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  1. You will need to talk to a range owner, or have your own range. Either way, the range and classroom have to be inspected/approved by the state.
  2. i've seen a boar as big as a volkswagon......that 308 would feel better to me.
  3. If you just have to break up a fight and there are no leads on the dog, try and grab rear legs and keep moving. Stay away from the business end.
  4. personally, I would not use the garage because of the temp swings. Also some garages may be visible from the street and I don't want anyone to know I have a safe. Concern for someone simply backing up to the safe and hauling it off, jerking it out with a chain, etc. Terrible idea unless that is the only place to put it. Installation in the house preferably against an outside wall is a better location if fire is a concern...in a corner with two outside walls even better. Most fireproof area in a home. A lot of fires start in garages anyway.....still makes it a bad idea. Like others I hav
  5. You renewed a HCP, not a ccp. Your HCP was changed in name only to an Enhanced Carry Permit. No other changes in what you can or cannot do from previous permit. If you are referring to the 'Real ID' for your driver's license, that was pushed back by at least a year by Covid. I assume you know it has nothing to do with a carry permit.
  6. So true. Everyone benefits by training with Tom Givens, but this course is given over 3 days and has an 11% washout rate. Two shooting tests and a witten test which one has to score 90% or better on all three. Good job AJ.
  7. IMO it was designed during the lead shot era. Probably has a full choke as well. Steel shot will probably damage the barrel/choke.
  8. All public parks are legal to carry in except when a school sanctioned event is active. Only exception I know is that Chilhowee Park is not a 'park' when the fair is held there. ( i know, go figure). This was in answer to a lawsuit filed by the city. That gave cities a 'out' if LEO and wands are established at all public entrances. I will look it up and provide reference. TCA 39-17-1359 Regarding school activities TCA 3-17-1311
  9. all it takes is getting arrested and having the money to go through the courts.....
  10. Nice look. I’m big fan of the M&P platform. I put the flat forward set trigger in my 2.0. Sort of pricey, but when done I was like “ wow, now that was worth the money”. With a Holosun 407 it has replaced my 5” 1.0 and SRO as my primary game gun.
  11. a chronograph helps remove a lot of guess work. Personally I'm a big fan of BE-86
  12. Don’t get the nickel confused with galvanized steel cases by wolf.
  13. Won’t hurt a thing with lead shot. Steel shot would be different.
  14. better result to put a felt spacer in the bottom of the shot cup. This this is a straight wall shell, are you sure you are using the correct wad? Also, only use a minimal amount of wad pressure, just enough to firmly seat against the powder.
  15. And I think both Taurus and mossberg have introduced competitive priced pistols which may adversely affect their $$$.
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