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  1. I've have never listened to a pod cast of any kind. Don't even know how. My wife listens to them so I'll get het to show me how to do it and check this out.
  2. Since you are nearby how about going down there and picking it up,
  3. After reading this I feel like this is going somewhere. For me the question is how far do they go. Roberts, who I don't trust, even asked some good questions so he may be on board but wouldn't bet money on him.
  4. My copy of Sun came in yesterday but I'm trying to hold off reading it until I go on vacation in another week. If no one else has any input before then I'll post what I think about it. It's very tempting to go ahead and start on it but so far I've held off.
  5. I just ordered the Sun. I read the first chapter and part of the second, stopped reading, and ordered it. Looks like it will be a good one.
  6. I read the first one years ago and wouldn't mind reading it again. I did not know there were two more. What are the titles of those?
  7. I haven't heard this but I'm glad to hear it. I hope ammo selection gets back to what it once was.
  8. Put me in the camp that does not like it, at least in the yard. What will kill it?. My yard has been taken over by it this year. 24D and MSMA hurts it but doesn't kill it.
  9. I do not feel like I have any responsibility for this. I have not bought or sold the first box of ammo during this shortage. I prepare for times like this so I don't have to play that game. If you think I am, please explain.
  10. I still don't want one but that's good to hear. I don't figure anyone is still making them but I guess that could change.
  11. I've had the first dose too and get the second at the end of the month. Like highpower I was at the doctor for a checkup and he encouraged me to take it. He had it set up for me to take it then if I wanted it. I did ask several questions before I agreed to do it. I went from probably not going to take it to glad I did. He didn't push me to take it but did tell me I made the right decision. I'm not trying to talk anyone into doing it but still believe it's everyone's personal choice and I understand having doubts about it because I sure did. Between being 65 and being encouraged by my doctor, who had it himself, I decided to do it.
  12. This. My dad always told me you learned more listening than talking. That's definitely true here,
  13. I bought one early last year and have used it for other things but I have not yet used it for a power outage. I did get it out and ready when the icing started. The lights started blinking off and on so I started it up but I never lost power. I let it run until we went to bed, then shut it off. I run it once a month with a partial load on it for 20 or 30 minutes. It's very reassuring to have.
  14. We are not allowed to wear masks with the exhaust vents at work.


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