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  1. Obama saying that "it is a false notion that he does not support the Second Amendment" is equal to him saying, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."  Destroying our Second Amendment rights isn't something that can be accomplished in one fell swoop.  They (government) will have to do it over time in small bits and pieces.   What is interesting to me is that Congress allows the president to continuously usurp congressional authority and the constitution.  Are there no guardians of Liberty left?
  2. You, sir, are very welcome here.  We moved here from Louisiana in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina.  Hope you love Tennessee as much as I do.
  3. The food chain supply system is probably a lot safer now......
  4. That is really cool.  Agree with above...my first thought was Ordnance Corps.
  5. I gave a Glock 19 Gen 4 as a gift to my son-in-law. 
  6. Okay......now I want a TGO sticker!!!
  7. Very nice.  Is this the first time that ProTech and Strider have teamed up?  If so....they should definitely do it more.
  8. Doubling down here.  I belong to a Men's Prayer group and will have you and your family included in our prayers.
  9. Totally bummed.  Attempted delivery to my office which was closed today.  I'm flying to Phoenix tomorrow so I won't get to play with it (cut myself) till Friday!!
  10. Absolutely my prayers are with you and your family. 
  11.   How in the heck did this story get past the editors at The Tribune????  Somebody must've been sleeping on the job!!!!
  12. Reminds me of a couple of threads that ran regarding a certain gun store in Franklin, TN.
  13.   Ditto.  I'm going to use the 2 "U" words:  Glocks are incredibly utilitarian and ugly as they were designed and meant to be.  I came late to the world of Glock.  Never liked the looks of them......until I bought a G4 19....then that changed.  Own 5 of them now.
  14.   They live 3 doors down from me.  Next time I talk to his dad, I'll update this.  I thought his sign said, "Idiot" but my wife informs me that it said, "Village Idiot".  Hands down was the best costume of the night.
  15. A little boy in an Obama mask with a sign around his neck saying:  "IDIOT".  God Bless America!!!
  16.   Hadn't heard that.  That's interestng.  Was wondering what platform would replace it on the close air support spectrum. 
  17. Hated to see the A-10 Warthog retired.  That was a damned fine piece of military machinery.
  18.   You may have very well created the next Geico commercial.  "They're liberals......that's what they do."
  19. Willis, thank you for organizing this.  I absolutely cannot wait to get this beauty in my hands!!!  Christmas is coming early!!!  Thank you, sir.
  20. My 21 year old daughter just got her HCP in the mail.  I know the feeling.  Congratulations to your son.


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