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  1. Did you guys give Albannach a listen? We actually saw them over in Sevierville about 8 or so years ago. Impressive and incredible energy.
  2. Thank you @Grayfox54! I just ordered the prequel "Indian Country " on Kindle for $4.99. Appreciate the head's up and review.
  3. I know the photo doesn't demonstrate it clearly, but there is a fairly significant grade to my little 1/2 acre property, much more so in my front yard, but this is East TN. The raised beds allow a level area that doesn't flood out nor collect water and debris. The beds are at most 4 feet across and allow easy access without stepping on and compressing the soil. They are very easy to weed and actually have very few weeds, so the maintenance is simple. The height is easy on my aging back as well. My setup is very simple to mow around and weedeat. When I tore down my older beds, simply spreading the raised dirt out and seeding with a bit of grass returned the areas back into "yard", always a plus if you decide to sell and move. The "caging" with chicken wire is efficient and from last years photos you can see my tomatoes were easily covered with netting to prevent the birds from enjoying them more than I. The dedicated herb box keeps those things from taking everything else over. Our rosemary wanted to grow into a small tree before I transplanted into the herb box! I've had flat 1/4 acre gardens in the past when I lived in the deep south and midwest. If I had known what I know now, I would have gone with raised beds then. Except corn! Corn doesn't do well from me in raised beds LOL. We each just do what works for us. I happy with my setup, as I'm certain you are with yours.
  4. Thank you AJ. I've tried the de-sodding before and didn't find it beneficial. I don't even use nails anymore. I've no doubt mentioned it before, but I've found I get about 8 years out of the landscape timbers. Using the T-posts should allow me to simply remove them once they decay and replace them. I had to use a saw-all to cut up the ones I had nailed together a few years ago. PIA. Because of the depth I haven't had any problems with grass or weeds. My only "magical mixture" is Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertilizer) and a bit of manure Pressure treated 4x6's are about $16.00 each at Home Depot whereas the landscape timbers are about $3.00 each. I'll stick with what works for me. I do plan to add another round of landscape timbers to the 4x8 beds next year and add more soil for greater depth...but that's just a plan at this point. Stone would be nice too. But as it is these beds may outlive me anyway. Tempus Fugit and all that. Post some pics folks! Always open to new ideas. Especially affordable ones.
  5. Chicken wire is an absolute must around here! I've had to replace my raised beds over the past 2 years. I just added two 4'x8' beds and one 4'x4' bed. I just received my seed order from Johnny's yesterday as well. We're looking forward to some fresh garden eating.
  6. Thank you A.J. Praise God. He is risen.
  7. I think all of us would hope we would step up and do what is needed. But as has been mentioned we can't say with 100% certainty until presented with the situation. Having training such as @TripleGGG took with @Cruel Hand Luke can help provide realistic context for when & how, and allow you to start running the mental scenarios...again in proper context. Timing is a critically important aspect that could much better be addressed by Randy ( Cruel Hand Luke) than I. I would recommend viewing Active Self Protection videos to gain some insight and perspective on how some events actually unfold. They sometimes, unfortunately, have negative outcomes, fortunately sometimes positive. Proper training and practice, and mental preparation, will aid greatly in moving toward the positive outcome side of the equation. In the end it's a decision that each of us would have to make, but having thought it through should help. I personally would hope I'd do the right thing. I think I would. I hope I don't have to find out. Great idea for a thread @TripleGGG, This vid is food for thought and a decent analysis by John Correia
  8. No intent to incite panic buying. I just find it interesting that with the unbelievable low pricing and availability of the past few years that anyone involved in our culture would not have availed themselves of those bargains . New shooters ? Well , this may prove a challenging time for them . And that's unfortunate, but I have no doubt this will cycle through as it always has. I would just encourage those that have been sitting on the fence about handloading to give it a try, Just my ever devaluing $0.02 worth...
  9. I hope you guys are right And SPB is a solid group of folks in my experience A.J. and I've shot some of there ammo when sampling a few of their guns. It ran fine. I'm set on ammo for a good while and I needed to dryfire more anyway. The next normal may well be a bit different though. I hope I'm wrong and will gladly admit it. Strange times these are.
  10. The only optic I considered back then was a scope. I still have a "return to zero" mount that fit the carry handle and it actually worked! I traded for my first RDS, an EOTech, around 2002-2003 iirc and was sold on thee concept. RDS just weren't a "thing" back then. But I sure am glad I learned iron sights first!
  11. I know we've all seen and discussed the current run on ammo and the value of having the ability to load your own. I've also read many posts here over the past few years encouraging folks to stock up because of the historically low prices and availability . I imagine most heeded that advice. If this editorial is factual, it looks like another shortage may be upon us. I am glad I took advantage of the Black Friday deals members recommended and got some great buys on components as I primarily shoot handloads. What are your thoughts on this editorial and it's content? https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/economics-ammunition/374730?fbclid=IwAR33LUzNvC__tD5skk8giwUjQfdiGTgUh22JD_xQS4IV5jS4Li4JGysX2aQ
  12. Greetings from another Knoxville local. My wife & I are members at SPB, Good folks there. And welcome to the responsible gun culture family. Sounds like you're making a positive entry.
  13. The reason I choose the Dissipator was the longer iron sight radius with a relatively shorter OAL for the carbine. Suited my perceived needs at the time.
  14. I had my barrel threaded as soon as the AWB sunset simply because it didn't look right without one LOL.

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