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  1. Carry permitted in all public parks unless 1) school function taking place on the grounds 2) entrances posted and authorized inspection, search, metal detectors in use.
  2. You must wait until you have your permit to carry legally. TN does not have a CCW. It is a HCP. As mentioned, you may legally possess a firearm in your vehicle in most places as you wait for your HCP.
  3. Look up Cruel Hand Luke on this forum. Teaches all level courses and is highly recommended.
  4. chances R

    1911 Information

    I have had Colt, Sig, STI, Remington 1911s. I now have a Dan Wesson. Should have started there, wouldn't have needed to go through the time and trouble with the others.
  5. I always send a pdf copy of the certificate to each student. I am pretty adamant that students keep records of all training. Some may be able to print your certificate before you leave.
  6. School property is automatically illegal to carry, but MAY permit carry. If permitted, no signs have to be posted and all personnel, students and parents have to be informed of the policy.
  7. The 2.0 trigger is an improvement over the 1.0 without doubt. I promised I would shoot my 2.0 for a good while before monkeying with parts.......promise broken. I put in the flat-faced, forward set trigger kit in this past week-end. Just wow! I have had at least a half dozen 'gun guys' try this trigger out, all with the same impression. What an improvement. Pull wt can be changed by reference to the Apex flow chart that accompanies the kit. Mine by trigger gauge runs 3.3#. One can bump it up to over 6. Very sharp trigger break, no creep, no stack. Great reset. Can highly recommend it, and yes there is a difference that is worth the money.
  8. Daniel Fisher Forbes Staff I cover finance, the law, and how the two interact. A Connecticut judge has thrown out a closely watched lawsuit against Remington Outdoor over the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, saying the plaintiffs failed to maneuver around a federal law prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers over crimes committed with their products. In a 54-page ruling, Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ticked through the various ways plaintiff lawyers tried to make a case against Remington, which made the Bushmaster rifle Adam Lanza used to kill 26 children and teachers on Dec. 14, 2012. All failed to fit the exceptions Congress wrote into the law, including one for "negligent entrustment," or knowingly transferring a weapon to someone who will use it to commit a crime.
  9. Lots of good guns out there; Taurus just ain’t one of them.
  10. So sorry and healing/comforting prayer for all.
  11. LNL- yes, but is a change in name only. Some are being duped into thinking ‘enhanced ‘ is something better. This whole thing is a charade to pacify the constitutional carry promise move....unsuccessfully I might add.
  12. One can drive through Illinois with your handgun on a TN permit. Their law is very similar to our permitless carry. Review their laws, especially the statement from their republican caucus.

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