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  1. Metalhead

    Glock 30 sf

    I personally cannot tell a difference. I also have customers that say "Wow! Thats so much better!".
  2. Metalhead

    AR lower

    I'm building a AR atm (which will be complete soon, pic will follow), and went with a S&W M&P Lower we had laying around. Like Verbal said, 99% of them all basically the same - the S&W was a complete lower, and had a mil-spec tube on it that fit my Magpul CTR stock. I just switched out some internals with others that I wanted like a JP trigger. It's all just going to boil down to who's name you like on the side (if you even care)...
  3. I've sold quite a few of them, and havent heard anything but praise from people that actually own them. The distribution problems are a joke. Honestly, it's probably the hotest gun out there right now, and there has been limited supply of them. Dealers who call up and want to order 20 of them out of the blue without ever buying anything from Amchar/<insert other distributor> in the past should not expect to get them allocated to them. Also am seeing some of the collapsable stocks coming in too - might grab one of the pistols myself for a SBR project.
  4. It's definately subjective. Sig's are alot heavier than Glocks, and the grip is actually a little fatter. I just prefer SA/DA over DAO - and the fact that I've had the gun for...... 10 years without any problems. Course, I've never had any trouble out of the Glock either. I'll also admit that I carry the 19 vs. the Sig because of the weight. I just have a soft spot for a Sig pistols.
  5. I have a 19 myself, probably my favorite handgun aside from my 228 Sig that I own. Well I take that back, I like the Sig a bit more!
  6. Hate to hear your having problems out of it. If you need to send it back, we can do it for you since you got it here and we'll pay the shipping. However, I would recommend that you bring it up and let Jeff Walle look at em. I'd imagine he'd be able to remedy it without much trouble. In my experience, when you send them back to S&W they will unsupport the barrel to get it to work correctly.
  7. Metalhead

    S&W model 681

    29th Edition Blue Book value in 98% condition = $350. They were manufactured from 1980-1992. The blue book runs a little low on most S&W's though, but if it doesnt have the box or isnt in very nice shape (read: no finish wear) he's asking a bit much on it I'd say. The book usually isnt off by alot.... usually.
  8. We see a Volunteer creep in every now and then. Every one that I've ever delt with never shot that well, and parts are not interchangable with the real gun.
  9. Metalhead

    Ruger LCP .380

    I dunno, its been my experience that Gold Dot isnt exactly the best round to be testing a pistols natural reliability with. I've seen alot of guns feed most every HP out there perfectly but the second you stick some golddot in it, it wont work for crap. I would have liked to have seen them use at least two different HP's as they did FMJ's in that test.
  10. I had a guy bring me a 19 and a 23 one day to put a lighter trigger bar in them. I broke them down and I kid you not, the guy had been lubing them with motor oil. it was the nastiest thing I have ever seen~ Not even new motor oil, this was black used oil.
  11. Metalhead

    New 45

    Great gun, I actually think the Tan one looks cool too - and I usually hate OD/Tan guns. I've been pretty impressed with the level of quality they have too, very, very few of them ever come back with any kind of problem that wasnt user error. It's definately one that is on my "to buy" list.
  12. Kel-tec 380 in the summer; Glock 19 in the winter when I can comfortably conceal it heavier clothing.
  13. Yeah the creeky door sound is pretty common, nothing wrong with though, albiet annoying. Alot of the brand new ones do that even.
  14. Kimber once told me that they make .40 guns once or twice a year. Dont know what the validity in that is, but honestly in 3" bbl, your asking for heartache - as already stated.
  15. Actually I always said the little sign they put up was worded terribly. That case has some LE only stuff in it (Glocks, Smiths, and the like), but we ran out of room in the old HK/Sig case and since the HK's dont move as well as the Sigs, they got the boot to the other side of the room . However, I'll let em know to take that stupid sign out of there and I'll write one up myself.
  16. This is Daniel from Guns & Leather~ Currently I'm chained to an office computer, so I've lurked these forums in between phone calls for awhile - figured it was time to start posting. I probably know some of you, but look forward to getting to know you all~


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