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    S&W M&P

    I haven't owned an M&P since about 2010. Bought my first in 40cal in 2008. Learned to dislike that trigger once I tried another brand. Anywho, picked up the FDE 2.0 compact with the 4" barrel this past week. What a change since I bought my last one. One holster ordered and ordering a leather rig in a few weeks. Always wanted a compact grip with a longer barrel. Missed out on the XDS 4" being unemployed. Borrowed photo until I get mine dirty.
  2. Right handed Fury Carry Solutions OWB holster for an M&P Shield 9/40 in Coyote, like the title says. Bought it middle of January received it early March. 1.5” loops and it’s very snug fitting to the weapon. I found another rig that’s working for me much better. It was called a concealment holster before the current adjustable run. Bought at $82 shipped to my door. I can do $70 mailed. In and around Spring Hill meet afternoons or weekend otherwise USPS. Cash or PayPal
  3. Haven't seen those before. I did stumble upon a Kershaw TX when I last needed a T10 size.
  4. Marlin 81DL with a Weaver Scope. Not worth $100 but shoots like a top.
  5. Welcome neighbor! Nashville Armory (Southwinds Dr maybe) in Franklin and in Nashville (off Kenilwood?) get most of my money. There is another shop in Franklin that shall remain nameless but is nice for window shopping. There are a couple in Columbia south of us by a few miles also, Ted's and Kings.
  6. These are fantastic shooters. I take mine out every other range trip.
  7. I started working after 11 years as a stay at home parent on 3/23. I applied long before this got bad. As a .gov employee I am working full time and in the “elements”. It’s been different for sure. My wife has worked from home for 6 years anyways so that wasn’t a transition for her. What shook up the house is that she does operate out of the home and I’m out full time and my two elementary kids are here with her now all the time. My 10 year old has grown up quick since being home with his little sister. He keeps himself and her in check and out of mom’s hair.
  8. My “cool” one. It no Rat but second to hens teeth
  9. @MikeW do share! I’ve got 5 Cameron’s but still roll my antique ProPlatinum. 2 Xenons, Ping Answer something and Cleveland Huntington Beach 4 all get played.
  10. I got excited there until y’all’s posts. I play and found a great range finder.
  11. This is me. Kids are starting week 3. At least 2 more more weeks. if they go back 4/6 that's 4 and a half weeks in here!
  12. Sound bar is an easy fix. I got a Bose Solo 15 after getting tired of a receiver and 6 speaker set ups. Bose Solo 5 is a fantastic version for the money. Mine has a "Voice" button that drops out most of the excess noise. Most have a one plug hook up, mostly optical, and plug in the wall and go.
  13. Look into Martin's Permethrin 10%. It came up in another thread a year or two ago here. I get chiggers outside the house really bad, fortunately never personally been chewed on somehow or my kids. Front porch, driveway, mainly anything solid. They stay off the siding for the most part. I found this stuff and it was magic for my problem. Pump spray, mix and go. Maybe someone has a big tank sprayer you could borrow. I hit a porch, 6 spot driveway and a lap around the house.
  14. Offers obviously taken here. Buy the Maxpedition in the second pic on the left and pick something else for free. Might have a TGO sticker laying around. Those are gold these days! get it outta here!
  15. Go to "EDIT" on the first post then change the Prefix tab drop down to 'ad closed'.
  16. That's pretty slick. I carried a 26 a few years ago and settled on a Shield for now. I'm around during daylight hours and Saturdays. The littles keep me busy with homework, football, gymnastics and then softball through the summer. Stay-at-home parent isn't as much fun as one might think.
  17. Firsthand experience at VUMC and everyone was fantastic. My daughter that went through a major surgery at 15 months and continued care for a few months afterwards, Your in good hands there for sure. I had the same mishap with my son vs the last step. Ended up hitting the floor on my hip with him still raised in the air after I managed to slide over to my back after all things settled and him over my chest. Use the valet parking. It's free!
  18. If the title looks familiar it's because it is. I recently got an M&P Shield and no way of carrying it. This showed up and bought it. It's been worn around the house and 1 trip to the grocery. Right now IWB isn't working for me so I'll pass it on. Otherwise in the same like new condition I bought it in. Lead time on these are 4-6 weeks. I can meet and greet or mail it and have it to you in a couple of days. I did measure the clips and it will fit up to a slimmer 1-3/4"belt if needed. https://stealthgearusa.com/smith-and-wesson-shield-no-accessory-standard-ventcore-holster/ Meet in or close to Williamson Co or USPS in a couple days. $65 FTF or mailed. Sold
  19. Nothing close. I've been in Spring Hill almost 15 years and have not heard of one close or otherwise. On Sundays close to Port Royal Park while my son is playing football I can hear shots but it has to be private property. No ranges down there. Definitely nothing inside SH city limits. Almost outside the huge rectangle of HWY31, I840, I65 and SR396 before you can shoot anything except for Charlie Haffner range. Welcome to Spring Hill by the way. http://williamsonshooting.com/
  20. Just ordered a Fury Concealment OWB yesterday. 5-6 weeks. Wife keeps shrinking my pants . IWB is on hold for a few months.
  21. 1979 Ford LTD, black vinyl top and 351 under the hood. Carburetor would stick in the cold and be wide open. Idled at 50 mph once it slammed into gear. Think it broke a motor mount. Gas gauge didn’t work either. Baby blue too. Wonderful for a 16 year old according to mom.
  22. Made some Thursday night on the griddle. My 6 year old daughter loves them. Especially with a few chocolate chips dropped in before I flipped them. I think I'm the only one that used Karo as syrup.

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