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  1. Springfield XDE

    I got one last week. Finally got tired of the weight of my FNP-45 with 31 rounds pulling me down all day, lol, and got this one, with half the rounds, but still ,45ACP, and not quite half the weight. I've practiced carrying it on it on my belt and although there are lighter guns, not many lighter in .45acp. Couldnt get to the range this weekend but plan to next weekend. I really prefer an exposed hammer fired handgun as opposed to concealed or striker fired. just a quirk of mine.
  2. Finally got to shoot my XD .45

    I keep hearing good things about the XD line. I just picked up a new XDE-45. I had been carrying a full size FNP-45 with 16 rounds and finally the weight got to me, lol, so i wanted to downsize. Plan on shooting it this weekend but so far I love the gun. Love the front fiber optic. Not sure why, but I dont like striker fired guns...May be a little bit of the traditionalist in me coming out, but I prefer hammer fired.
  3. LEOSA Carry

    Thanks, DaveTN! Do you how the "list of firearms qualified om" works? Some of my friends in other, more LEOSA friendly states, interpret that to mean pistol;, i.e. my dept uses Beretta 9mm 92, but in those state sim talking about, any semiauto is ok as long as yInsert other media ou qualify on a semi auto pistol, and you don t have to only carry the one you qualify on. What does TN say?
  4. LEOSA Carry

    Anyone recently get LEOSA carry for retired LEOs? The State of Tennessee, while not not honoring this, seems to discourage this, in my experience. A while back when I inquired about this they tried to get me to go a different route that wouldn't be honored nationwide, only in TN, but it was cheaper and lasted longer, if I recall. Any comments?
  5. David, Im interested, but need to do a little more research first. I currently use the AC1900/R7000 and have generally been happy with it, but with more and more devices connecting lately, Im concerned a little about its ability to keep up. Between ios devices operating on the 5Ghz and household devices on the 2.4 band, It might be nice to have an extra 5Ghz band to split things up a bit. One concern I have though is I currently have the Comcast internet speed of approx 100-125 Mbps. Do you think this router will perform for me on that level of speed?
  6. Non NFA 11.5" AR

    I kinda think 'single projectile' might be key words here...just sayin'
  7. Just heard oin Fox news that the matter has been referred to TBI for investigation into criminal wrongdoing. I have already forgave her for violating the public trust in her judgement (flawed). Now she can resign.
  8. You know, I KNEW that, but sometimes i start hoping for the best...like when I first read about the act you mentioned...I think Montana and maybe Texas did something similar a while back. Seems like I remember the ATF sending out letters to TN FFL holders at the time, warning them that Federal law supersedes TN law or something like that. Thanks, man, I appreciate your knowledge in this.
  9. Anyone actually see a Sig P365 yet?

    I like sigs, have several and would consider this one as well, but like you, Id like more info...
  10. Not wanting to hijack the thread, Oh Shoot, but does this apply on federal property like the post office parking lot? i.e. HCP permit holders can leave a firearm in locked vehicle while running into the post office to buy stamps or not?
  11. I'm signed up, David. Same user name over there as here.
  12. Flashlights

    Not sure why, but Im a sucker for flashlights. years of night work in the military I guess has taught me the value of a good light. Being a day worker now, I dont have a real need for a high power daily carry, so I have a Streamlight Stylus Pro that I can carry in my shirt pocket with my pens. Of course, in my car and in my go back and at my home I have much more powerful lights, including a Fenix, but the small little Streamlight meets my day worker everyday needs. The one I use has disposable AAA batteries, but they also make a usb rechargeable one too.
  13. Deleted

    Anyone seen one of these yet? Not a huge fav of striker fired guns, but this looks interesting...
  14. Netflix series

    Black Mirror is pretty good. Each episode is stand alone so unrelated to any other ones. Reminds me a little bit of the old Twilight Zone series, but without Rod Serling (or anyone) narrating...
  15. ad closed SOLD

    Sending PM

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