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  1. Google “mil spec phone”. Should find a winner there. I’ve had success with OtterBox and a screen protector and been fine. Washed my XR in the sink with Dawn and did fine. It’s hanging on, but the 13 keeps popping up. OtterBox warranty is great too.
  2. 1214 Lakeview Dr, 37067 Off HWY 96 in Franklin, TN. It's been there since I moved here in 2005. No idea what was there before that.
  3. I've a few Glocks over the years. 26, 23, 19, 19.4, 19X, 17.5 and the later a 48. The trigger safety on the 48 really hits my finger in the wrong spot. Not sure if it's thinner than a normal wide body model or not. Need suggestions on a replacement. Online searching is a cluster if you believe that, Not opposed to paying up for it either. Hopefully something I can handle at home too. Do like the picture says or something else?
  4. @sigbrown1297 is the guy. TS Tactical is his new site.
  5. jhc77

    Carry History

    S&W M&P40-G23-G26-G19-M&P 2.0 9mm compact. Last one is my go to although a G48 will be in my possession tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got a couple in 45ACP that I’m still getting used to. Started with the 40cal cause that was “the stuff” when I started carrying in 2008. Took a while to figure out 9 was much more pleasant at the range after a few mags. Just stuck with it since 2010 or so.
  6. Free time is extremely small unfortunately. Middle school track, flag football(him), dance and gymnastics(her) have me pinned down. Time to myself is from 0500 to 0630(gym), work then kids. Very gracious offer though.
  7. I learned from owning a 26 about tinkering. Probably ordering the 48 tonight.
  8. With a G17 and 19X the 48 or Hellcat would fill my gap. My PPS is riding the bench but for some reason I’m jonesing for a 48.
  9. I’m interested too. Might hold off until I read some comments before grabbing a G48.
  10. Trying to hold off on the 48 but I think it will fit well with the 19X and 17.
  11. About to roll out on a 1400 mile round trip. With the prices of gas, it's still cheaper than 4 people flying. Looking at $250-280 in fuel hopefully. Free lodging is a big plus. All this doesn't sting me as most daily commuters. Thankfully my work round trip is 11.4 miles.
  12. My family on both mom and dad’s side is from Ridgeway and Williamsburg respectively. I was born and raised in Williamsburg myself and maybe once heard that term used. I hear it used more here actually. More than a few times a week with the bunch of knuckleheads I work with.
  13. The "Ignore" feature works wonders. Quoted threads of ignored users still come up though. Enjoy your "new" heater @TGO David! I'm on my third M&P as of now.
  14. Not to throw this thread off the rails, but can you invoice me for a Lifetime Benefactor?
  15. Can’t seem to keep an edge on my Tenacious. Might have to send it off. Thank for the info.
  16. If I had a "carryable" 38/357, I'd have it loaded down with a hot 38 JHP most likely. My 686 6" is a handful at with 357mag JHP's at the range much less under a self defense situation.
  17. I made $196k on my last house that listed, sold and closed in 2 weeks. I’m in southern Williamson County. Stay south (well south) of WilCo for the stuff your after. Moved only half mile but upgraded to new construction and a 1/3 acre lot. Williamson County is expensive the further north you go.
  18. Been years since I’ve stopped by. Went in a month ago and didn’t miss it still.
  19. Welcome to TGO and Spring Hill! Not too much new construction left in this city. We just moved neighborhoods (10 minute walk from the old house) in June but have been in the Hill since 2005.
  20. How much for the coaster?


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