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  1. @NickinTN, you have excellent taste! Well, maybe you have terrible taste... You've been *selling* outstanding firearms since I joined this site. I just hope you're not hanging on to the stuff from Jennings and Bryco...
  2. Are we going to start needing TGO Operator licenses? Will there be a test?!
  3. Would you guys be willing to write a bit about HAM radio operation? History, current state, what you actually do, why, etc? I'm aware of HAM radio operation, but know essentially nothing about it.
  4. Reading the title, I thought the victim flew planes and was killed by three women.
  5. Apologies in advance for the thread drift. I've long been if the opinion that both the vocal left and the vocal right want lots of government control over my life, they just disagree about which aspects of my life that should be.
  6. How long before we start seeing hipster ARs with quad rails?
  7. But isn't 3M selling to those that make the most persuasive offer the essence of capitalism? We shouldn't be telling them who they can or can't see their products to, should we?
  8. Looks like they also make them for Gen4&5 Glocks. Could a 35 be converted to 357sig? (Or is there already a 357sig equivalent to the 35?) ETA: I suppose Lone Wolf or someone makes a barrel...
  9. You know, it could just be a funny angle, and he's really following through after knocking a bad guy right on his keister...
  10. I think, shortly before that image was created someone somewhere in a meeting stood up, raised a single finger high in the air and proclaimed, "THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR MARKETING!!" And this is what they came up with.
  11. @Dirtshooter, would you tell us how you rig a turkey quill? You've got me curious...
  12. Look for transition areas, animals often like them. Moving to still or fast to slow water, big water depth changes, aquatic vegetation edges or holes, terrestrial vegetation into the water, even a really big rock (like half a car) in a pond where it doesn't really belong will sometimes hold fish. Partly a commercial, but some decent advice: https://deepersonar.com/us/en_us/blog/finding-hotspots A lot of guys up here have the Navionics app on their phones. That has the ability to share marked spots, so you might be able to see some places others are willing to give up. (Or do accidently.) Is guiding something people do down there? If you can swing it, hiring a guide for a half or full day can be a decent way to get a foothold in a new area. (Even if *every* area is a new area...)
  13. I think that's one place too far up the supply chain. What I mean is, a lot of the folks who buy those "tobacco pipes" and "essential oil extractors" go on to be arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia or whatever the equivalent distilling charge is. Because they're using them to smoke something that's not tobacco or extract something that's not essential oil. The seller had some degree of "Whaaa? I had no idea!" but the buyer gets arrested. Buying yourself a "fuel filter" and using it for something that's not filtering fuel is asking for something that's not a vacation. Especially after posting about it in a thread like this...

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