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  1. I have 17 one pound bottles of Varget powder and another partially used. I have two rifles and they both like 4064 better, so I'm getting rid of this Varget that I bought during the shortage. Will not ship. Can meet near Mount Juliet. $22.00 per pound or five pounds for $100.
  2. One box of Berry’s 9mm 115 grain bullets (250). Five boxes of Hornady XTP 115 grain bullets. (100 per box = 500 total) Midsouth tumbler. These are bullets, not loaded ammo. Boxes are still sealed. Tumbler is used and is in good shape. I’ve switched to wet cleaning with pins, so don’t need the tumbler any more. I like the 124 and 147 grain 9mm bullets better, so am selling these 115 grain. I can meet near Mount Juliet. These are too heavy and too much hassle to ship. Asking $100 for all. Will consider trade for 124 or 147 grain 9mm bullets. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or USPS money order.
  3. The Spyderco Lil' Native is starting to show up at online retailers at about $105. This first release is with their compression lock. Might be worth a look if you need something smaller for a suit. https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details/C230G/1093
  4. Clarksville Gun and Archery - has a great selection of Glock Blue Label in stock and it didn't take long for a neighbor to get one that had to be ordered.  Great service on multiple visits!  http://www.clarksvillegunsandarchery.com 
  5. It's a bit of a drive from Mount Juliet, but Clarksville Guns and Archery is one of the biggest blue label dealers in the area.  I used my GSSF card with them and got great service.  Give them a call about options.  www.clarksvillegunsandarchery.com 
  6. I have a little that is odd lot headstamp that I can spare - no military.   PM your address. 
  7. I had an upleasant experience at the Armory over brass last year.  It seems picking it up was ok, but any bouncing forward of the firing line was understandably lost brass.  The problem came up when the SO repeatedly pushed me forward in the bay which forced more of the brass out of reach.  (I was forward of the line painted at the rear of the shooting area)  Not a cool thing to do while you're firing.  I decided to leave and haven't been back since.  The places I shoot now are mixed with some allowing pick up and others not.  I accept either policy depending on where I'm shooting and have more fun when it's clear what's expected.  As mentioned earlier, if it's not clear, asking can help avoid problems. 
  8. Had so much fun today, I'm still smilin'.  Anyone thinking of giving this a try should come out and join in the fun.   Thanks to those that worked to make this a great event!   -Ron
  9. I got the Hornady LNL AP about three months ago from MidSouth.  (still on sale under $400 the last I checked)  Adding the shell plates and dies still kept things within budget.  I've loaded a few thousand 9mm so far without any major problems.  Plenty of youtube videos for fine tuning the adjustments to get things in synch for a guy like me with his first progressive.     I did some research before buying and the Dillon wins at the polls, but I couldn't break the cycle of springing a little more to upgrade to the 550, the 650, the 1050, etc.  If I win the lottery, I think it will be a complete 1050 with all accessories for every caliber.  Until then, I'm expecting the Hornady to get me through 10k plus rounds per year in various calibers.  Besides, I need more practice and will be using the savings to get more components.  (I think the free 500 bullets offer from Hornady runs until the end of the year.)  
  10. Just confirmed with Bellshire Hardware on Dickerson Pike in Nashvile and they are still $20 for transfer and $10 for background check.  ...and if you are buying more than one firearm, as long as you pick them all up at the same time, it saves some more.  
  11. As mentioned by others with more experience than me, there are several variables to watch.  I experimented with several brands of 115 gr bullets in .380 with mixed results.  One of the variables I found was the case brand.  Some cases had a bulge, (ring) near the base of the bullet.  This may have been due to the longer bullet seating deeper into a thicker case and the base of the bullet forcing the walls of the case outward where the case started getting thicker.  With the combinations I tried, the RP cases had the least bulge.  Hope that helps some.  Please let us know your results as several of my friends are also loading 380 and interested in trying the heavier bullets.  Thanks!
  12. sustratiotes

    Glock 43

    I'll be at the TWRA range tomorrow at 10:00 if you want to try my G43.  It has the Dawson Precision Optical sights.  (look for the old guy with a black hat and CMP patch)   -Ron

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