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  1. Dave Shooting Supply in Red Bank is small but Dave is a good guy. Gun Works in Cleveland, small place but they pack a lot of stuff in there and have always been helpful. GT Distributors is a pretty large store with a lot of stuff.
  2. I used to ride a lot but like most, life gets in the way. My bikes have sat way too much the last couple of years but I'm always optimistic that this year will be the year.....
  3. February 1 was one year since purchase on my last can. Check cashed 3/15.
  4. I live in Hamilton county, not in the city of Chattanooga so it may be different but all of my stuff goes to the sheriff.
  5. Sounds like someone was on Santa's naughty list and woke up grumpy. Sad he wont be hanging around to bring us more holiday joy.
  6. I drive a Tundra Crewwmax, we also have a Sequoia, daughter drives Rav 4, older son a Tacoma, younger son a FJ Cruiser. Cant beat the reliability.
  7. This is the exact gun i have been looking for for months. I'm in Chattanooga which is over 3 hours away. If you dont sell and have any plans on getting closer to this direction Im interested.
  8. That's a pretty good set up for the layman to have. No need having a bunch of stuff you don't how to use. Depending on what your/your wife's medical history is might add a small medicine pouch. Baby aspirin for chest pain, benadryl for mild allergic reactions. Maybe a Sawyer extractor for snake bites or insect stings. Bottle or spray can of wound wash. I'm an RN/medic so I carry way too much stuff in my truck but you have a great kit.
  9. So does he only get sentenced on the biggest charge? 2nd degree murder?
  10. When i moved here 13 years ago I thought we were in the middle of nowhere. Now it's max density cookie cutter neighborhoods everywhere. Luckily I live on top of White Oak Mtn so I have a buffer.
  11. Two wells on my property. One is over 500' deep and the other is over 300' deep, no hand pump option for that.
  12. Been on a well for 13 years. We love our water. We have a Kinetico system that has worked well. Yes it takes more personal effort than having city water but its pretty much on autopilot. I havent read all of the comments but one thing to consider is that when the power is out so is your water. That has been our biggest issue over the years. living in tornado ally. We put in a Generac whole house generator last year so that problem is solved but definitely something to consider.
  13. If you put a price on what you are selling maybe you wont get $100 offers for it.


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