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  1. Here you go Mr Spots:   https://www.gofundme.com/8c6tshk8
  2. After seeing the gofundme for Mr Outlaw Kenneth Hudson, I have my doubts this is Armslist related.   Remember parks + drugs is +1 felony in TN, so a gun buy gone wrong might be the better story.
  3. I will never step foot in Grayson BMW again.  I've owned BMW, Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, etc, but if I had a choice of a BMW from Grayson or a Ford Pinto already on fire, I would drive the Pinto.   My BMW was a lemon, so I will not fault Grayson for that.  3 years ago I decided to get rid of my Audi and wanted a M3.  Well I went into Grayson, told them exactly what I wanted, they had one on the lot that was close but not exactly what I wanted.  The sales guy kept trying to get to to buy it, but I was more interested in ordering a new one to my spec.
  4. I admit I am an Asshole, with a capital A.  Now that is out of the way, let's release some bombs.  If I am banned from TGO, so be it:   1) Caster, you are a bigot. Quote from you 'Short list. Fug 'em all.'  You demand people name good Muslims, but what about bad Christians, Jews, etc. 2) 'Bad Things happen to Bad people.' seriously Vontar!  You knew these people?  They deserved to die? 3) People died.  Good "Christians" should love everyone but obviously there are some "Christians" in this thread that are a better judge than GOD.   I
  5. I disliked you for the Soft Tail, I despised you for the Wilson Beretta and now I hate you for the GI.  Why do you do this to us poor plebs?  I bet you have a great mustache to twirl while laughing at us.
  6. I am in Dallas for a few days, so I tried some Texas bourbon and whiskey.  Herman Marshall seems to be my favorite so far, but have a bottle of Balcones that I haven't tried yet.  Have seen a lot of love for Garrison Bros, but I thought it was good, but not great.   I am going to bring a few bottles of different local bourbons/whiskeys back for my collection.  Any recommendations?
  7. I have a .44 mag Ruger carbine that I use as a heavy brush gun.  It has a Simmons 1.5-4.5 wide angle that is just about perfect.
  8. I went to Tactical Advantage about a week ago.  It was fine and the employee's were much friendlier than the old CCA days.  Range is pretty much the same as before.  I would definitely go back if I I did not want to make the drive to Norris.   I did try the new indoor range at SET in Oak Ridge around 2 months ago.  They make you watch a safety video along with reading/filling out the normal forms.  The range itself is nice and the equipment is fairly state of the art.  They do give you a piece of cardboard to clamp to the target system with a line on it. &n
  9. This past Sunday at Norris, a guy and his kid put a tarp down and steel on the longer pistol only range and did practical/tactical training.  I was only using the shorter pistol only range, so I didn't care at the time.  When 3 more guys showed up at the shorter one because the longer was was being used for practical/tactical training, I decided to end my pistol shooting for the day.  5 guys on a 3 bench range kinda sucks.   Went over to the rifle range to shoot a couple older rifles.  There was guy blasting the 50 yard backing with a 12 gauge slug gun.  It was
  10.   I was flagging the ammo before, but now I like to have fun with it.  I now try to get them to meet by showing a lot of interest and, in some cases, offering a little more if they drive to meet me.   The guy that was selling the .22 ammo in Knoxville, i.e. 1200 rounds of Winchester for $200, told me he would even throw in another 100 round box for $200.  I now have his Name, Phone Number and email address.  I'm not doing anything with this information besides having my own file of a$$holes.   I had one guy drive up from Cleveland, TN and meet me at Gander Mo
  11. Now I can reseed my garden with my 1100   http://www.flowershell.com    
  12. Looks like they caught one of the guys:   http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2013/dec/04/police-charge-one-in-west-knoxville-gun-store/?partner=google_editors_picks&google_editors_picks=true
  13.   I really am sorry to thread jack, but "if he can do both of us at the same time" is the one of the gayest phrases I have ever seen written.  I mean no offense to thundersnow, or anyone else for that matter, but that is just funny.    Sorry Dolomite for the asinine comment on a serious thread.
  14.   It was picked up here in Knoxville:   http://www.wate.com/story/24005228/cumberland-county-parent-releases-video-of-his-arrest-by-a-school-resource-officer


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