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  1. So you're cursing people after you made a mistake, and demanding for moderation to keep you from making more mistakes that are easily remedied by just looking at the post dates?
  2. I bought this new back in May, but ended up moving to an area that Comcast/Xfinity doesn't service. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (24x8) Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router (C7000) These are still going for about $200 on Amazon. $80 and it's yours. If you can pick it up in the Dickson area, then you can have it for $40.
  3. Someone else understands the secret to a happy life!
  4. Do you also find it odd that you took a statement out of context and are now trying to pretend that I just randomly swooped into a thread and posted that single comment.
  5. I've had my Glock 23 for about 18 years. Not even 1 hiccup the entire time I've had it. It still goes with me everywhere. I don't really have a firm position on the .40 vs 9mm debate, but I'm much more inclined to buy something with 9mm in mind rather than the .40. I have very limited experience with 10mm. I'm just not a big enough fan of any handgun caliber to make any argument interesting. On the other hand, ask me about something like 5.56 vs 6.8SPC and things will go south really, really quick.
  6. You didn't miss anything. Let me give you the cliff notes: Academy sucks! I bought some nice $200 pants. All asses are not created equal. End of story. Academy: Part Deux is in the works, but I can't promise anything.
  7. Tone what down? Perhaps you would like to reference the offending part of my comment.
  8. I'm carrying and married. Still buying $200 pants when I want, $200-$300 shoes if need them, boxes of ammo when I find the right deal, and whatever computers or hardware I need. I'm not sure what carrying or marriage would have to do with that. Apparently, I must have some ninja stealth skills with a handgun and an awesome wife. Yeah, I guess I do. I have what you might call Hockey Ass. I have a very hard time finding regular jeans that fit me well. They either tend to be much baggier than I like or I feel like I'm squeezing myself into jeans that were made for guys who have flat asses and are packing like Ken dolls. I prefer the fit, function and look of my $200 pants. Proudly ugly, unkempt and hideously unstylish just isn't a good way to go through life. I simple check of registration dates would tell you that I'm not as new as you seem to think. In fact, you're newer than me. I'm that guy that sits in the back of the class and analyzes everyone and everything.
  9. I've said before that cost is only one aspect of when and where I spend my money. I don't want to advertise for any company, but they are made in Oregon and they are really good quality, extremely versatile and tend to last longer than other stuff I've tried. Technically, they're not really jeans. I could find something fairly similar from some company that makes their stuff in China, but I'd rather be putting Americans(hopefully legal Americans) to work than I would having people in a sweatshop thousands of miles away make my stuff. I buy my socks from a company in TN. I buy my shoes from American companies. I did buy underwear and some other items from a company in TN, but unfortunately they went out of business. I'm still really irritated that I didn't buy more, because they did make a line that's been far superior to anything else I've tried. And the price wasn't that much higher than other brands not made in the USA.
  10. I just got some nice $200 jeans delivered today and I bought 2 dozen of DD's new 32-round magazines. I'll find a way to cope. Life will go on. Mankind will find a way. It always has.
  11. Ahhhh..... Thanks for being a moral compass, Socrates. I guess a nice little "The gun crowd are some of the whiniest hypocritical bitches in this country." is okey dokey when it's obviously targeting specific people in this thread, but it's out of bounds to insist that the person making that accusation is the personification of a hypocrite and has the rationale of an 11 year old. You might wanna brush up on your reading comprehension: "your rationale is showing signs of borderline retardation" See it? your rationale is... But we can pretend that I was "calling another member of this forum retarded" if it makes you feel better about being a hypocrite yourself. I sure didn't see any stern warnings about someone insisting I was a WaaWaa bitch. Why is that? Just because he has the wit of a dull butterknife doesn't mean I'm just supposed to sit back while he's free to call other members whiny hypocritical bitches. You wanna break the ice underneath me? Go for it. No use in threatening me. I don't deal with bullies very well, and I sure as hell ain't donating to people who allow people to make moronic statements with faulty logic and sweeping generalizations without giving people the ability to call them out on their BS.
  12. Then they and you shouldn't worry about that small percentage effecting them. I now won't spend my money at Academy. So what? Seems that your whiny bitching about other people bitching kinda negates your argument about whiny hypocrites. If capitalism is such a beautiful thing, and if we're each free to use it to our advantage, then why aren't you shutting up and allowing other people to dictate when and where their capital flows? Clearly you are telling folks when and where they HAVE to spend their money, not just where and when you will spend yours. But, ya know, I gotta say [and you might get offended, but it needs to be said], your rationale is showing signs of borderline retardation when it comes to understanding how politics has been shaped by corporations and large businesses that help to sway the political climate and dictate how "our rights get trampled and officials get elected with leftist agendas." It's not just confined to guns; it's the entire spectrum of fiscal and social issues of today that have been hijacked by Corporatism and people who have no real regard for community. You're free to spend your money how you see fit. I'm free to spend or NOT spend my money how I see fit. That's essentially what you said, right? So I find it really odd that the people who have said they won't be spending their money at Academy are saying it as a personal stance, while people like you are basically attacking and belittling those people and their decisions. Little nugget of advice: You might wanna not embody the persona of a flaming whiny hypocrite while calling other people whiny hypocrites. Kinda of makes me think that whatever lead filtration system(water, gun range, whatever) you're relying on just... ain't... working. Get it checked out, stat!
  13. Sooooo..... you're saying I should buy more guns and stock up on ammo? Okay, cool.
  14. DD definitely understands how Negative Brand Association works and the ease at which policies and laws can be enacted once that happens. Their entire product line was taken off display, hidden and locked away, and now anyone wanting to even look at one of their products has to be treated like they're asking to fondle the Jeffrey Dahmer knife collection. Walk into the store and ask for the "special" items and now it's, "Oh, you're that kind of guy. Hmmmm"
  15. Daniel Defense just sold me on an ISR Gen 2 when I get to the point of going through the hassle of getting one. Possibly even 2, one for me and one for the wife.

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