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  1. Late to the party, but I'll get in line if Karnage doesn't take them.
  2. That used to be the case, but they do now. I talked to their customer service at one point and they indicated it was an artifact of the no sales tax for out-of-state sales era - not shipping to Tennessee and Georgia meant they didn't have to deal with sales tax at all.
  3. Get on the Natchez mailing list. They've been doing "Flash" sales every week or two where you can get a case of 9mm for $300 - $335 plus tax with free shipping. I've gotten a couple cases of Aluminum Blazer for about $340 total. They ship Fedex Ground and it usually gets here (Middle TN) in a day.
  4. I love shooting my Hellcat, but there is something about the small size that forces my thumbs up onto the left side of the slide, and always manages to keep the it from locking back on an empty mag. Single hand shooting is comfortable, but I just can't get both paws on it and out of the way of the slide, and I'm too lazy to change my grip for one gun. The 365XL is another really comfortable gun, but I have a similar problem getting a good two handed grip on it. I have Hogue grip sleeves on both of those to get more girth to grip, but it's just not enough.
  5. Ditto. Except for a brief excursion carrying a Sig P365XL I have exclusively carried and shot M&Ps for many many trouble-free years including plenty of the high round-count classes. Those M&Ps are stock save for the sights, I haven't had any need to "improve" them.
  6. Perhaps not. NSSF subsequently pointed out that it was the insurance companies that settled, not Remington Outdoor Company - it had been split up and auctioned off from the bankruptcy and no longer existed to settle. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2022/02/15/national-shooting-sports-foundation-responds-to-remington-settlement-n55511
  7. For future reference, with both Fedex and UPS you can sign up on their websites and ask them to hold a given package at their warehouses where you can go pick it up.
  8. Adding another data point to the subject of bad quality control, I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse today and asked to see one of these new Compact 2.0 optics-ready models. Take-up in the trigger was rough, like there was sand in it. That's easily fixed, but should not be there on a brand new gun!
  9. Regarding high speed internet, many counties in TN have been using grants to built out fiber networks. I believe Smith County has gigabit fiber available to every address, and Dekalb is marching forward on that too (Dekalb Service Map). It took me a bit of work to track down the various providers, but a call to the county's public utility commission can get you pointed in the right direction.
  10. I moved from VA to TN in 2020 and went through the same sticker shock. I made several trips myself with a uhaul trailer and used upack.com for the rest of it. They bring a 28' semi trailer (ABF branded - you've seen them on the highway, usually double-lugged) and drop it off at your place. You get a couple days on each end for the load/unload. You load it (I hired help from uhaul.com, it was less than $500 as I remember) and pay by the foot. They haul it to the destination, though not necessarily directly. The quote for the entire trailer to Cookville was $2,100, but you only pay for what you use (looks like I saved $31/ft for what I didn't use). They'll put up a wall in front of your stuff and then find some other cargo to fill the rest. I contracted with a moving company out of Crossville who provided two guys for the unload for a couple hundred bucks. It's a little more hassle to coordinate those different pieces, but it saved me a ton of money and the scheduling was a lot more flexible. Maybe this will help anyone else in a similar situation.
  11. Whoops, I read Cookville in a previous reply and made a bad assumption given that it appears you're on the wrong side of Nashville for it. Sorry about that!
  12. Dead Zero is just down the road from you, and you won't need a spotter with their electronic targets. https://deadzeroshooting.com/1000-yard-e-target/
  13. That sucks. I've been looking for that exact model of the new 2.0 Compact to add a RDS to and step up from my regular 2.0 Compact. I've had no issues with any of my M&Ps over the years, so I would hope this is an isolated issue. The length of time for service seems to be a growing problem; just about everything these days costs more, takes forever, and may not even be available.
  14. Welcome! Dead Zero Shooting is just down the road from you in Spencer, they have a 1,000 yard rifle range, plenty of pistol bays, sporting clays, and regular matches. TWRA has ranges around the state: https://www.tn.gov/twra/hunting/firing-ranges.html


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