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  1. Absolutely @Moped. 100% I read Pistol-Forum daily (around 10 years) as I do TGO (for around 15 years). Lots of knowledge on both forums, just a difference in focus usually. I learn from both. 50-50 issues seems to be about right from what I read there (P-F), and a lot of the folks are active or retired trainers within their departments, active professional trainers, or industry folks, and some very knowledgeable "hobbyists" . If I weren't buying a 30+/- year old S&W Revolver (usually "shooter-grade") that's within my limited gunsmithing skills (parts replacement and a little honing) I would seriously look at current production Taurus. But it's certainly not unusual for each to occasionally make trips back to the "Mothership" for tweaking... I think the risk as it relates to a Taurus 856 having issues is relatively low currently. But the risk just seems to remain with both S&W and Taurus...probably most gun manufactures these days, sadly. But Taurus customer service seems to have improved dramatically over the past couple of years. That said, I've had a great experience with Smith's customer service just last year. Life has risks
  2. Every gunowner should own at least one 10/22 @btq96r, just saying
  3. Well Heck. I guess .22's have their idiosyncrasies like most anything can. I tried another go at the .22 Punch. Did pretty good for around 40 rounds, but had my first failure to eject in my TX 22 Compact/Holosun setup. Kinda knocked my confidence down for that round in this gun. sadly. Guess I'll save it for my LCR. LOL Bulk .22's, Stingers, Minimags etc are GTG, so there's that.
  4. Thank you but I'm only handloading pistol ammo these days, but appreciate the offer.
  5. Well, what do you know? I found these in the back of the cabinet where I store some of my reloading components. 1000 Wolf Small Rifle primers. ETA Magnum Small rifle primers. 6/19/24 I don't even recall purchasing them but apparently I did. Stored indoors, climate controlled environment. Looking for a LOCAL trade in West Knoxville. I would happily trade the 1000 Wolf Rifle Primers for 800 small pistol primers, any flavor or brand. Not for sale. No shipping. Just PM me with any questions. Trade options, like pistol powder, considered. Thanks for looking.
  6. You know, I might should give them a try again. The failure to feed I had with Punch was within the first few hundred, probably the first 100, rounds I shot through it (before I even put my Holosun on it. I have several thousand rounds through it now (lot's of Auto Match as I had a good stash of it). I even went through an old 550 box of Golden Bullets recently. My little TX Compact loves CCI Stingers, and of course MiniMags. I'll toss a box of Punch in my range bag and try again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Congrats @jeff43 ! Hope she runs well for you. @JustEd makes a good point on loading the magazines (probably the weakest link in the chain from what I read...mine all work great fwiw). I load mine by hand, but pay particular attention to the process.
  7. We all need more .22's LOL @KahrMan Absolutely agree. 100%. I am very fortunate that 2 of my regular shooting buddies own them and insist I shoot them when they bring them to the range. And that means I can afford to purchase a Taurus .22 and a couple of LCR's in various calibers
  8. As I've mentioned @jeff43, I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised with mine. I'm seeing more and more folks shooting them at the ranges I frequent. A fella had a suppressed one at the range (ORSA) just last Saturday. Ran great. Just to repeat, or mention again. I've found the only ammo it isn't reliable with is Federal Punch. I did have a failure to feed once (maybe twice?) with the Punch, the remainder of the box fed fine. But Caleb Giddings of Taurus warned that due to the flat tip profile of the Punch that would happen. I have a .22 LCR that's proven incredibly reliable. Since it's a .22 RF the trigger is typically heavy, but very smooth. It LOVES Federal Punch, and 8 rounds of Punch isn't anything to sneeze at. Congrats on grabbing the Taurus! Looking forward to your opinions.
  9. Sorry. Recoil Spring Assembly
  10. Yes. Absolutely. I have 3 of each mags. I probably should pick up a few more and when I do it'll be the 16 rounders. I download each by one round. Probably isn't necessary, but the reliability in mine is pretty remarkable. I recently put a new RSA in mine as preventative maintenance. I don't deep clean it very often, but keep it well lubricated.
  11. Closing the ad. I was actually gifted one from a great guy on another forum. Have it on my (new to me) 19 and will change out the sights in a bit. Life is good. Gun people are good. God is Great!
  12. I know there's another thread on this topic where I posted but my Googlefu is weak this morning... ETA Found it, I think: https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/130127-new-tooltoy/#comment-1713754 I have a Taurus 22 compact that I run a Holosun 407 on, had it since July 2023 . I stopped counting rounds somewhere around 5K and probably have between 7-10 K through it at this point. I bring it to the range a couple of times a week and plan to shoot it later today. There have been several "ammo failure to ignite", but it was old questionable .22 RF ammo and happens with any gun...bad RF ammo is bad RF ammo. I've still had the one failure to feed I've mentioned before and that was with Federal Punch. Caleb Giddings warned of that particular ammo in this particular series having difficulty feeding because of the blunt tip/nose. I've run a lot of Mini-mags and Stingers with 100% reliability. Plus lots of bulk Remington, Federal, and multiple other vendor's ammo with no problems. An added plus from my viewpoint if the TX .22 compact fits my Dale Fricke holsters for my Glocks. I remain pleasantly surprised and quite happy with my little bargain .22 pistol. ETA: rereading the linked thread it looks like I had 2 failures to feed...didn't mean to mislead...
  13. Thank you brother. Yeah Greg, those are usually junk knockoffs for sure. Unfortunately it's the way of the world these days. I shy away from EBay and non-vetted Amazon. Like I say, I know this is a long shot. But you never know
  14. I know this is a long shot, but what the heck I'm looking to purchase and SCD or Striker Control Device made for Gen 5 Glocks, specifically I need one for my Gen 5 19 and would like to have an extra in case I purchase a Gen 5 26. I use these on all three of my Gen 3 Glocks (used them since they were in the T&E - Crowd Sourcing era) and at this point really don't want to carry a Glock without one. Tau Group, originator of these, sold/gave the right to manufacture to Langdon Tactical. But they have been OOS for a few months now. I will gladly pay shipping. And a reasonable price... I am not looking to fund your retirement This is a link to Langdons: https://langdontactical.com/glock-striker-control-device-scd/ Thanks for looking.
  15. LOL. You deserve normal my friend! It was an honor to meet you and Lola. Thank you for an excellent transaction Sir. Nice Glock!


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