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  1. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    3 boxes of self defense ammo.
  2. Zack Adams

    As a former cop, im a law and order type guy. Do the crime do the time. But the drug issue is killing us. Lock 'em up aint working. It may be right, but it just aint working. Eliminating the source aint working either. I hate to not have a solution, but its taking over our country, between coming across the borders and #### being made right here...I bet 90 % of the crime in this country is drug related directly or indirectly.
  3. Need help with a question

    You can also go to their web site and navigate to a channel lineup so you can see what channels are what number. https://login.comcast.net/login
  4. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    They're getting me for about 164, but that includes equipment. What Comcast gear have you got?
  5. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    My only concern really is my watching schedule. I record a lot to watch later, and would need to buy a couple dvrs.
  6. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    Lmao, you're right! That's why I was careful to not call him stupid. Now before you call me stupid, I'll just admit it, lol. Good thing I'm not a rocket scientist, or we'd have more crashing rockets than North Korea! I was confusing monthly and annual, and adding them together. Usually I can use my brain for something more than just to hold my ears apart...thanks.
  7. Comast/Xfinity taking a major hit

    Your math confuses me a little. I'm always looking to get a better deal for what I want, so I added yours up probably I missed something, but you said you had been paying 180, now you pay 99 for Amazon, 10 for Netflix and 80 for internet...isn't that 179 total? I'm not calling you out, lol, just looking for any good alternative than what I have and i'm a little confused...would appreciate a clarification. I really want to lower by cable bill, but right now I have Comcast and am paying about 164 a month for unlimited internet, HBO, 1 Main and 2 Satellite DVR boxes, and the last time I argued with them to get this price, they threw in Starz for 6 months and said they would do another 6 months if I call back in 6 months. I could easily get by without the HBO and Starz, hardly ever watch them anyway, nor do I watch the multitude of other channels i get. What I DO like though is the total of 3 DVR boxes where I can record what I DO like to watch and watch it on my terms or start watching in one room and finish it in any room. After getting fed up with Comcast, a friend of mine went to one of the Satellite deals for TV but kept Comcast cable for internet. Hes getting way more than me, but then he pays more overall, too.
  8. AR Pistol Grip Mags

    This is probably a niche item, not of much use to many, but I will probably get one for each of my ARs. http://www.alloutdoor.com/2017/09/06/magnetospeed-minimag-3-round-ar-magazine-fits-grip/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2017-09-09&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter
  9. Picked up a rifle I never thought I'd have today

    Wow, Im envious. I love 10/22s and have a few. I would love to have one of their old .22 mags. Are there hicap mags available for it? I havbe an old savage .22 mag but Ive been on the lookout for that keltec .22 mag, CMR-30 to match my PMR-30, but have so far been unwilling to pay the asking price...maybe someday Ill see a good deal on one.., or a trade...
  10. Gun stickers on your car?

    Got a few USAF stickers and an NRA sticker on mine.
  11. My first CZ was a 75 P-01 made of aluminum. Great gun, still have it, but I also wanted a higher capacity CZ so I picked up a polymer CZ P-09 which features a 19 round magazine. Love both of these firearms! CZ makes some awesome guns.
  12. Radio Scanning Help

    What kind of scanner do you have?
  13. Radio Scanning Help

    After a couple decades out of it, I got the scanning bug again! I just picked up a Uniden BCD-396XT Handheld and a Uniden BCD996P2 base scanner, both second hand with some programming already on them. Wow, scanning has changed. Im about completely lost. I live in the Goodlettsville area, close to Madison, so I can pick up most of MetroPDs area, Goodlettsville, and often Hendersonville as well. I downloaded the free computer program, Freescan, and am ready to get started. I also plan to get a premium membership at radio.reference.com, and will have access to the frequencies there. Does anyone have either of these 2 scanners and might be willing to help me? Either things got way more complicated or I got slower witted or both...Im kinda lost. You tube hasnt helped a whole lot do far/.
  14. Springfield XD-E

    Just saw a review of this compact 9 and I must say I like it. I've been looking for a pocket 9 for a while now, and I really like this one. Need to find one and see if it is pocket size. I love the way it offers several carry configurations with both a safety/decocker and a trigger, with da/sa options. Normally I like bigger guns but I want to replace my 380 pocket gun with a 9mm. Anyone try this gun yet?
  15. Sig We the People 1911

    Has anyone seen this yet? I own several Sigs, but this one is truly awesom! https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-we-the-people-full-size.html i want one!

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