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  1. Sometimes people have a brain fart and put down their previous address.
  2. Have you purchased any other firearms from an FFL holder since your address change AND put your new address on your paperwork (as required)? Because that is the law, according to the ATF. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/what-form-identification-must-licensee-obtain-transferee-firearm Other places may have missed it, but that doesn't mean the current place is wrong for abiding by the regulation.
  3. I haven't spent time of time in our local one, but service seems better than is typical for a big retailer. Plus you have the advantage of that relatively giant supply chain (helps with ordering and whatnot). Last time I was in, one of the guys at the gun counter said they were testing out buying and selling used guns at some of the locations.
  4. Yeah, the look and feel of the place is kinda like Dick's. Except they're not Dick's. I wouldn't necessarily drive hours each way to get there on a random Saturday, but might put in an hour each way for the Grand Opening. The knife counter at the one nearest me has a pretty good selection.
  5. Sounds wonderful, I'm genuinely envious. I'd be interested to see some photos, but understand if you'd rather not post them.
  6. Would it hold some kind of sludgy thick paint as a color fill for those areas?
  7. Sorry about that. My mind was stuck in the "reloading" part of this forum...
  8. It might just be internet fodder, but why not stick to factory rounds for personal defense? It's one less thing for opposing counsel to try to pin you down with. Hornady Critical Duty loads are intended to be barrier blind. Also, if your gun will run both reliably, you could load the top 3 or 5 or whatever you decide as hollow points, and everything else as penetrating rounds. If things devolve to the point of people behind car doors, you'll be better able to address that.
  9. Is there a social establishment you could set up shop in to watch the games?
  10. I agree that saving one life is worth it. I also tend, in my generally sleep deprived state, to adopt a "there, but for the grace of God" type of stance. I don't think that I'm such an outstanding specimen of humanity that I could never make a disastrous mistake. Perhaps that's something that helps keep me from making a disastrous mistake, in a similar way to complacency leading to Glock leg...
  11. How does that saying go? "All of the guns some of the time, some of the guns all of the time"?
  12. I'm not convinced that I'll never make that mistake, and I'm still a pretty damn good parent.
  13. Well, there is. It's just that lots of the proctors are much to easily fooled...
  14. Incomprehensible? Really? Look at the switch, where's the indicator pointing? Better yet, if it's not bright out, look out the front of your car and see if there are any bright spots. Most people will be able to comprehend how those processes are easier than remembering to turn and look behind them at what they think it's an empty back seat. My wife and I have two little guys right now. I agree that having kids should (and I'd say for most people it generally does) fundamentally change your world view. I'd also say that, on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis, my mind is probably not operating at 100% of its potential. Also, I'm human, and self aware enough to know that I'm not perfect. There's a chance I'll forget something at some point, and I hope to god that my children aren't harmed as a result. If an alarm could possibly help, I'm glad to have it. The kids of the people I'm assuming you're addressing with your "put down the phone, focus beyond yourself" statement may not be helped by that alarm, and the people who make a conscious decision to leave their kids in the car certainly won't. But a "check the back seat" alarm might help one kid not die, and I think that's pretty good. In the same vein, I'm a careful driver, but wear my seatbelt anyway.

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