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  1. 1. Right now it requires a password. (The Swamp) 2. Is there a way to make threads in the Swamp not show up in the new content list?
  2. What the hell does gender have to do with it? It’s California. A felony is a felony.
  3. I don’t know if they make 7.62 NATO in APIT( armor piercing incindiary tracer) but I know they do in .50BMG. Could have been that, explains the burn marks.
  4. I come across people in public on a regular basis that make me wonder who ties their shoes for them in the morning.
  5. If the genders were reversed, the mayor would be charged with 2nd degree rape involving an authority figure. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me in the least.
  6. With a 7.5” barrel, it pretty much has to be .300blk or it’s virtually useless when it comes to being effective on target.
  7. I must be an astrophysicist because I don’t know what it is either!
  8. It penetrates level IIIA body armor at 20 yards. And put a bowling ball size hole in the clay behind it. Pretty serious stuff.
  9. From what I’ve read, it’s either a straight land and groove barrel good for 50 yards max, or a binary trigger where the semi function fires only on release and not pull of the trigger.
  10. I have always used a 870 as well. No problems for me. I do have a soft spot for a good ole traditional SxS. Although very hard to find an American made one in decent condition that doesn’t cost as much as a good used car.
  11. All Glocks since the Gen 4 came out come with 3 mags. Unless the dealer or distributor swiped them or something. Glocks have the whole magazine/parts/holster commonality & availability thing going for them, so there’s that.
  12. This is already for sale and has been for awhile. It’s called their binary trigger. Search for it on YouTube, it’s all over there. But it’s in 16” carbines or pistols. Actually a couple of different manufacturers that do the same thing. One requires a proprietary BCG. Search Military Arms Channel NFA Nut kicker.
  13. I saw that you have a thread on SN about it, I’ll leave my feedback there. Its already off to a much better start than Hard2Kill ever got to. I think SN is broad enough and appealing to a large enough demographic that it will do well. Better branding and mission statement as well.
  14. I’m now realizing just how good the software we have here at TGO is! Several features the SN software doesn’t have that I have come to enjoy here on TGO. This seems to be taking off really well, you going to open up lifetime memberships in the future?
  15. I’m using iCloud. Might be completely filtered out but I’m not receiving anything.

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