dealing with all the rules. I like to do more running and gunning type of stuff. Thanks!

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I have lived in the West Tennessee area for 20 years and have found exactly nowhere in the woods to shoot-either a Federal Forest range or range's at some of the State Parks-other than that here in the Memphis area the only outdoor range that is public belongs to the MSSF-and it will cost a bit to join.

I hope you have better luck in the Spring Hill area.

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Nothing close. I've been in Spring Hill almost 15 years and have not heard of one close or otherwise. On Sundays close to Port Royal Park while my son is playing football I can hear shots but it has to be private property. No ranges down there. Definitely nothing inside SH city limits. Almost outside the huge rectangle of HWY31, I840, I65 and SR396 before you can shoot anything except for Charlie Haffner range.

Welcome to Spring Hill by the way.


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I don't know where Spring Hill, TN is. I live near Knoxville.

Shoot at outdoor TN Wildlife Ranges at Chuck Swan and North Cumberland (both 60 miles from me and Free if you have a TN Hunting License) and National Forest range (Buffalo Springs also 60 miles from me and $2 Fee paid in envelope).  

Sometimes - no one else around and can do things not normally allowed at most ranges like approach targets, draw and shoot in front of the normal firing line. That be no one else there or they agree to not shoot while you do things. Be safe about it.  

Other than that, I recently took a membership (years worth - very reasonable at around $200 or specials for $100) at Family Fun Indoor Range in Sevierville, TN.  Also, $12 Fee all day shoot. And, very friendly atmosphere - can't run and gun as you say, but can do practice (like lay gun on bench and pick up and shoot -- don't think they would allow draw and shoot - I have not asked or tried that). They do have a Draw and Shoot Event (practice and class) coming up Jan 30 from 6 to 8 PM. FREE to Members and $12 Range Fee to Non-Members. 

Other than that, need a friend with land to allow such (hard to find as most not wanting to take a risk of someone  using their property for such - could result in Law Suit).  


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This Help?  I did a GOOGLE Map Search Shooting Range Nashville and showed a number of ranges (saw a couple that are outdoor). Other than that I don't know. Tried to Post the Google and would not let me. 

Maybe do the search on GOOGLE Map Yourself.  

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The public land restriction really surprised me when I landed here. In CA where you cant buy most guns and have vast amounts of limitations on what you can own. But its a free for all with where you can go shoot, with plentiful high quality indoor gun ranges most everywhere.  They discourage ownership, but not use.

I falsely assumed a pro firearm state would be OK with usage and have at least equal  to more than what a liberal gun hating state would. So you buy just about anything, but you cant use it outside your own property, and around here anyway, very limited number of indoor ranges that are poor at best with inadequate or no ventilation.   Great I can have it now, just cant really use it.

That is  a major irony and a WTH moment.

FWIW, I was looking into it this a bit. It appears that you can use certain TVA lands, or at least its technically legal. Not that you may not be asked to leave at somepoint if someone in earshot calls on a noise complaint. Not great options here per the TVA maps. most are a bit small or have backdrop concerns.

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GOOGLE Map Search "Shooting Ranges near Harrison, TN doesn't show much. 

Can't post the link, but shows a Chattanooga Rifle Club close, Shooters Supply and Indoor Range across the river off Hwy 319, and a WMA Range (Prentice Cooper) in Prentice Cooper State Park (some distance off of Hwy 27).     


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10 minutes ago, swiley383 said:

Cheatam game reserve has a out door range. I guy I work with and his father in law shot a 50 BMG there a couple weeks ago and I shoot there sometimes. It can be crowded on Saturday go during the week if you can


I think that is West of Nashville, TN ???? Harrison is north of  Chattanooga, TN

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On 1/27/2020 at 9:24 PM, PAULSHOOT said:

GOOGLE Map Search "Shooting Ranges near Harrison, TN doesn't show much. 

Can't post the link, but shows a Chattanooga Rifle Club close, Shooters Supply and Indoor Range across the river off Hwy 319, and a WMA Range (Prentice Cooper) in Prentice Cooper State Park (some distance off of Hwy 27).     


Well aware of both. Bill here was nice enough to give me a tour of CRC and its a nice club I hope to get into. It has a 2 year wait. I've been to Prentice once, overcrowded and getting muzzle swept a  couple times by a 10-12 year old whose mom did not care, I figured that was enough of Yocal public ranges for me.

Which led to the researching options. I'll post the TVA reference. Like I said, its technically legal but I don't preclude some form or harassment as its been my experience (per Nextdoor and talking it neighbors) that certain people like to whine incessantly about hearing any gunfire at all regardless of legality out in the county. They have maps for what is considered TVA 'Undevloped', but most large enough plots to be usable are pretty far out.


Hunting, firearms and alcohol

  • Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped TVA public lands in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted. Please note, however, that hunting is prohibited on other TVA lands—such as TVA dam reservations, power plant reservations, power substations and developed recreation areas (such as campgrounds and day-use areas)—unless otherwise posted.
  • Possession and use of firearms and other weapons are permissible on undeveloped TVA public lands subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted. If there is a conflict between federal rules/laws and other laws, federal rules/laws prevail.
  • Consumption of alcohol on undeveloped TVA public lands is governed by applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted.
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Laws and Regulations are hard to understand and I don't know details and I am not an expert.

I do question Target Shooting on TVA Land (undeveloped)? I think the catch in the statement might be the Bold Faced part.  "Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped public lands in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws, and regulations". 

As far as I know as an Example -- Target shooting only allowed in Federal Forests & TWR, areas at Shooting Ranges, not in other areas. Hunting is allowed, but you can't just go in and shoot targets. . 


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That is an understatement, no doubt they sometimes are made to be undecipherable because they themselves dont know. There have been changes in the last 10 years that has updated the language.

But, I beleive you are cherry picking that first item, and applying it accross the board versus considering the second being seperate and in opposition. If Hunting = Firearms use, would that not be redundant?  If the hunting was not firearm based (bow or rod/reel), it would call that out. Rather there is a section outside hunting (which has its own limits). Part of that language is around concealed carry allowance most likely, but there is intent that is unclear.

TWRA and Federal Forest are not the same coverage areas. Overlaps would be the TWRA around shoreline, but it would seem if they intended that TWRA rules are to be respected across the board, this section would not call out as it does and just simply say, See TWR guidelines for all TVA lands.

Obviously not a lawyer, but I didnt care to check with them as there are no usable lands around me to make it worth while.

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