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  1. I was sure you were going to go with some variation of "Guys, I was just kidding about women voting. That Karen thing really is offensive though, please stop." I woulda lost money on that bet...
  2. I thought we were supposed to respect our wives and daughters??
  3. Yeah, I'd chalk this one up as user error more than a defective product. If you're inattentive and overconfident, this happens pretty easily.
  4. Suuuure... The "customer"... You're just kinda gonna have to coax it off the front. Might put the rear of the slide on a countertop, so the muzzle is pointed at the ceiling.
  5. @tercel89, this is cool to see, thanks for sharing! If that skin is that tough, could it be used for knife or gun leather? Maybe a belt?
  6. I'm gonna have to dust off The Man With No Name Trilogy one of these days...
  7. While I agree that saying nothing is tacitly giving permission, I'd also note that there are a certain number of folks who have given themselves permission to act like this and nothing anyone says to them will convince them of the error of their ways.
  8. TomInMN


    Since the masks most of us have access to aren't capable of protecting is from others, but rather are intended to protect others from us, this really seems to me a lot like a thumb in the eye from you to all your nearby coworkers. Has anyone called you on it yet?
  9. @Handsome Rob, having no experience with this kind of hunt, I'm curious about how you identified/ chose your camp site. Are there designated areas? Did you just spend some time with maps to find a likely looking area and were horribly unlucky that others had the same thought?
  10. I joined wanting to trade (didn't work out) and I just won't go away! @hipower GLWS!
  11. Then as @Garufa said, either #4 or 00 buckshot would be good choices. Federal Premium in 2 3/4" shells is a great choice. I believe they make a low recoil load, which should be more than sufficient for self defense in one's home. Keep in mind that good buckshot will likely only spread about 1" for every yard it travels. (It'll depend a bit on the specific load, but it's a good rule of thumb.) So, if you're standing at one end of a 20' hallway and shooting to the other, your pattern will probably only be about 5" wide. In other words, be sure to aim rather than just point and pull.
  12. @MAD King, inside or outside of your house? Do you live where houses are closer together, or out in the country? What are you anticipating defending against? Is your shotgun a 12ga?
  13. Very interesting thought experiment. @buck1032, what's your break point for unhooking the 5th wheel if things are going bad? How long does that process take you? Can you abort half way through if things get much worse much quicker than anticipated? Would it make sense to simply plan your routes such that you always have the ability to maneuver as needed with it attached, and eliminate stops that don't meet that bar? (I.e., Don't go do touristy type stuff on side streets for the day until your 5th wheel is set up wherever you plan to leave it for that day, and once you're hooked up plan to travel to your destination with only required/ wide open stops...)
  14. TomInMN

    gun safe

    The "buy bigger" advice is good. But keep in mind that "bigger" could be accomplished with two safes. It's probably more expensive than a single larger safe, but can be done in stages, allows storage of firearms and other stuff seperate from ammo, and would be easier to handle yourself if there's a move anticipated in your future.

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