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  1. Home Defense Gun

    Well Aguila Mini shells aren't reliable in anything except a break action anyways. Fun on the range, but definitely not for serious use. Just too short
  2. .410 for Turkey

    Like dwarren said, the .410 is an experts guns, even though it is often touted as a beginners or youth shotgun. I grew up with one and one thing about it, if you can bag game with a .410, you can do it with any shotgun you find in your hands. Much easier with a 20 or 12 ga.
  3. Nine months later.... .22LR

    Because the shooting community as a whole proved that they will pay the high prices for it when demand outpaced supply. Its likely everyone who touches it, from the manufacturer to the end sale to the consumer, is charging more to the next guy in the supply line.
  4. John Wick compensator

    All stock P30Ls look the same. Only difference would be a bobbed hammer if it has a LEM trigger or adding a frame mounted manual safety lever if it was a P30LS.
  5. Found a pistol in a ditch this morning

    If it was a real gun, you can bet it has a body count.
  6. This is the very reason I had to leave the Facebook gun groups. They make my brain hurt. ALOT.
  7. Smith and Wesson announce Glock 19 sized M&P 2.0 Compact

    I can't believe someone finally did it! Everyone has begged for a G19 sized 15rd pistol with the right grip angle forever. I was just waiting for a Gen5 to show up locally. But this is so much better to me. You can hate on Glock all you want but the Glock 19 is THE perfect size of 9mm pistol. It's the perfect balance of capacity and size/conceability. Add in a more traditional grip angle and metal magazines (HUGE plus to me!) and it's a win. Personally, I really despise the fish gill looking slide serrations, but that is easily fixed by the aftermarket. Hopefully, the existing 2.0 trigger parts from the full size will fit. Also, the new Surefire lights have me very interested as well. Waiting on details for those.
  8. Oath Keepers Organization

    I'm disappointed that out of 5 guys, not a single one has a tactical kilt. Amateurs.
  9. 44 Mag or 45 LC for a field gun

    If you are handloading and have guns that will handle max loads, it's truly six of one, half dozen of the other. One is a .429" bullet and the other is a .454" You can load from 700fps on up with either cartridge. In this case, id let the single vs double action or barrel length be the deciding factor. Or if you have multiple guns in either caliber.
  10. How high will gas prices get?

    It was hovering right around 2.00-2.05 here lately in Smyrna. Was 2.25 when I filled up this morning. Was 2.35 when I just drove by this evening. I sure don't like it but what are ya gonna do? Go buy a $100k Tesla or one of the other electric cars that are hideous? Gasoline is ALMOST as necessary as food in our modern society.
  11. Gun stickers on your car?

    I have a TGO sticker on mine only because the vast majority of people think it's just the TN flag logo, it's small, and somewhat inconspicuous. Otherwise, I see others or a bunch or stickers as just plain tacky.
  12. Glock Gen5.

    Sig might have influenced them a small bit, but CZ isn't even a blip on their radar.
  13. Glock Gen5.

    I feel pretty confident that no manufacturer on earth designs their product so that someone else can make money off of modifying it.
  14. Glock Gen5.

    Why on God's green earth did they not add front slide serrations? Why? That and some metal sights and I'm good. Metal sights are easy enough but front serrations should be standard by now.
  15. Signature Line?

    Wow, I've been strictly on mobile for so long, I didn't realize the full version didn't have them anymore. Mobile skins almost never have user signatures regardless of the forum. I always wondered what purpose they served anyways.

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