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  1. It’s very common for people to shoot 9mm in a 9mm largo firearm. It usually works for a period of time but you eventually break the extractor because it’s the only thing maintaining the head space.
  2. Back in the day I owned about a number of Star and Astra pistols in 9mm Largo. You could buy a surplus tin of 1000 rounds for $126. It was about the cheapest centerfire pistol round you could shoot at one time.
  3. Make me an offer if interested. I also have a fair amount of 7.5 French ammo for a MAS 36 or 49/56 new production
  4. One pistol has been sold and I still have one available. $350 with extra mag and new M12 holster
  5. I did a little research on the “relief cut” and these two pistols do not appear to have them. That being said, there is no stress crack present. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I attached a diagram that I found
  6. I’m not sure what relief cut you are referring to? I looked at my Wilson Combat G model and it appears the same as the S in the area of the hammer and firing pin.
  7. I have a Beretta 92S pistol for sale. These are surplus, Italian manufactured, police or military pistols. Date code on the pistol is 2004. These are very similar to the Beretta FS but with the magazine release located on the lower left grip panel. They are SA,DA with de-cocker. This pistol show signs of holster wear but are otherwise in great condition with tight slide to frame fit. This comes with two 15 round magazines and a new military issue Weckworth M12 holster. $350 Buyer must be able to legally own a handgun in the state of TN and show HCP.
  8. I believe they also made a version of this rifle with a Monte Carlo style stock. Yes it does resemble the Storm especially the pencil barrel. I forgot to mention that the trigger is great on this rifle.
  9. Benelli MR1 Tactical Rifle in 556/223 new in box. If you're not an AR fan boy and want to march to the beat of an Italian drum, then this is the rifle for you. This was Benelli's foray into the tactical rifle market a few years ago. It probably resembles the Benelli shotgun or the current R1 Big Game Rifles. The Benelli MR1 does not share anything in common with the AR other than ammunition and the magazines. it comes with the standard flush 5 round magazine but will accept common mags as shown in the picture. It uses the ARGO gas system developed by Benelli for their other rifles and sh
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