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  1. I am not sure what you are referring to here. Private business may have employee carry; no law against that. Reciprocity with GA would be in play. My concern would be training and proficiency. If the owner is going down this road, would highly recommend getting with Cruel Hand Luke for instruction, advice, etc.
  2. If one is out in a public area, a HCP is required. If on private property, then home rules for the most part. One can have a handgun in their car, on or off person, no different than in your home. I would prefer that they carry a quality pepper spray such as Sabre Red. Cheap and effective and works at reasonable distance.
  3. Sounds as though “the all laws” part would apply. Would be waived if truly a legit self defense issue occurred. Questions like this make lawyers on both sides money.
  4. My patents left me, but with no AC the widows were always open at home and in the car.
  5. Having kids; the most important thing one can do. Has a tremendous effect on society. No training or license required.
  6. May be doing a little extra work in your cleaning. Wet tumble with pins is all I do. I add just a touch of RCBS cleaner. I don’t worry about the primer pocket. Might be different if doing match rifle ammo.
  7. Certainly didn't mean for it to come across that way. I apologize.
  8. No payback is my understanding. Yes, they foot the bill up to certain policy limits based on your choice of coverage. I carry USCCA. Payback would be hard if you lost, sitting in jail does not pay very well.
  9. Your legal battle is best with significant up-front money, cash on hand. That is why the NRA Carry Guard was such a farce. It was a reimbursement plan.....IF you won. Trying to fight 'city hall' without adequate funds is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Also some liability policies will not cover self-defense or anything other than an accidental shooting.
  10. Seriously? You denote hostility in these simple questions ? This is just a simple response to your question.......geez.
  11. You got bail money handy? Do you have 20 grand on hand for a retainer? 100 thousand for legal defense? A list of expert witnesses?

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