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  1. My girlfriend loves her Shield in 9mm. As far as holsters go, she stopped trying other options when she got the N8 Tactical Professional.
  2. Wow! That's great customer service!
  3. It appears that Magpul hasn't put out a AFG for a keymod rail, so I'm wondering what you folks are using. I was hoping for something that's simple, functional, light AND relatively inexpensive.
  4. Damn! I'm very sorry for your loss. It sounds like Axl was blessed with amazing parents. You and your wife will be in our thoughts.
  5. Wow! Glad you and the camper weren't injured. That's the first time I've heard of something like that happening.
  6. We're creeping up on 400. Please reserve yours and spread the word.
  7. I haven't fished in years, but that's where we'd trout fish. If you waited until daylight to show up, you were late. That location got crowded pretty fast.
  8. So the "SBR" isn't just the receiver? You can't simply swap uppers as you wish?
  9. Good luck getting ANYTHING done about this. Those who can do something about it simply don't give a damn.  Several people in my area, including myself, were scammed out money, goods and services by a woman who was going around claiming to be a disabled Army medic down on her luck. She managed con people from all over the U.S. via a Dave Ramsey Facebook page. Not only that, but people from outside the U.S. were conned by a GoFundMe account where she claimed to be a disabled Army veteran. I dedicated countless hours over a period of a few months to gather a mountain of evidence against her, including a FOIA request to prove she never served a single day in the U.S. Military. I contacted the local police, Army, FBI, Stolen Valor/Guardian of Valor, and every news agency in middle Tennessee. So far, the only coverage this story has received was on some 'This Ain't Hell' blog. I did receive an email from a crime reporter/writer in the Nashville area, but I've yet to see the coverage she had promised. As far as the authorities go, the couldn't have cared less. Every agency passed the buck.  I know the folks at Stolen Valor/Guardian of Valor have broken a few cases, but they waste too much time and resources on stories about some 20-something punks who've finally crawled out of mommy's basement to hang out at the local used video game store while wearing a camo get-up they found for 75 cents at a neighborhood yard sale. Really!?!? Why the hell are they worried about garbage like this, while there are scumbags who are conning people out of piles of money? Ugh! 
  10. You have to manually renew. I don't believe you'll get a warning.
  11. Yeah, I had it in my cart, then decided to call to find out whether or not it came with a mount. She put me on hold for 10± minutes before we were disconnected. After calling back, I was informed that it had just been sold. For whatever reason, they refused to give me that person's name and/or address.
  12. Someone bought the last one while I was on the phone asking if it came with a mount. I called Primary Arms, and a replacement for that model is going to be released "soon". They could not elaborate any further.
  13. Consider it done. Thank your sons and the rest of the family for your service.
  14. Ah, that looks similar to the Vortex Strikefire. I had one and liked it.
  15. That's the Bushnell. You mentioned that you were running a PA.
  16. Would you mind posting a link to the PA optic you're talking about? Thank you in advance.
  17. Budget shmudget. I should have known better than to come here and start asking questions. The Bushnell and Burris have been ordered. I guess it could have been worse. For those of you running the TRS-25's on your AR's, what mounts are you running. I've read a few complaints about some folks having co-witness issues.
  18.     What kind of mount are you guys running? Did you have to do away with the rear BUIS?
  19. I've heard good things about the TRS. That's what I was leaning towards for the pistol.
  20. The one being used out to a few-hundred definitely need to be magnified. The one being used for out to 100 or so could probably use a some magnification, but I haven't made up my mind. I had one of the Vortex Strikefires with the screw in magnifier, and it seemed to work pretty well. I'm not sure if the Strikefire II's come with the magnifier. The AR pistol needs a red dot.
  21. I need optics for two 16" AR's and one AR pistol. I've always purchased expensive optics, but that isn't an option at the moment. I'd like to stay around $100 +/- each, if possible. Cheaper wouldn't hurt my feelings, but I don't want complete garbage. I'd like one to be good out to a few-hundred yards, one out to 100 yards or so, and the pistol will be more fir CQC use. I'm talking toddler-size targets, not precision shooting.


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