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  1. TomInMN

    Best cleaning tools?

    Thank you, Jeb48! That's a great idea, and I might have to put it to use also.
  2. TomInMN

    Best cleaning tools?

    Can we see pics please?
  3. TomInMN

    Glock 19 Gen5 cut out

    I've been thinking I'd go to a Gen5 17 and trim the grip up (down?) to 19 size to avoid that cutout.
  4. TomInMN

    "Hey Rob, can you.......

    So then does it have the Sears lifetime replacement warranty? Or is that program kaput with the recent implosion?
  5. TomInMN

    Pulling trigger to disassemble "hazzard" ?

    Yes, exactly. But some people aren't familiar with firearms, and pulling the trigger to dissassemble makes them nervous. Other people are very familiar with firearms, and pulling the trigger to dissassemble doesn't make them nervous enough. The first group buys something other than a Glock, the second group might eventually put a hole in something which they didn't intend to. Which makes the first group nervous about pulling the trigger to dissassemble... And I'll second the observation that some people believe dry firing anything is bad.
  6. TomInMN

    Super Bowl

    So did our older son (3yrs). Thank you Super Bowl!
  7. TomInMN

    Hot Sauce

    Thank you for posting the backs of the labels! I was going to skip these, but I see they're an option for our house. I'm going to get some this week.
  8. TomInMN

    Thunder Beast Arms bipod

    Thanks for the info. If you get a wild hair and a bunch of free time, and decide to post a review of your Magpul bipod, I'd be grateful.
  9. TomInMN

    Why does taurus get such a bad rep?

    As has been said, you either don't need the warranty, or you really need the warranty. My thought on Taurus guns is that I'd buy a .22 revolver if I could check it out in person, but none of their semi auto pistols. Sometimes I think about a .357 or .44 mag if I could find a good price on a non-ported one, but I've been successful talking myself out of that so far.
  10. TomInMN

    AAC New Products

    Yep. Maybe an executive order though. Oh, wait, that's for banning bump stocks... Sigh.
  11. TomInMN

    Budget AR build

    Good work robtattoo! That's a sharp looking rifle, and a heckuva good price tag.
  12. TomInMN

    Cold Enough for Ya?

    It's only 1 below this morning! Big improvement from yesterday and the day before, when it was about 28 below air temp. The wind chill was probably closer to IdontknowwhyI'mhere.
  13. TomInMN

    Vintage Gun Photos

    See, now you just can't do that. Tease another good story like that, and say you're not going to give us the details... Maybe we should have a story time thread. Only good, wholesome, no longer chargeable fun.
  14. TomInMN

    AAC New Products

    Thanks. I'm still fairly ignorant where these laws are concerned. Frankly, if like a suppressor or three, but I don't want to deal with the extra hassle. I hope we can get HPA or something like it passed soon. Seems to not be very likely though...

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