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  1. ShamGlock

    What podcasts are you listening to?

    I have a decent sized sales territory so I've been in on podcasts for a couple years now. I love the Dan Carlin Hardcore History podcast, in particular his series on WWI. I will also listen to Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson (Phenomenology of the Divine Series is excellent) and Sam Harris.
  2. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    @KahrMan I had the first batch and it was excellent. If it's in the ballpark of that one you'll be ok.
  3. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Some variation of the above seems to come around every year or so, it never pans out. As it is, there is no substitute for time in the barrel.
  4. ShamGlock

    Glock trigger upgrades--worth it??

    Every. Single. Time.
  5. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Even better question, how do you get to be friends with them?!!!!!!!
  6. ShamGlock

    The Return of The Swamp

    I like that the password is all caps to get in. Really sets the tone right out of the gate.
  7. ShamGlock

    On line stock and mutual fund trading

    Another vote for Vanguard. In specific their low cost ETFs are the way to go.
  8. I've heard nothing but great things about the land nav and ditch medicine training that the guys from ESEE knives do.
  9. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Was going to respond exactly this. Get ourself the Wild Turkey Decades, should be about $150 +/- $10. Beautiful bottle, great presentation and the bourbon is absolutely exceptional.
  10. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Agreed. When I come across a store pick of anything I normally like I will always grab a bottle or two. I've had some tremendous store pick bottles of BT, EC, and Whistlepig. I love the KC store pick I just picked up last week, I think you may be right as far as it being the best deal in bourbon right now but I'll have to try a few more pours to confirm!
  11. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Agreed, worth every penny and one of the last real values you can find in bourbon right now.
  12. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Anybody else sipping any of the 4 Roses Private Select offerings?
  13. ShamGlock

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Do you have a taste for scotch? If not I would try to sample some at a bar before you pick up a whole bottle. The Scotch influence is all over Japanese Whiskey.
  14. ShamGlock


    Will throw out that Jordan B Peterson is doing a 12 part podcast on the psychology behind the biblical stories and so far I have found it to be tremendous. And I am in no way religious.
  15. ShamGlock

    First Born

    Thank you, everyone. As you may have gathered I'm pretty proud of the little guy!

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