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  1. [quote name="No_0ne" post="1164117" timestamp="1404189671"]"Piqued" is the term you're looking for ...[/quote] Thanks for your contribution to the forum......
  2. My family was near Wolfchase Mall (Memphis) today so we stopped in at the food court for lunch. While we were eating I noticed a group of about 10 guys come in and get in line at the various restaurants. They were clean cut, looked to be physically fit, and all were dressed in similar civilian clothing. Being a former LEO I tend to people watch and these guys really stood out. My first impression was that they were military and my wife, who's dad was retired Navy, thought the same. After they sat down to eat I noticed two of them didn't look quite as fit as the others so my next thought was that they were federal LEO's. It didn't look like any of them were carrying a weapon but they were dressed just like plain clothes cops. Anyway, we ate then took our daughters to the Disney store. These guys were leaving about the same time as us so I watched to see what type of vehicles they got into. They walked along a sidewalk and then went down a flight of stairs to a lower parking lot. As we drove by I saw them standing next to 4 identical semi-trucks. The semi's were all tan color with no company markings. The group also had a Tahoe/Yukon and a black van with a large whip antenna that looked like something out of the A-Team. Guess I'll never know who these guys were but they were definitely military, Feds or possibly PMC. I then wondered what was inside those trailers they were hauling.
  3. I'm from the Pensacola area and we use to watch their practices on base and then their home coming show at Pensacola Beach. Those low passes over the water are awesome to see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have Esurance and have been very happy with it and they are backed by Allstate.
  5. [quote name="Chucktshoes" post="1142350" timestamp="1398370471"]I'd rock Rainbow Dash. :D[/quote] Kinda scary you know who Rainbow Dash is..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. [quote name="Oh Shoot" post="1141837" timestamp="1398236314"]I [i]did[/i] get popped for car carry in '95 here. Long story, but one of the few times I had a handgun in car that [i]wasn't [/i]loaded. But the carts were in same bag as the revolver. They dropped it, but I didn't get the gun back. And it was a relatively rare heater too, a beautiful stainless Ruger Redhawk .357. - OS[/quote] I'm glad you beat the charge but hate you lost the Ruger! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Very nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I miss the days when they sold handguns too. Bought my Sig P229 thru them, on layaway no less!!
  9. CQB Elite

    My 300blk

    Very nice looking rifle!
  10. [quote name="willis68" post="1139676" timestamp="1397700900"]I told the guys on another forum about this, they charged $250.00 for theirs, and sold nearly 400 You all seriously don't know what a great deal I got for you on these[/quote] I appreciate your hard work on this and I'm looking forward to owning this knife.
  11. I'm addicted to the show and can't wait til May! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. A few more dollars saved and I'll be able to order my Scarab! If anyone wants to contribute to my knife fund feel free to PM me....


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