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Spyderco with broken tip...what to do?

What should I do with this knife?  

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  1. 1. Give me some idears...

    • Send it to Spydero.
    • Just use it as-is. It's a knife for crying out loud.
    • Other (reply in thread)

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I while ago some gave me a nice Spyderco.  It is in overall good shape except for the tip is broken off (see pics).  What should I do?


I know that I can send it to Spyderco and for $25, they will reprofile it.  That's one option.


However, I am open to ideas on what else can be done with it.  Anyone know how well a tanto point would work on it? If so, I'd need a recommendation on who can do the work.  Just looking for a few other ideas in case there's something cool I haven't thought of.








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I have an old spyderco endura that suffered a similar "durability test" and emerged with a similar broken blade tip to show for it.

A few minutes on the bench grinder (light passes to not overheat the blade), and I know have a Spyderco Rescue profie.

(Just round it over with a file, no need to spend $25)

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