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  1. White? Yes Christian? I'm an atheist Bible-toting? see previous question Victim? I don't participate in the Oppression Olympics or a Victim Hierarchy Patriotic white male? Still white, and patriotic and male Clutching pearls? I thought tackling racism and ridding ourselves of racial invective was a good thing? Now that you've exhausted your repetitive repertoire of race-baiting, perhaps we can get back to that whole Karen thing?
  2. How would everyone on this board know what Karen means(because discussions?) when you were just attempting to admonish me for being "a new guy" and not understanding how your omnipotence here should cause me great fear? Did it ever occur to you that maybe there are other "new people" who need to understand what kind of racial overtones are being presented?
  3. Case in point. Like I said, I've seen what you do when presented with facts and relevant questions. I grew up in Memphis—not in the good parts. So how about showing everyone that good Memphis hospitality and explaining what Karen implies?
  4. So you don't know her name, but made it a point to call her Karen? Why Karen? I know why, but maybe you'd like to tell others what a Karen implies. Actually, I'm not really that new. I just never participated that much. And considering that you've posted plenty about "who you are," I think I have a fairly good idea of who I'm dealing with. So saying "you can do this all day" doesn't really strike the kind of fear in me you'd like it to considering I can clearly see what you do when presented with facts and legitimate/relevant questions.
  5. Bad decisions around guns ruins many lives. Some live to talk about their stupidity, some don't. So her actual name is officer Karen?
  6. Let me fix this for you. Dude was being arrested because of a warrant. Dude's dead because he resisted arrest and fought with cops. He betted his life that the officers would be able to handle that situation without mistakes or incompetency. He bet wrong and lost everything.
  7. You seem to have trouble staying focused when presented with reasonable questions or evidence that runs contrary to the narrative you try to spin. What is "choose your friends wisely" supposed to imply?
  8. It was a legitimate question considering the widespread arson, looting, assaulting, death & destruction caused by "protestors" of 2020 sure seemed to come with a Hollywood/celebrity stamp of approval. How many bail relief funds have you seen for the Capital Protestors? Would Paypal and GoFundMe even allow it? Would Facebook or Twitter?
  9. Considering actual statistics prove that this kind of incident is somewhat rare in a population of 300+ million people, I'm much more concerned with the more common[daily] incidents of something setting off mentally unwell people and them going on to kill a concerned family right after they call 911 or before they even have a chance to call 911 for help.
  10. Yes. But it can't be emphasized enough that not all asses are equal. Some are a lot more full of sh@t than others.
  11. This is something that should have been happening over the last 20 years. Every single time the federal government overreaches and tries to peel another layer off gun rights in this country, the pro-2A governors should be working to give the law-abiding citizens in their state something in return. You can't allow the anti-gun zealots to strip away rights and consider it a victory that they only stripped off one layer this time. You have to add layers back at some point, otherwise, it's inevitably a losing proposition to try to hold on to some hollowed-out right that might not even be worth fig
  12. The entire world? How did you make the leap from me talking about every facet of life being politicized to the entire world screaming about [my] point of view being wrong? Which viewpoint would we be dealing with when I buy a razor? You think oligarchs and tech plutocrats are "the entire world"?
  13. Sadly, the entire world is now akin to a big political section. You can't watch movies without being inundated with political manipulation. You can't listen to music. You can't use social media. You can't search the Internet. You can't watch the news. You can't buy coca-cola. You can't eat a chicken sandwich. You can't buy toothpaste or razors. You can't buy a pillow. "Can't" is more of a hyperbole here, but not enough hyperbole to make anyone feel really good about the direction society is headed.
  14. It happens every time a Democrat takes office because Democrats make it an issue. Gun Control is a big part of their platform. Biden's Cabinet is full of people who have very specific views about limiting this and banning that when it comes to firearms. How many Republicans go on the campaign trail and talk about what guns and gun accessories they're going to ban? There aren't that many, are there? When talking about Democrats, it would probably be easier to list the ones who don't talk about bans and buybacks and confiscations and limits. So it kind of makes sense that this would happen every
  15. Constantly lowering the bar to "we will adjust" sounds an awful lot like conformity and passively accepting the notion that the federal government deserves more rights and more control over your own life than you do. The only question is how far are you willing to adjust and conform until you have no more room to adjust? "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth." — some liberal guy named John F. Kennedy I want to zero in on this claim about this being a "sky is falling routine." How exactly is it a routine when Biden and Harris and most other Democr


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