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Garmin Smart Watches (Fenix / Instinct)

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The latest Apple Watch Ultra release has me thinking about watches. I’ve  recently purchased a Garmin Fenix 7X as my every day watch and while the Apple Watch Ultra looks pretty nice, it still doesn’t seem to hold a candle to the Garmin’s features. I’ve pondered sending the Garmin back and ordering the AWU for the benefit of the Siri / smart watch features, but I just can’t pull the trigger. 

The built in maps, detailed fitness metrics, ruggedness, super long battery life  and even a built in flashlight, really make this Garmin a winner. It really makes me want to walk deep into the woods, spin around in a circle and use the watch to guide me back home 😂. It’s also pretty crazy how it will pull all the different running metrics to give me an estimate of my overall fitness, VO2 max, training intensity, etc. 

There is also the obvious benefit of built in maps. The chance of me ever having to use this as a standalone feature is probably pretty slim but the fact that they are there and can be utilized without dependence on the phone is handy.

Anyone else been using a Garmin watch as their main watch?

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I'm a pretty big Apple fan myself. I like the direction the Ultra is going, I just hope it's popular enough that Apple continues to evolve this line. Truthfully, if this one had solar, I'd probably buy it. I may splurge purchase one if I find extra money at some point, but short term I don't see myself buying one because it would offer me little other than the enjoyment factor of such a device.

Yes, the Garmin devices are very nice. I've never owned one but a few coworkers are fanatical about them. One of them does triathlon type events, it makes perfect sense for him to have one. The other coworker I believe just uses it for exercise type tracking, but I think he'd be better served by an Apple Watch.

For me, Siri and Apple Pay, along with integrations with HomeKit and Shortcuts, mean I couldn't possibly be happy with a Garmin. I love laying on the couch and being able to control the TV with the watch on my arm instead of looking for the remote. I can use an app called "Lyd" to controll my Sonos speakers throughout the house. And once you get hooked on the "Ping Phone" function of the Apple Watch, you'll wonder how you ever found your phone beforehand.

I can turn on my home PC from anywhere in the world with simply my voice and my Apple Watch, assuming I've got a data connection. You can create Shortcuts that use SSH to SSH into something and run a command, so you are truthfully only limited in this regard by your own programming skills.

If I wasn't such an IT nerd or hooked into the Apple ecosystem, I'd probably sport a Garmin (or maybe just a G-Shock).

My hopes are that Apple develops an Apple Watch series that is more rugged overall, includes solar, and an included LED flashlight would actually be amazing.

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My son did get the Garmin watch and said he loves it. He said while he can't talk or text on it like a apple watch he can see if he needs to answer or text without getting his phone out. He took a trip on his boat from Paris landing area to KY dam with a few side trips along the way and he opened a app on his phone that had a map with track of the trip with other info. Very cool.

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Been using a Garmin watch exclusively for about 7 years, currently use the Fenix 6x.  Cant compare them to the Apple lineup because the only Apple Watch I've ever used is the original long ago.  I personally dont want to talk or text from my phone, I can see enough of the text on the Garmin to know if I need to stop what Im doing and grab my phone.  All personal preference.  I chose Garmin because I'm a triathlete and ultra runner so I love the long battery life and I'm a data geek when it comes to all the workout data I can get from the Garmin.   

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It’s kind of funny really but….. I sent the Garmin back today. I remembered how freeing it was in the few months I went without a smartwatch and decided it just wasn’t worth the money for me. 
I actually decided to get a simple mechanical watch with a leather band that I can wear everyday and was half the price. Maybe I’ll start a new thread when it comes in. 😂

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Garmin Fenix 6.

The battery life on my Garmin is excellent.  Much better than my wife's apple.  Also, I love the durability.  I use my watch to track health metrics and for exercise primarily.  It leaves my wrist only to charge every 7-9 days.  One caveat.  Get the sapphire version.

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