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  1. I'd actually like to pick one or two up, believe it or not...
  2. TomInMN


    Well, I mean, to the extent that same-sex couples tend to not have kids at a higher rate than heterosexual couples, it's probably easier for them to retire comfortably...
  3. Couple scenarios: 1. Some bad folks are breaking into your house, obviously you don't get to shoot the clueless wonders passing by on the sidewalk. They're not culpable for the crime. 2. Couple guys are driving around and pull into a gas station so one can go in and buy cigarettes. He comes out having just robbed and killed the clerk, he gets in the car and they drive away. The other had no knowledge that happened and yet is still legally culpable. So, back to our escaping a violent crowd scenario, can you run over people who were more or less minding their own business, since they're (purposely or not) contributing to someone breaching your car?
  4. So, breaching the passenger compartment constitutes carjacking. (I don't know if that's the case, but it seems plausible.) How does joint venture come into play here? If two or three people are breaking windows and standing on the side of the car, are you considered justified in running over a half dozen people in your (and your vehicle's) path as you escape?
  5. Even an FFL can only transfer a handgun to a resident of the state where that FFL is located. So, the friend from KY should pick the gun up and drop it off at a TN FFL to be transferred to a TN resident in that scenario.
  6. I agree with this whole heartedly. However, I don't believe that we've been lucky enough to have manufactures and retailers selling at a loss for a few years, hoping to make it up when the next panic happens. Instead of a price increase that looks pretty even/ consistent, maybe going up a bit faster at times as other industries also increase demand, we see pretty big increases at times like this which are followed by reductions after the panic passes. If this kind of increase was being made simply to pass on the expected increases in the cost of doing business, the manufacturers would have been operating at a loss during "normal" times. I'm not saying that, if only we stopped buying, the cost of ammo would never go up. What I am saying is that we're providing real, market-based evidence to manufacturers and retailers that we'll pay a higher price than had been perviously reflected in the marketplace.
  7. I've said many times before: The biggest message we send buying in quantity at these prices/ times is one to the manufactures and retailers, "Yes, we will actually pay that much for ammo!"
  8. TomInMN

    7mm TCU subsonic?

    Haven't, but found this: http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/7mm-tcu-load-data.3941521/ Also, looks like a 9" twist would be preferable for the heavier bullets. You likely know that already, but thought I'd add it just in case.
  9. A friend of mine is looking for a nice (probably folding) knife as a gift for his father in law. He's thinking about a Benchmade, and I'm wondering if there are other options that he might consider which don't have quite that amount of "brand name tax". Autos really aren't an option in this case, and it likely won't be shipped anywhere for maintenance/ sharpening. Any brand suggestions you all have would be appreciated!
  10. TomInMN

    GLOCK P80!!!

    Well, yeah! That's why's there are three more generations!
  11. So then does he have the right of way if he's over a crosswalk?
  12. Really? It's pretty common up here when you're outside the more urban/ suburban areas. No "regular" beer, wine, or sprits though. For that, you have to go to the offsale. (Which is frequently pretty much the same physical place, with just an open door and wall seperating them).
  13. The -'06 is a very established round, and the volume of rifles chambered in it suggest it'll probably never go away. I (half) jokingly tell people that I like to be able to find my Three Bs at the gas station: bullets, beer, and batteries. The .30-'06 definitely qualifies. In terms of range and scope, if you're sticking to under 200 yds a 2-7 will be serviceable. Get it mounted and go have fun!
  14. I own one of these scopes, I'm really happy with it hunting in brush as well as across a field or down a cut in a swamp. Very clear and crisp, pretty wide field of view at the low end and more than enough magnification for a 350-400 yard shot.

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