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  1. Castle doctrine doesn't extend to vehicles unless you are in the vehicle. A semi-enclosed carport that resided on a private lot would, like a detached garage, constitute a building or structure within the curtilage of the residence. A semi-enclosed carport that opens to shared communal traffic-ways as the ones I've seen in River Plantation, would be very questionable though, especially if shared with another resident. If you shot and killed someone in your carport the burden of proof would be upon you prove that they were there unlawfully and that you had a *reasonable* fear for your life to justify that usage of force. If you only detained them or shot them in such a way as to make it impossible for them to retreat they can allege that they were simply out for a stroll enjoying the seasonable evening weather when you hailed them over to you, off of the community drive-thru area, and then began espousing all manner of deranged ramblings which culminated in you shooting them unjustifiably. Not all car thieves look like a hoodlum from gta5 with trench coats, face tatts and kit bags for boosting vehicles. Some are just testing door handles looking for often unlocked vehicles to pilfer personal possessions but otherwise might be dressed like a mall power walker. Also know that citizen's arrest is a very touchy area subject opening you up to false imprisonment, wrongful detention, etc.. if the alleged charged is not proven. Additionally, you cannot, use a gun to enact a citizen's arrest in most places. News report often will hail some gun owning hero, who foiled a crime and detained someone at gunpoint until officers arrived. This is contrary to the TN AG's opinion governing licensed security guards and citizen's arrest, op. 03-018. Though I don't believe it's been tested but in essence you shift from a self-defense usage to going with the intent to be armed ...'available for use in the carrying out of purposes either offensive or defensive'. That's very subjective and theoretical so don't get hung up on that point.     Deadly Force is NEVER PERMITTED to protect personal property or real estate. Tennessee Code Annotated section 39-11-614 (c) clearly states that “Unless a person is justified in using deadly force as otherwise provided by law, a person is not justified in using deadly force to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on real estate or unlawful interference with personal property.”   You can call Metro and reference the previous incidents and ask for additional patrols to be conducted. They want this person worse than you do anyways. Plenty of MNPD/NFD call Bellevue home. You can work with your neighbor if it is shared to help with the costs to install motion sensors in the carport that will activate additional lighting, alarms or photographic devices that make it immediately apparent any perp needs to move on to shadier destinations. You may be able to write off some as expense, request the HOA help with acquisition or installation costs, or contact your insurance to see if it meets eligibility requirements for additional discounts based on theft deterrence, etc. AngryJohnny: This story ends a whole lot better when you take some small steps to deter and/or help the apprehension of the suspect through information rather than...ending up as the 'angry' middle-aged white guy in the burbs who shot the gentle giant peacefully trying to find his high school study buddy's condo. Great topic to explore some of the finer details, it's unfortunate your community is beset by this problem. Excellent reminder that settings of safety are often illusory... thieves must will travel to where the work is too. Welcome to the forum and keep us posted if you have any updates on the situation.
  2. For all the people who say to leave it in the vehicle: 39-17-1321.  Possession of handgun while under influence -- Penalty.    (a) Notwithstanding whether a person has a permit issued pursuant to § 39-17-1315 or § 39-17-1351, it is an offense for a person to possess a handgun while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance or controlled substance analogue. ( B) It is an offense for a person to possess a firearm if the person is both:    (1) Within the confines of an establishment open to the public where liquor, wine or other alcoholic beverages, as defined in § 57-3-101(a)(1)(A), or beer, as defined in § 57-6-102, are served for consumption on the premises; and    (2) Consuming any alcoholic beverage listed in subdivision ( B)(1). (c)  (1) A violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor.    (2) In addition to the punishment authorized by subdivision (c)(1), if the violation is of subsection (a), occurs in an establishment described in subdivision ( B)(1), and the person has a handgun permit issued pursuant to § 39-17-1351, such permit shall be suspended in accordance with § 39-17-1352 for a period of three (3) years. ___________________________________________________________________   While I'm not a lawyer I would interpret this to mean(why does the law have so many sunglass wearing emoticons?): A firearm in the trunk or glove box or even in a locked case unloaded yet contained within the vehicle would still amount to possession if you could reasonably gain access to it or are operating the vehicle in which case possession of all contents there within are assumed to be within your control and you would be held liable for even if not the owner of said vehicle. e.g. if you were pulled over while driving your friend or family member's vehicle and drug paraphernalia were found within the trunk of the vehicle. Any indication that you have been consuming would run the risk of hcp suspension as well as misdemeanor. So if this is your current modus operandi regarding carrying & drinking you should probably start planning more carefully in advance.     The original post said:  I've never met these people, but they are her friends, she has mentioned me to them and they specifically requested that I come so that they can meet me.    There is a possibility that she mentioned he was a gun toting freedom loving 'murican. This could be verified with her and make this entire discussion moot. For the sake of theater we'll assume she glossed over his love of black forged steel (or unforged polymer, happy?) that propels the fiery and righteous wrath of Mordor at 1147 fps to thine sworn enemies...   Does he have a guest list of who else besides him may be a +1-3 in attendance ? If you host a party, especially a holiday event where it is sometimes understood that unexpected individuals may put in appearances, it is reasonable to assume that all manner of baggage and unsavoriness may accompany them that you had not intended nor could anticipate. Random animals, virulent colds, generally guaranteed social inappropriateness not associated with inebriation, etc. Is this a small intimate gathering of known associates plus he the unsuspecting guest of honor or will there potentially be more invitees that may not be acquainted except in name only to the girlfriend? Without considerably more information he reasonably struggles to make a decision about how to thus equip. Sure he could shed all concern and just jubilantly jump along singing "it's a paaarrrrtttyyyy!" and dive headlong into the pool in his skivvies.    While some people may travel in very tight circles others have many fast and loose associations and without a firm idea of who would actually be in attendance it would be safe to assume that in the fashion of six degrees of separation you could incidentally find yourself sharing a backyard with a verifiable reprobate that some poor misguided sheep thinks just always catches the bad breaks in life and has bad timing. What if other perpetual recidivists finally track down and wish to have a long discussion with your new found friend the reprobate?    Go ahead and call me debbie-downer but hey I've already defied statistics because of it.  By the way I love this: Anyone who objects is leveling the deadliest insult possible, "I won't trust you until you render yourself defenseless."
