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  1. I have been searching for someone who sharpens knives in my area. I suck at it, and would rather just pay a few bucks to have someone else do it. I've yet to find anyone.
  2. Thank you so very much for rescuing these pups!
  3. If they weren't willing to die for the cause, they should have stayed home and bitched about it on the internet from the comfort of their recliner.
  4. David/Shawn (?) has a big mouth. Walk out peacefully, or go out in a blaze of glory. But please shut the hell up. Geezus!
  5. Don't know about the ammo, but those countertops look like Jamoca or Labrador granite. Hard to tell with the lighting.
  6. Do you have a ballpark figure on what you spent on the complete lower half?
  7. Years ago, my first gun was a Ruger .357 Blackhawk. I decided to give 'er a polish while loaded (the gun, not me). The hole in the couch, wall, and dresser were a constant reminder to not be a ND (Negligent Dumbass).
  8. Yes, I'm considering a .308 in an AR platform. When buying a complete rifle, are there certain brands that I should consider over others? I assume future parts availability is something to consider, right?
  9. I'm thinking about building an AR10. When building, are parts as interchangeable between manufacturers, like they are when building AR15's? I've built a few AR15's in the past, but I'm wondering if there's anything I need to keep an eye out for when building an AR10?
  10. She has an amazing voice. http://youtu.be/xD4ICwgZiBs
  11. 401 Unauthorized This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.
  12. I noticed that one of their competitors offers a splash-proof lid for their cups. ORCA said they will also be offering a similar lid in the very near future. Hopefully that will be an option with the TGO Chasers.  :up:  
  13. I suppose so. I had already removed myself from all of the gun groups. I'm guessing they punished me for an ad I listed shortly before deciding to leave the groups. They don't give an exact reason. I have 12 more hours to go.    
  14. I woke up this morning to 24-hours of Facebook jail. I'm so bad.
  15. Not surprised. I was under the impression that Facebook would no longer allow the advertisement/promotion of firearms, even if the actual sale takes place outside of Facebook.
  16. Yep, my group was zapped early this morning. So far, the alternatives (MeWe and Gun District) both suck. Now that they're suddenly increasing in popularity, maybe they make them more user-friendly. Until then, TGO, Armslist, and GOC are it for me.
  17. I searched, but didn't see this posted anywhere. Jeff has been in the ICU for the last few days. The following was posted by his wife earlier today: JEFF QUINN UPDATE: Jeff is still in ICU. It's a challenge as his body is not able to maintain significant oxygen levels on his own to be independent. Vitals are a roller coaster as one affects the other. He walked last night with nursing assistance while on oxygen and he barely went 50 feet before getting dizzy, losing his breath and having to lean against the wall. He is wiped out after eating a few bites, turning over in bed or just answering questions to the Doctors. As he said just a while ago..."I'm smothering to death." (..for all my nursing friends, oxygen levels drop into the 80's without support. I guess you all know what that means as I really don't ) His doctor shared this morning that in addition to the infection/pneumonia...his body is holding on to about 8 lbs of fluid that is causing pressure around the lungs. His kidney Doctor is visiting often to work with the ICU team to insure no further damage occurs to the kidneys that would catapult him into a Dialysis situation. Jeff knows people are praying and asking about him and he said "Don't tell so many details because it makes me look weak." Well guess what JQ?...you ARE weak at this time!! You aren't beyond the boundaries of untouchable in sickness & hurt. Gee. So FB Prayer Warriors, keep Jeff on those prayer lists and we'll encourage God's healing hand to get Jeff home. ~S
  18. I know that seems to be the case for their coolers, but I'm not so sure the same would apply to these cups.
  19. I knew that pic would come in handy one day.  :pleased:


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