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  1. Exactly. I don't rely on the government and never have and never will. I can survive Mad Max/TEOTWAWKI. But society can't. A civilized world can't. You can't give everyone all the luxuries and conveniences we have now then take it away and expect everything to be ok. The general population is soft. Expecting them to harden up through trial by fire won't work.
  2. IBTL This has already been discussed here before. @TGO David says no threads like this, no reason for it on TGO. And I agree with him, not that it matters, his house, his rules. Have fun until he wakes up and checks the forums, I guess.
  3. Sell without the Magpul mags?
  4. The power grid being down for more that a couple days would be truly devastating to the country. And that's if we didn't have any rioting and everyone acted peaceful and civil. Everyone is dependent on both power and each other. Just think, how long could you survive with no more electrical power right now? Everything runs on electrical power. The transformers that power our grid are custom made to order and take 6 months or more to build. We would be severely crippled. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to harden our grid and infrastructure and have multiple redundancies built in. Nobody thought a commercial airliner would reshape the NYC skyline. Until it happened.
  5. Amen to that. Some of my low level factory jobs, I was fired from (never on bad terms, typically temp job terminated) and got depressed and scared from no job but still have bills. Only to find a better job within a couple weeks. My last job I took a pay cut due to policy changes and started looking for a new job. Found one and now I make 1.5x what I did at the old job before the changes. I would have never tried looking without the pay cut. Seems like God has to knock me down a rung on the ladder to get me to start climbing again. Always works out for the better though.
  6. In the past, I was a residential electrician. Grew up doing that. When the housing market crashed in 08-09, we lost our General Contractor and had to shut down due to nobody else had work either. Went into factory work, Was at Nissan in Smyrna for a while (quality inspection). Evidently it was quite difficult to find someone who could drive a manual transmission (I test drove the finished cars). Now I work at Bridgestone in Lavergne, building tires (22.5" and 24.5")
  7. I think the last one I went and saw was the new Fast and Furious ( yeah I like them). Looking forward to the new Jumanji movie though.
  8. Yes you can get an auto sear to put in almost any AR, but TWD gets ALOT wrong when it comes to guns. It's just entertainment.
  9. Yep, that's what I had. Store brand gallon water jugs. After 2 years, when I moved, around 80% of them had partially or completely leaked out. Prettt dang high failure rate IMO. None of my cases of water bottles had though. Cases of water bottles have a lot of wasted container. I haven't done this yet, but best option I have found is 2-3 cases of water bottles and some heavier duty containers made specifically for storing water long term. I know some of the survival websites have them for sale, much like the water bricks posted above. And a Big Berkey water filter system.
  10. If there is a cyber attack of that magnitude, brick and mortar stores won't be any better off. Just look at what happens when it snows in TN! Any food in the brick and mortars will be gone in 2 days. Most grocery stores get deliveries of something every single day. And a certain product will need to be replenished at least once a week if not 2-3 times a week. Shelves will be bare of ANYTHING in less than a week. And that's if there wasn't a panic. If there is, 48hrs max. The only way to insulate yourself from this is having food put away for short term shortages. This is hard for dairy products, but not impossible. And have a plan or better yet practicing the plan for long term. Such as having a garden and either hunting or raising animals. Edit to add, I buy everything I can online. Most notable exceptions are perishable groceries and guns that require a background check. Everything else is bought online, including dry goods (rice, spices, pasta, and other dry foods)
  11. The vertical foregrip changes it from a weapon designed to be held and fired with one hand to one designed for two hands. Not addressing you in particular but the industry in general, the AR pistol is exactly what the spirit of the law was trying to outlaw when they created the SBR law, weapons firing rifle powered cartridges that could be concealed. We should all consider ourselves lucky they have allowed them at all without paying for a tax stamp.
  12. Remember a forward vertical grip makes an AOW/NFA item. Angled foregrip is ok though.
  13. Gal Galdot was a big reason the movie was so good IMO.
  14. Just saw this too. Wonder if they will screw this over like they did T/C or how AAC was screwed up by Freedom Group? Not looking good precedent wise.
  15. What's so wrong with a No Trespassing sign? Even when I hunted, I didn't go unless I owned the land or had permission. What was the law before this new purple paint law? I seriously don't know and am asking. Where I grew up we just used common courtesy. And fear of getting shot if you didn't respect that.

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