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  1. Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    It’s Memphis...
  2. Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    Depends on who’s holding it
  3. Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled

    Regarding more attacks now than in the past, “The Strenuous Life” a speech by Theodore Roosevelt in 1899 is a good read. Essentially it explains how the human body operates best when physical stress is balanced with mental stress. Many people in modern times have immense amounts of mental stress and very little physical stress. High mental stress not balanced out with physical stress has created all of these mental health issues.
  4. Bipartisan deal on gun control unveiled

    Please explain how this is negotiating rights away. This is nothing more than feel good legislation, saying that they (Republicans) are compromising on gun control, when in reality it is just telling the ones responsible for reporting that they need to do what they are supposed to be doing anyways. I see no reason at all to oppose this, it changes nothing.
  5. I don’t know but since it’s not a “firearm” could it even be reported as a stolen firearm? In which case it would just be the serial number of a “item” on a police report somewhere. Not in a database, same as a serial number on a computer or anything else.
  6. Ruger Old Army is a black powder revolver. Not classified as a “firearm”. I doubt anyone would have a record of a serial number for it except Ruger.
  7. Germantown show - background checks required.

    Gun show loophole, isn’t a loophole at all it’s made up. It’s just like any other private party sale in TN. Private party sale in TN, you give me money, I give you gun, end of transaction. Only difference is instead of it being listed online to get an audience, where there is a record, it’s two people meeting face to face with no paper trail or electronic record. The antis don’t care about crime, just having a record of where the guns are so they can confiscate them in the future.
  8. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    I can’t believe the ATF doesn’t require “secure storage” for all firearms at an FFL.
  9. IWI Announces the Masada Pistol

    I like it. And it want one. But I’m a sucker for anything Israeli made.
  10. REMINGTON RP9, Anyone have one?

    CDNN has them for $169.99 after rebate. https://www.cdnnsports.com/catalogsearch/result/?order=relevance&dir=desc&q=Remington+rp9
  11. R51 2d Gen anyone?

    Not the R51 but I saw yesterday that CDNN has the RM380 and RP9 on sale for $169.99. I’m thinking Remington should have just stuck with long guns...
  12. This was posted over a year ago, I doubt they still have it. They aren’t even at the same address anymore. Not active on the forums here anymore either.
  13. Not exactly pertaining to this but the Broomhandles, Lugers, Hi Powers with stocks, etc that are C&R typically require the stock to be original and not reproduction. That varies by model though.
  14. Correct. Even folding stock variations of rifles are technically measured with the stock unfolded such as an AK or SCAR
  15. I didn’t see a barrel length listed for that model, so I didn’t know. I edited to add my first post after you quoted but the Tavor X95 in its original Israeli configuration has a 16” barrel but is less that 26” overall. It had to be lengthened for the US market to not be an SBR.

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