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  1. It's been around for a long time for treatment of some human diseases but wasn't declared unsafe until it was recognized as a good treatment for Covid. How could they force the jab on everyone and allow a tried and true treatment to exist. According to my doctor, up until a month or so ago every pharmacy carried and filled prescriptions for it. Ivermectin proved to be even more of a ‘Wonder drug’ in human health, improving the nutrition, general health and wellbeing of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat Onchocerciasis in humans in 1988. It proved ideal in many ways, being highly effective and broad-spectrum, safe, well tolerated and could be easily administered (a single, annual oral dose). It is used to treat a variety of internal nematode infections, including Onchocerciasis, Strongyloidiasis, Ascariasis, cutaneous larva migrans, filariases, Gnathostomiasis and Trichuriasis, as well as for oral treatment of ectoparasitic infections, such as Pediculosis (lice infestation) and scabies (mite infestation).14) Ivermectin is the essential mainstay of two global disease elimination campaigns that should soon rid the world of two of its most disfiguring and devastating diseases, Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic filariasis, which blight the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043740/
  2. I guess I'm the odd man out, My absolute favorite small carry weapons are the Sig P230 and my Ruger LCR in 38 spec. I actually have several more small ones that never get carried and should be gotten rid of. Several have never been fired.
  3. We had an Engineman reenlist while we were in the war zone and because of bonuses he was paid something like $12,000 and tax free. When we pulled into Yokosuka he got it all in MPCs, put it in a small duffle bag and went partying. He and everyone with him had a really good time but he woke up the next morning on the boat with no duffle bag. He asked everyone that was with him that night but no one had any idea where he'd left it. He borrowed some money and went back into town to drink away his sorrows but when he walked into the Star Light bar (submarine bar) the Japanese bartender started jumping up and down, laughing and waving his duffle bag at him. There was no way to really know if it was all there but appeared to be.
  4. More liberal logic in play. Knives taken off supermarket shelves in New Zealand after terrorist attack https://thehill.com/policy/international/570920-knives-taken-off-supermarket-shelves-in-new-zealand-after-terrorist
  5. Does this bring back memories for anyone ? Hint........you have to be an old fart.
  6. I've got one that's about a 20 pounder setting beside my garage door that I imported from the road I grew up on in Okla.
  7. I was on line looking for a case for my Ruger PC carbine and mags and ran across this. It looks like something straight out of "John Wick". I don't know how discreet it would be when you would have to get someone to help carry your "garment bag" best picture hosting
  8. That applies to everything we are allowed to read on the internet.
  9. Sounds like you are in favor of the old "blanket" policy that many levels of government and companies use. Take away the rights of the deserving because of the behavior of the non-deserving. As for the post high school education, it might come as a surprise to you that many kids don't have that choice or luxury. Many have to work to provide for themselves because the family can't cover everyone's needs or the extra "nice" things that they would like to be able to get. I'm not talking about the drug dealers either, but the ones that work regular hours at businesses. As far as being irresponsible, we've had that group for as long as I can remember, but in the past they were held accountable as individuals not dictating a rule change for everyone.
  10. I had to look him up. Then again, the last time I watched SNL, John Belushi was still on it.
  11. I remembered this happening but took a while to find a link. FBI van with weapons stolen in Memphis http://www.cnn.com/US/9706/04/fbi.theft.update/
  12. See if there's any classic car clubs in your area. Those guys are really picky about their paint jobs.
  13. I don't know what happened but the option just came back. !!
  14. I don't really know when this happened but up until recently we could resize the font in our posts. I noticed the change when I was pasting the text of an article and the font was about 1/2 inch tall and the resize option was no longer there.
  15. I had an interesting call from my doctor this morning. Unlike us that get most of our information from the media about Covid, she's been doing her own research within medical resources since this whole thing started. The primary reason for the call was to suggest that I consult with my cardiologist about the vaccine because she found something negative about people with stents getting vaccinated. It seems the vaccine has some clotting properties which would defeat the purpose of the stents. She said it was outside her area of expertize but recommended getting his input. The other thing she mentioned was the blood type factor, which I had never heard of. This information is over a year old and the first place I found it was in a medical blog from the National Institute of Health. It makes me wonder if there's something else out there that the general population is not hearing about. BTW In case you're wondering about a Sunday morning call from my doctor, she's also a friend ........................................................................................................................................... The two stretches of DNA implicated as harboring risks for severe COVID-19 are known to carry some intriguing genes, including one that determines blood type and others that play various roles in the immune system. In fact, the findings suggest that people with blood type A face a 50 percent greater risk of needing oxygen support or a ventilator should they become infected with the novel coronavirus. In contrast, people with blood type O appear to have about a 50 percent reduced risk of severe COVID-19. https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2020/06/18/genes-blood-type-tied-to-covid-19-risk-of-severe-disease/
  16. Back in the mid 80's when our girls were small they spent a couple of weeks with my parents in Okla. for the first time and my mother was feeding them some fruit drinks that they really liked. She didn't realize at the time that they were wine coolers........ so she said.
  17. Well in that case....... welcome to the group
  18. I have some neighbors that have these and they haven't had any problems in the 20 years I've been here. I think this site has free shipping too. https://www.libertyflagpoles.com/products/20-commercial-grade-telescoping-flagpole


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