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  1. Signs? What are those? Never really paid any attention to those much anyways.
  2. No politics plus 9 vs 45 is old. Time to try something new!
  3. You gain sight radius with the 41, that's about all. The 41 has a slide that is the same width and thickness as the 36. That allows for no window cut in the top of the slide to lighten it. Theoretically it should cycle the same speed as the 21, but typically a long slide cycles slower than service sized one does. Everything else is the same, id probably go with the 21 if you use a red dot or the 41 if you use irons.
  4. Sig has a few single stacks or at least used to. Of course all the variations of the S&W 3rd gens on the used market.
  5. Heck of a lot better than a Keltec for the same price point.
  6. That sure is something else. Does look karambit-ish to me as well. I always buy my blades from BladeHQ to avoid fakes.
  7. I wouldn't trust the .45Colt from the Governor for brown, Grizzly or Polar bear. For black bear it should be fine. I would want something that could handle Ruger only loads for the bigger bears.
  8. Obviously the OP knows this but remember the Governor has a scandium alloy frame, very light and I'm betting not as strong as a steel N frame. It likely would not handle "Ruger only" .45colt loads.
  9. If for some reason, ACP was all you could get ahold of. Or wanted to not stock another caliber and had a .45acp pistol or 10 laying around. Most of your commercial.45Colt ammo is about the same velocity as .45acp +p. The Colt is obviously capable of much more, though I don't know how hot of loads the Governor can handle. Another thing to think about is the ACP will have a big jump from chamber to barrel on this particular firearm. May or may not affect anything
  10. I know I'm not the only one wants a G19 sized pistol made by someone else. And no one is wanting the slide length (4" bbl) of it. That's available from several other manufacturers. The grip length is the magic of the G19, and what is important when talking concealment.
  11. If almost anyone that makes striker fired 9mm handguns could make a G19 sized one with 15rd capacity, they would sell all they could make. For some reason no one else can achieve that balance.
  12. Oh, very nice indeed!
  13. It's funny, when I read the OP and got to the part about taking what you didn't earn, I immediately assumed he was talking about all the worthless scum taking government handouts and not contributing to society. I guess that's not as big a deal as big bad corporations, huh? The great thing about America is that we aren't stuck with just complaining about what we don't have and someone else has more. We are all able to further ourselves if we choose to. I am a blue collar worker and have zero desire to have a corner office and 7 figure salary and wear a suit every day. But I could if I wanted to put forth the effort to do so. The rich are rich for a reason, they ( or their family) have contributed to society in one way or another at some point in time in a measurable way. If you want to be rich, chase your dreams and live your life to the fullest. Hell, right now we have a guy who started with a real estate investment and is now sitting in the White House. If nothing else, that proves you can go as far as your ambition and determination allows you to.
  14. Unless it was a special edition military issue or something, it's a bit much. Black slide or frame would help a lot.
  15. Think of the smell when doing burnouts on it!

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