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  1. TWD Season 8

    I hadnt heard that Morgan was going on to Fear TWD. I like that actor and usually like the character of Morgan. I like Fear the Walking Dead too. Whats the new thing i see trailers for, Red Machete? Anyone know anything about that?
  2. N Range??

    I've noticed that too...also, I'm pretty sure the one on Gallatin Road kinda between Hendersonville and Madison got hit fairly recently also.
  3. HI Point Handguns (& carbines) USA Made

    I have one of their 9mm carbines, and Im not sure why, buty I kinda want one of their .45 carbines, lol.
  4. My new Keltec CMR-30

    Ok. Haven’t shot it yet, and not much of a hunter...but I will be shooting it soon. Illlet ya know.
  5. My new Keltec CMR-30

    Just got it from Reese at the Gun Crew in Hermitage. Been wanting one since I got my PMR-30 a few years ago. Couldnt bring myself to pay the exorbitant prices that were being charged every where until recently they came down, then Reese had it on sale to boot, so I couldnt resist.
  6. Kel-Tec PMR-30 Fail to fire

    I have ran a few boxes through mine with no issues...cant remember if I had any minor glitches or not, but if I did they weren't significant. I want to pick up the CMR-30 to go with it...and I saw some aftermarket magazine floor plates I liked that I would mind getting as well, except they aint cheap, lol.
  7. Amateur Radio Help

    Thanks, guys for the tips! When I said mobile, I was thinking handheld, but perhaps a mobile would be better after all...recommendations on those?
  8. Amateur Radio Help

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but it does fit. I have been into shortwave and scanning radio for many years, off and on, and have long had a desire to get into amateur radio as well. A long time ago, fear of learning code kept me out, but I think that not now required, so...I have absolutely no idea of where to start. I'm thinking portable for my first radio is a good idea, and maybe get a base station later on. Can anyone recommend a good starter rig for a newcomer? I'm so lost I dont even know what bands to start with. I posted here as a STTF possible use, but I also envision this as another hobby to get into as I plan to reire in a few years. Figure funds will be tighter then, so might be a good idea to buy the equipment now. I welcome any and all suggestions.
  9. Need a break seriously

    Sorry, I can offer no help, but I will pray for you, brother.
  10. ad closed SOG Zoom Mini Tactical Knife SOLD

    Im interested. Which blade does this have? Looks like they come with different variations. I like the one with A PARTIALLY SERRATED EDGE...
  11. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Im ready for a brand new modern setting book, that will capture my attention. One that will take a while to read.
  12. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    Finished it. Rarely are sequels as good as the originals, and that's true here too. One Second After was the best of the three.
  13. ad closed Kel-Tec PMR-30 - LOWER PRICE

    Fun gun, love mine. Good price. GLWS.
  14. Good SHTF Survival Fiction Books

    I agree with earlier posts about One Year after, by Forstchen not being as good as One Second after. It wasn't the writing style so much as the story line didn't seem fully developed. Right now I'm reading The Final Day, which is the last of that trilogy. I like it a lot, but I'm near the end and got a feeling the end will be sudden and quick, lol. Anyway, I like it a lot. Ive read most of his books, even the ones he co-wrote with Newt Gingrich about the Revolutionary War.
  15. I've got a Sig P-232 if you're interested...

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