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  1. Good Lord, no! Then you'd have to register it as an SBT with the ATF! Can you imagine the paperwork?!
  2. Would make a comfy duck hunting rig. Plus you could work "erection" into conversations at will, which is worth something!
  3. Like any law, people will break it or follow it if they're so inclined. And the regulators will regulate it if they're so inclined. But all that's aside from whether the pass exist or not...
  4. No, not at all. Lots of states have adopted the International Building Code directly, or have based their building code on it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Building_Code
  5. "Politicians! They're just like us!!" [/tv announcer voice]
  6. I can't speak to a suggested load, but I'd encourage you to make a visit to your local range and try shooting at 100 and 200 yards with your scope set to 4x and 6x just to see if that would work for you. If it does, I'd really encourage you to pick up a fixed power scope. Keep the glass as light and trim as your rifle.
  7. And a New York version, YousTube.
  8. What kind of use did you have in mind? Deer up close? Predators at night? Targets? Any interest in something like a fixed 4x or 6x? Fixed power scopes aren't really state of the art any more, but they're light and simple. And something like 6x could be good out to a couple hundred yards (though .243 is capable of much longer shots than that).
  9. Some background, and maybe a different perspective: https://www.snopes.com/news/2017/06/09/killdozer-day-marvin-heemeyer/
  10. It might be worth a call to Magpul. Their shotgun stock gives a more vertical grip than is typical for shotguns and it's adjustable for LOP. I know they make one for the 870 and some Mossberg shotguns, they might be able to tell you if their stock will go onto your 505.
  11. This thread might provide some insight:
  12. I just watched a video that helped me over a hump in the brake job I'm doing. When I was a kid, my dad and I used to start out car projects at the library. Now we usually start on YouTube.
  13. TomInMN


    buhDET and EElee
  14. I wonder if that plate is original to the photo? It's at an odd angle, and seems a little brighter/ crisper than its surroundings. Plus, shouldn't those guys be wearing jean jackets?

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