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  1. Oh man, I absolutely despise Lew Horton. Not only because of things like this (they've done this before, especially on Colt's), but my rep with them is shady. He's sent me things that I didnt order because "He thought I'd need them.", and the extras were random junk we dont want or need, also overpriced. The only thing going for them are their S&W exclusives which I have NO idea why Smith has such a deal with them, but even then I try to discourage people from buying them due to their business practices. Maybe S&W needs to know what a winner they've picked out to be there super duper special addition carrier.
  2. Honestly, I've never seen a sight removed from a XD without breaking it. They wedge those things in there so tight from the factory its next to impossible to remove them otherwise.
  3. Actually, occording to the zombie survival guide (great book, btw) fire is almost always the worst thing you could use. Takes too long for them to die that way, and while they are on fire, you have many big human torches shambling around setting other things on fire as well.
  4. Well, since you two are goin at it, I guess me and Phillip should be too. Selling everything $1 under Glockmeister! Come and get it! I kid I kid.
  5. Hmmm, looks like I need to take my GSSF gun outa retirement.
  6. Well... I would imagine business will be extremely good for awhile God forbid he is elected, as it already is. If he did a blanket ban on civilian firearms... well, looks like I'll be wrapping up my last semester of college sooner rather than later. As an aside, we've had the best week of business sales-wise we've had since we opened ten years ago. People are generally afraid, worried, and getting prepared for what they see on the horizon. Our distributors are 95% sold out on all things high-capacity - mags and guns - AR's & AK's are all but gone until more arrive, and even .223 and 7.62 ammo is getting nigh-impossible to re-order in acceptable quantities. I've held off stocking up on things myself, but I gotta be honest - I'm starting to set aside the odd lower and mags for myself. My advice is that if your on the fence whether to purchase something for yourself in those areas.. do yourself the favor and get it asap, because availability is a large problem at the moment, at least for us.
  7. Let me be the first (maybe not) to say that, unfortunately, I'd rather look at Hillary for the next 4 years than that woman. Not because of food, but for...well..er..nm.
  8. Thanks guys! Alot of good info in this thread - think I'm gonna pick up a couple of books first and see where it takes me. PJblurton - I have that same kegerator on loan atm!
  9. Anyone ever eaten at the Blackhorse Brewery in Clarksville? They have about 8 (I think) beers on tap, all made there. The Barnstormer beer is excellent. HOWEVER - the real reason to go is for the beer cheese...
  10. Didn't want to derail the local brew thread, so I started my own. Has anyone brewed their own beer? I'm toying with the idea of doing it myself, and buying one of those brewing kits off the net but want to know if they are worth buying or should I look into an alternative? I think it would be fun to get into, but always been apprehensive about doing it. Was looking at www.mrbeer.com.
  11. Mr. Brown is my attorney - super nice guy & wouldnt trade him for the world.
  12. I was going to make a poop joke, but seems it's already been done several times over.
  13. Played Lineage 2 for... 2 weeks and couldnt stand it. 75% of the server population were automated bots, not to mention the time sink it requires to level once. Played WoW for a year, and while fun, it lost its luster after the 400th "Bring me 10 rat anus's" type quests. Played Age of Conan for a week when it came out, and it was terrible. Also played Warhammer for a week when it came out - its a mirror copy of WoW with a smaller world and more emphesis on PvP, which was bugged all to hell. Keep going back to good ol' EQ .
  14. Thats awsome . Look at it this way, if you had popped one of the deer in the face, you could be eating venison for breakfast!
  15. So looking forward to World at War coming out! Less than a month! Course, I've also picked EverQuest back up after 2 years of little or no MMO's, so thats taking most my time too =(
  16. Metalhead

    Sig P6

    Honestly its the best gun for the money, hands down. Sig quality at a Taurus price.
  17. I play too many PC FPS games too be able to get used to a controller, unfortunately. Did manage to play through Army of Two though.
  18. I have the cellular option on my alarm for the fact I do not have a landline. I treat the alarm as more of a "Get the shotgun ready" early warning system to lessen the chance I wake up getting stabbed.
  19. Grats on your purchase! The Dan Wesson is a fine gun.
  20. I'm still running XP, and have zero plans to change until I'm forced to do so. I've tinkered around with Vista, and I think it looks good, but thats about it.
  21. Who knows if he even knows about the internet . He's getting better - at least he's sounding better. He's starting to get around a little, but will prolly stay away from the shop for a few more weeks - although he has been here on class days in the morning to help park peoples cars for some reason. I think he just wanted to get out of the house.


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