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  1. I think about something along the lines of what you all seem to be getting at: If it came to it, would it be better for my kids to grow up with a dad who didn't stand up for something he believed in, or to grow up without a dad who stood up for something they might not agree with?
  2. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be perfection...
  3. They say the camera adds ten pounds. I'm betting that squirrel looks much bigger than it actually is...
  4. I've been thinking about the SP101 in .327 Federal...
  5. @Jamie Jackson you mentioned speed thresholds for HP expansion, which reminded me that (at least a couple of years ago) the relatively old and basic Hornady Custom load was expanding more reliably in .380 than some of the newer fancier Critical Defense loads (which were geared more towards 9mm velocities, from what I understand).
  6. Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised to see "fully semi-automatic" either...
  7. I think about that from time to time, heading up to the farm for a long weekend. "How would the inventory of this vehicle read to someone who doesn't know any better...?" A thousand 22lr rounds is a decent afternoon for a couple of guys, but I'm sure it sounds insane to someone who isn't as worldly as we happen to be.
  8. I can imagine! Were your friends suitably impressed?
  9. No, I try pretty hard to avoid membership in any kind of organization. And there's a pretty strong negative correlation between my interest in membership and how motivated they are to have me as a member. ETA: Plus, you know, I never could get enthusiastic about that whole wine thing... Beer's okay, bourbon is good, wine is fine, but I'm not one seek it out.
  10. You just made my day.
  11. Good old California judges, once again trampling gun owner-- Wait, WHAT?! I saw this earlier today, I'll be keeping an eye out to see what comes of it. Definitely a welcome signal from that judge, at least.
  12. TomInMN


    We have some flurries here today, nothing worth getting excited about. The inch or so forecast for this weekend does have a bit irritated. I'm sure it'll melt, and won't be too inconvenient, but still. It's not exactly welcome...
  13. You know, if I had a while lot more money, and a bit more time, I'd buy the mailing list for the NRA wine club and sign those folks up for mailings from the NPR wine club, and vice versa.
  14. My "from the list" suggestion would be either a Ruger Mk IV or Browning Buckmark. But I'd love to see you pick up a Beretta 87 Target.
  15. The youth intervention programs you're talking about work with kids (who haven't been convicted of a crime) and seek to convince them to lead lives without committing (any more?) crimes. That's a very worthy goal. The rehabilitation programs I'm taking about work with people of all ages to convince them to lead lives without committing crimes. I think that's also a worthy goal. Both are very difficult and, in my opinion, equally beneficial to society.

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