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  1. Radio Scanning Help

    What kind of scanner do you have?
  2. Radio Scanning Help

    After a couple decades out of it, I got the scanning bug again! I just picked up a Uniden BCD-396XT Handheld and a Uniden BCD996P2 base scanner, both second hand with some programming already on them. Wow, scanning has changed. Im about completely lost. I live in the Goodlettsville area, close to Madison, so I can pick up most of MetroPDs area, Goodlettsville, and often Hendersonville as well. I downloaded the free computer program, Freescan, and am ready to get started. I also plan to get a premium membership at radio.reference.com, and will have access to the frequencies there. Does anyone have either of these 2 scanners and might be willing to help me? Either things got way more complicated or I got slower witted or both...Im kinda lost. You tube hasnt helped a whole lot do far/.
  3. Springfield XD-E

    Just saw a review of this compact 9 and I must say I like it. I've been looking for a pocket 9 for a while now, and I really like this one. Need to find one and see if it is pocket size. I love the way it offers several carry configurations with both a safety/decocker and a trigger, with da/sa options. Normally I like bigger guns but I want to replace my 380 pocket gun with a 9mm. Anyone try this gun yet?
  4. Sig We the People 1911

    Has anyone seen this yet? I own several Sigs, but this one is truly awesom! https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-we-the-people-full-size.html i want one!
  5. for-sale Yaesu FT-2900 VHF Ham Radio

    Does it ccome with a short one then?
  6. 1911 Wanted

    1911 Wanted View Advert Looking for a budget priced 1911, in .45 ACP, preferably full sized. Any brand, but needs to be in good condition. Close to Nashville or Chattanooga areas. Advertiser JAlexanderMSgt Date 03/31/2017 Price $400.00 Category Firearms Classifieds Caliber Manufacturer Any Type of Item 5  
  7. AR Pistol

    Awesome suggestion. Thanks.
  8. AR Pistol

    Thinking hard about an AR pistol for us as a truck gun. I already have one, but its kinda high end and I dont want to use it for that. Anyone seen any good deals on a really inexpensive AR pistol anywhere?
  9. sold Pistol lower set up 275

    If DUKETN changes his mind, take it, I will take it.
  10. AR Pistol

    Here's mine, it's a Gas piston Sig and I love it, even with the 7 1/2 inch barrel, but I want to get a budget model to use as a truck gun. I think I want the same size for that use.
  11. Let's talk about guns: Bersa 83

    I've got two Bersas, an Thunder 9 Pro and a Thunder .22LR. I really regret selling my Bersa 380
  12. What's your NEXT gun?

    Have talked myself into "needing" an inexpensive AR truck gun and a 9mm pocket pistol. I prefer to trade for at lkeast one of these, and just havent seen what I want yet, at least for trade.
  13. PSA breaks $400 AR Barrier

    My AR pistol is kinda higher end, so I've been keeping my eyes out to find a cheap AR pistol truck gun to try to trade for, but at this price I may have to spring for one.
  14. comcast 1gig speeds for cable customers

    Wow! Thats fast!!!
  15. comcast 1gig speeds for cable customers

    I'm getting 90.12 and 12.16 from Comcast. But only after arguing with them for over a year about the 30 i was getting before. They rented me a modem some time ago, and then sent me a ad saying I was getting up to xx speed. I wasnt and when I questioned them, of course they said "oh thats UP TO, and it must be your equipment that isn't good. If you buy the next higher package you can get up to XXX speed. Did some research and discovered they rented me a modem(DOCSIS 2) that wasnt capable of XX speed, much less XXX. Buying a higher cost package would not have helped one bit, but they insisted that is what was necessary. I then bought my own DOCSIS 3 modem that WAS capable of the higher speeds. It iincreased some but not a great deal, still far short of their promise. After repeated calls over a year, I FINALLY talked to a tech who knew what be was doing. He made some adjustments in my account to reflect that i had a modem capable of those speeds and right then I started getting 89-90 speeds. Thanks for that, but COMCASt sucks and lies mostly. I STILL think I should be getting faster speeds, lol. Im paying for Blst and they say up to 150. Well Im running a pretty fast computer i7, and 16 GB RAM and a DOCSIS 3 modem...

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