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  1. Have to say I'm jealous. I love the wood and shine on that rifle. Is the end made from chrome?
  2. I've seen slow racking as well. I'll make sure to hammer down. lol
  3. Got a new PSI 12 Guage Pump. I have not shot it yet but there was a good deal on it online so i grabed one. Has anyone shot this gun or have owned one? The purpose is just for home defense. Thanks.
  4. I just have a p95 with 16 rounds of 9mm hollow points. and another 15 round mag with normal ammo. I hope to never use any rounds ever.
  5. Another update. Ive hit 1600 miles on my bike and have now lost 45 pounds since March. I can start to see my ribs! Im the lowest weight ive been as an adult. Now that i have the upper hand im gonna take it to the next level. Im aiming for 17% body fat by April on next year.
  6. Please dont, traffic is bad enough. J/k keep in mind to have a nice vaction youll have to visit another state. Most of us head to Florida.
  7. His son will take over but you pob wont notice a change right away. I wonder how Munchak feels knowing the guy who wanted him as the coach is no longer here?. I bet he shakes things up to try and have a 8-8 season. Munch wont be safe with a losing record and no Bud..
  8. Fill it in. Bust up concrete around it and throw that in there to.
  9. Jesse


    Never knew anyone with cancer as a kid and teen. Cancer took my mom, my grandpa,my brother in law the last 4 years. Now ive learned my co workers child has cancer. It does seem to be happening more. I rahter see them work on a cancer prevention. Than a cure.
  10. Damnit, i gotta work Saturday. This shutdown is not helping me out.
  11. I wish my work would slow down enough to get out of working every weekend. Tired of working 6 days a week. I got things to do.
  12. Dude has tea issues. Nobody is that thirsty.
  13. Only cop show I watch is Cops. And they rarely use their guns.
  14. Is the tree dying? Or just the wind.
  15. If everyone was nice like me. Nobody would ever be murdered. But we cant all be cool like me. :)
  16. Vols cant beat ranked teams.
  17. Just another crime for the record books.
  18. Sports talk radio. Betta than music!
  19. Jesse

    Need to vent

    When we were kids we couldnt afford washers or dryers. Every weekend we would load up the clothes and spend a few hours at the laundry mat. Thats the place to go in a pinch.
  20. Good news is he should be back vs Jeff Fisher and the Rams. Will be rusty though.
  21. Flagged or not. It wont make him heal faster. I just hope Fitz can handle it till Thanksgiving. Titans have 3 hard games in a row. Not good.
  22. Walking Dead back next month! WoooHoooo
  23. Thanks guys, I have a buddy that is doing the same thing, he already bought his first house a year ago. Said he had 15 people wanting to rent it before he had it ready to move in. But he also got bad renters. They were dating and split up while renting, the guy left and the girl didnt want to leave. She was a bit of an issue but finally left. My buddy was smart to take pictures inside the house before she left In case she tried to mess it up. It didnt take him long to rent it again. We arent doing it to get rich. I actually would rather that be my job than the crap I do now for some


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