  3. I was wanded last week for the preds game. The guy said do you have anything in your pockets.? I said 'yep, cigarettes and lighter and keys and my phone, what'. I then just looked at him and his wand flashing red and walked through. But I wasn't carrying. They don't always wand but seems more often lately. Went to see brad paisley in February, no wanding.
  4. It's very nice. I'm not an aficionado by any means. I've tried several different brands over the years and haven't really had a favorite but this one has renewed my interest in whiskey. I enjoy it with cola and neat, which is rare for me. It may not be up to some more discerning individual's refined palates but I think any whiskey lover should try the small batch once.
  5. Working on my second bottle of this Bernheim small batch for this month, which means I've already surpassed my yearly intake of whiskey in about 3 weeks. Call me a convert. I may be late to the show but I'll clap plenty loud. Picked up a bottle for the father in law while I was at it last time. Super smooth and at ~$30 I'm a fan for sure.
  6. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64333-Survival-&-Natural/Primitive-Living-Links
  7. In these troublesome days I usually experience anxiety if for some reason I have no armaments on my person. Ignorance is blissful for the uninformed and unaware. It's a wonderful transition much akin to setting on the porch watching a rain shower whilst listening to a bit of Chopin. That's what I'd liken putting on your gear to prepare for the day to. It will eventually imbue you with a calmness that's hard to produce otherwise. You can now head out with some assurance that if the turns hard south fast you shall be that much more equipped to cope and react responsibly. This assumes that you have prepared yourself sufficiently and in an ongoing manner with good training and practice. 10000 hours to mastery of any discipline I believe the best selling author claims. My small anxiety normally just entails how many additional magazines I can comfortably carry.
  8. What is this wrap get-up? http://www.newschannel5.com/story/22963548/gun-advocate-arrested-on-weapons-charge
  9. Looks like he's still in the clank:   http://www.wsmv.com/story/22963085/gun-advocate-arrested-for-carrying-weapon-on-downtown-street   news2 with some misinformation to report:   http://www.wkrn.com/story/22963087/leonard-embody-arrested
  10. Passing the TV in the breakroom at work around 5pm. Didn't see what channel it was but they were interviewing ol Leonard Embody. Looked like he had some new fiasco today with MetroPD involving him wearing body armor and possibly open carrying a long gun. I only saw a part of it but can't find any more info on the net. Anyone hear more?
  11. These are pretty funny... there's a whole series of them now... Henri le chat noir (the black cat)   http://youtu.be/R_fUsssnHPw
  12. Came across this on facebook, some guy in Colorado has started making these for $40/ea. Seems like a neat idea but definitely can argue endlessly about the contents.   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:6742]   excerpted below:   Introducing the "SURVIVAL POD" Fire Kit 10 matches 1 striker pad 1 Ferro (spark) bar 2 cosmetic pad(tinder or first aid) 6 tooth picks (tinder or multi use) Fishing Kit 2 no. 10 hooks 30 feet of spider wire line 4 split shot weights First Aid 4 full size waterproof bandaids 2 butterfly closures Sewing Kit (also medical use) 20 feet of thread  1 sewing needle Multi Use 2 utility knife (thick) razor blades 2 exacto knife blades  1 water proof container 5 feet of safety orange duct tape 2 sq. Ft. Pieces of heavy foil 1 P38 can opener 1 LED push button light (useable) Close to 50 feet of paracord All this gets wrapped in cord with a nice buckle so that it can attach to any belt, strap, loop, or Molle..  40 dollars shipped Custom inclusions available (prices will vary per custom order)
  13. Bahh half the 75 were probably lib tourists & thought there was going to be a free concert Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2
  14. in ie10 if you go to tools, alt + x, click 'Internet Options'.  click the 'content' tab in the 'AutoComplete' section click the 'Settings' button check the box for 'User names & passwords on forms' check the box for 'Ask me before saving passwords' ---- next time you log into TGO from ie10 it will pop up a box at the bottom prompting you to save the password click 'Yes' if you close the browser & restart it and return to TGO it should automatically log you in
  15.   Sure he has a valid point. It is important and he is correct. Unfortunately, I think he is ill equipped to respond to the public from a public relations/customer service stand point. He may be an effective & competent individual in his field but socially speaking he used a cleaver when a scalpel would have been more appropriate. Rather than simply pointing out as glock55 did in 'shouting fire in a crowded theater' he instead provided what he felt was an unequivocal end to the discussion by leveraging the height of fear rather than encouraging better understanding of perspective on the issue. Most people are going to view this as condescending and patronizing and get their back up without listening further let alone comprehending his view. It would be interesting to know if the unreleased portions where they claim he clarified actually did clarify or just compounded the problem.
