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  1. jhc77

    Next Glock?

    I started with a 19. Got a 48. Sold the 19 then picked a 19X. That sent me to a 17G5. Sold the 19G4 picked up a M&P Metal with a Trijicon RMR. Picked up a 19G5. Just this past Saturday got a Shadow Systems War Poet. In your case (and mine) a 19 is just right.
  2. Welcome to TGO and Spring Hill.
  3. FYI; Maunufacuters part number 13194, which I think this is, is excluded from the current rebate. This is a great price and firearm with basically no rounds. Mine is fantastic with a Trijicon RMR on top. Normally comments are "I want that! When can we meet up?". Saying it's too expensive is frowned upon.
  4. I’m thinking about a purge. The heirlooms are staying but the other handful probably just need to go. If those go I’ve got my eye on one bbq style then I’m done shuffling. The ones I buy new usually hang around a long time. The used ones get flipped. I’m to the point where I’m done flipping.
  5. It’s a nice feature. I ran into this a few years ago. You still see “screen name commented but is blocked” or something like that in the thread.
  6. Nice haul. I was ready a few months ago to walk out with a few but the clerks didn't seem to eager to help a dude out.
  7. Not to hijack the thread or anything but this is in the FAQ section on how it's currently done. "Ten Days, Ten Posts: Once you have been with us for at least 10-days and made at least 10 public posts in other forums outside of the Trading Post, you can automatically move out of New Member status and start sending your own private messages."
  8. Time and distance always kill’s me with Tercel.
  9. jhc77

    Found my Glock

    19X here. Same but different. Needs more time on the range.
  10. Ted's and Kings Firearms are basically on the Square. Search for FFL locators on the webs. You'll find a bunch.
  11. Welcome back. Been in Spring Hill over 17 years and it has gotten quite crowded.
  12. Keeping them both for some reason. Right now it's more of a storage thing for me.
  13. This should explain most everything. I’ve had numerous sales on here without a hitch. TN is pretty easy for friend to friend transactions. Up to both parties to where to meet and greet. Check out your purchase, exchange hands and shake. Most folks check feedback on other members to get a feel for previous deals as well. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/43-trading-post-notices-and-faqs/
  14. I bought a Fenix PD35 years ago and have never thought to upgrade it. Fits in your pocket. Great for night walks or lighting up a field. Strobe function as well. It’s still a current model but surely more efficient. Middle ground price too at $80. https://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-pd35-v3-0-everyday-carry-flashlight-1700-lumens/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpOO4mv77-wIVDLrICh04cg6REAQYASABEgJ_c_D_BwE
  15. Since I don't know Sigs, what is the model number beyond P365?
  16. I sent him a pm 10 minutes after he listed and it was sold.
  17. jhc77


    My first was a Remington 870 in the mid 90’s. My stepbrother and I both got one for Christmas. The first semiauto I shot was a Browning SA-22. Jamomatic for some reason. When dad passed I received 3 22lr’s he had including a 22lr/22short single shot bolt action youth model he and my aunt learned to shoot on. It’ll still click but I’ve never gotten it out.
  18. I bought a few Glocks over the last 12 months and finally got all of them to the range last week. I am keeping the 48 for sure. The 17 was upgraded with Trijicon GL101O’s on it and the 19X is stock still. Both have had 3 magazines thru them. The M&P metal with the Trijicon RM06 is lights out for me so the 17 or 19X has to go. What do y’all say?


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