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  1. No it shouldn't. But the chamber has changed over the years. As has the brass. Just like now it's common to see .452 diameter bullets in the cartridge.
  2. Tapered internally, balloon head cases.
  3. Non issue, current production brass is all straight walled, as are the chambers. Originally, 45colt had a taper as did the chamber.
  4. I'm in the slow process of integral supressor build with one of these kits on a Spanish Mauser. Will be epic upon completion. stamps here, donor rifle & conversion kit. Just gotta build the supressor.
  5. Haven't seen deals like this in a bit. Get it while you can. Good shooting ammo if you don't need brass. Made to run in battle rifles like Fals and hk91's. Comes out to about $0.40 a round shipped. 540rd cases: http://www.sgammo.com/product/308-win-762x51-ammo/540-round-can-762x51mm-l2a2-ball-surplus-ammo-malaysia-146-grain-bi-meta also have 900rd cases at same price http://www.sgammo.com/product/308-win-762x51-ammo/900-round-crate-762x51mm-l2a2-ball-surplus-ammo-malaysia-146-grain-bi-me
  6. Jct1911

    AR itch (again)

    If building: Mega makes the best forged lowers, also they have matching engraved, forged uppers that add a touch of continuity to a build. Budget and personal preference decides the rest.
  7. Grease that OpRod! Not oil
  8. I have ssa and ssae, for precision or competition ssae wins. Prefer the ssa on a serious use gun. I also have a larue mbt, it IS a better trigger than the others. Especially if you catch the $100 sale. in long run, I prefer 1 stage triggers, CMC gets my vote, 3.5lb flat. Another option is a slightly better trigger, ALG ACT with JP yellow springs is all you'd ever need in a trigger
  9. Jct1911

    1911 Help

    Start here, not high end stuff, yes you'll have to most likely fit some parts but about as cheap as you can get, most parts seem to be rock island Armory from the Philippines. http://www.e-sarcoinc.com/1911gi.aspx
  10. Didn't know this was happening again, awesome. I've shot 3gun and IDPA there many times. Might have to make it out to a match. next thing you know high power matches will be back
  11. In the governor, I don't see too much of a difference. The hassle would be moon clips for the auto. I'd save my money and order a box of 45acp +p woods loads from buffalo bore with a flat nosed cast bullet. Good bear medicine, not tear up gun.
  12. I have a 16" from David also. Wood furniture, no brake, started life as a .270win. I still want 2 more from him, just because, 45colt and 10mm.
  13. Actually, the TN HPA aligns state law with federal law if the HPA passes. Supressors are only legal under NFA in TN. If supressors were dropped from NFA, then all supressors in TN would be illegal.
  14. Thanks for the offer! Either would get re-threaded concentric and non metric for supressor use.
  15. Shockwave also OK for shouldering, per their website: http://shockwavetechnologies.com/site/?m=201704 im pretty much considering the exact same build, maybe on zastava pap 92 instead of Draco.

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