  16. who knows, rotations might be in your neighborhood this week. 105 warrants in 1 day in a town of 6000 wow.   Police captured on camera serving a warrant for uncut grass.   http://www.wtae.com/news/local/allegheny/police-captured-on-camera-serving-a-warrant-for-uncut-grass/-/10927008/20504378/-/item/0/-/qxccr3z/-/index.html
  17. Just saw it. *on a side note, the carmike in bellevue does not appear to be posted anymore. still some obligatory 'no firearms allowed' in size 16font on the bottom of the sign at concession checkout but no entrance decals.* *spoiler alert*   - So I was absolutely baffled as to what kind of moron would take a pretty wife & two daughters from Philadelphia to the inner depths of Newark, let alone anywhere in, NJ when SHTF.  - Overall, there were several points throughout the movie that I was shaking my head & cringing at the tactical errors made but that's hollywood I suppose. - "In January 2012, director Forster and Paramount said they "each view World War Z as a trilogy that would have the grounded, gun-metal realism of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne series tethered to the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC'sThe Walking Dead."" - wikipedia - I've been a big fan of J. Michael Straczynski since his days writing with Babylon 5, so I was eager to see this even though he ended up being 1 of 3 writers which I think cause some flow issues especially in the downtime scenes playing out too long. Paramount freaked out several times on production and made adjustments in staffing along the way with delays. - It had a lot of fast action scenes that were good, the zombie action was good except the occasional visual interference of too-apparent cgi zombification, if you will. Overall, the movie was over before I expected it to be which does lead me to agree with the idea that there will be at Least a sequel if not trilogy. If was nowhere near as visceral as Walking Dead or true zombie movies can be, in part I think due to Paramount trying to keep it PG-13 to get the 12-17 year olds. saw the 2D version not 3D
  18. While I understand the grave concern this situation warrants I would like to point out this has nothing to do specifically with Nashville residents. the very disturbing comments from the tdec deputy was addressed to maury county residents & organizing members of socm (which doesn't have a nashville chapter). While I have issues with Nashville's fluoridation (please start a new topic if you want to talk about That) otherwise metro-davidson's water quality tests reasonably well and I can say anecdotally that in my opinion Nashville tap water does taste better than surrounding county tap water unfiltered, especially sumner (hendersonville in particular) county water.
  19. If u take him to the vet he may be microchipped. Since no tags, could be that his owner, if there is one, keeps him indoors & he ran off. He may just be stray & wild born. Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2
  20. [quote data-cid='982710' name='CZ9MM' timestamp='1370880646' post='982710'][quote data-cid='982681' name='TMF' timestamp='1370875591'] Well perhaps we just need to find someone legally blind with a HCP and give them an extremely long list of tasks to complete?[/quote] careful there, we'd end up with new visual acuity requirements legislation instead Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2
  21. Any elton john but especially benny & the jets... I must immediately leave whatever store/business I am in. I just start hearin red & see the thunderin of my own heart. Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2
  22. "A Congressional Services Report documents how booming firearms and ammunition sales, spurred by fears of potentially overbearing gun control laws, have generated record-setting excise tax revenues dedicated to federal and state habitat and wildlife restoration programs. According to specialists M. Lynne Corn and Jane G. Gravelle in a March 12 Congressional Services Report, excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment totaled $555.3 million in Fiscal Year 2012, which ended on Oct 1, 2012, an increase of almost 30 percent from the $388 million tallied in FY2011." read more: http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/open-country/2013/05/surge-gun-sales-creates-huge-funding-boost-state-wildlife-programs
  23. looks like some behind the scenes footage from the new Top Shot   'Ryan Cleckson, former Army Ranger and sniper team leader, shoots a target at 1,000 yards with a .50 caliber rifle... while standing.'   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=u3BUnHiv6AA
  24. There's a neat little zoo about a mile off the main strip next to a waterpark & a gocart place. Take a 2hr dolphin cruise, they're pretty cheap. Movie theater & outdoor mall called 'the wharf' if I remember right. Check & see the schedule they have some concerts there too from some big names sometimes. Quite a few good local nonchain restaurants & local dives for the base guys in perdido key about 20min east on the way to pensacola. Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2

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