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  1. TomInMN


    Isn't .44spl pretty close to .357mag in terms of energy? I wouldn't be surprised to see less penetration from the larger diameter bullet, but it should make a bigger permanent wound channel and work at lower pressures.
  2. Really? Man, I was thinking about this earlier today and got so excitedi almost peed my pants!
  3. Third vote for Wheeler's FAT if you're looking for an in-lbs wrench.
  4. It's almost there, but I think will never be "correct" as it seems the subject and flag (at least) may have been positioned to account for the reversal. I noticed the size of the firearm as well. It occurred to me that it might not be particularly big, but rather that the person holding it is simply quite small.
  5. Interesting picture. The flag is, I think, a 28-star flag, which was apparently only "correct" for about a year starting in July 1846. Also, the cheek and lockwork seem to me like they're set up for a lefty. Maybe not... And the buttons on his jacket. I think the whole photo is reversed. So wouldn't the flag have been hung backwards then?
  6. That's fair. @Grayfox54 had better advice for you anyway. Screwdrivers made for gunsmithing work give a much more secure fit to a screw than do "standard" screwdrivers.
  7. Could you just buy some brass rod and make one? Or would that be too soft?
  8. Jeepers. If Glock said that, I'm sure it'll be a nothing burger. I mean, finger grooves is a huge change in their product line. Of course, maybe that does mean a huge announcement...
  9. TomInMN

    out of state ID

    Read the instructions for 18b. Nothing to do with out of state or multi state. OP should get a TN ID, but can complete a purchase with a combination of paperwork if he finds an FFL willing to read and abide by those instructions. Many aren't.
  10. TomInMN

    out of state ID

    Gotta generate that revenue, eh?
  11. TomInMN

    out of state ID

    No, it really isn't just a long-winded rehash. It provides an alternative course of action and corrects some inaccuracies. If the link below will take you to to the 4473, read the instructions for question 18b. They discuss using multiple documents to establish residency, which is what I was suggesting OP try to do if the FFL in question is willing. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/4473-part-1-firearms-transaction-record-over-counter-atf-form-53009/download&ved=2ahUKEwiL3ou3nqTmAhVBhq0KHXPaCQwQFjAYegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2wqSjpoV4XgKTrkaDYsBId You're correct that handguns can only be purchased in one's state(s) of residence, transactions involving long guns must follow the laws of both states, not just the state of residence of the buyer. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/may-licensee-sell-firearm-nonlicensee-who-resident-another-state
  12. Could be worth looking at a home improvement store, hardware store, Rural King or similar, or co-op...
  13. TomInMN

    out of state ID

    So, in TN you all have the TN state check in addition to a NICS check? Two sets of paperwork for a purchase, or just the 4473?
  14. TomInMN

    out of state ID

    A possible short-term work around would be to find some type of government-issued document that has your TN address on it. (Maybe a utility bill or property tax statement.) That, combined with your photo ID from NY is enough to complete a transaction. I would encourage you to contact your local gun shop before going in to buy, to see what combination of documents and items in those documents will satisfy them. You're asking them to stake their FFL on the transaction, so make it as easy for them as you can. And go get your TN ID immediately.

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