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  1. Yep. I'm going hiking tomorrow, but, our part of the state is not really impacted. Newfound Gap in the Smokies doesn't even have snow! I always check the web cam up there and it is quite balmy and wet right now: https://www.air-resource.net/grsmnfgap/
  2. Have you handled a Colt Trooper? It's sorta' a blue-collar Python.
  3. Inclusivity and education are huge factors. Indeed, the continued talk about "good guys with guns" and armed protests with militia is a losing proposition because it is translated as quite threatening to many people. Many folks don't want to live that way. Do you want people on your side? Help them and their causes - don't work to subvert issues that are near and dear to them. Stay clear of negativity. Quit demonizing "liberals" and others you may perceive as opposition. They merely have a different opinion and indeed, opinions can and do change (but not if you antagonize or ma
  4. We've got ice cleats, two dogs and a pile of wood that is split and ready. Yesterday I took a nice icy hike. It was pretty slick but we had the woods to ourselves. Hope everyone else stays safe and warm!
  5. That's about the rate/term we just got. Essentially, we knocked 5 years off the loan for ~ the same monthly payment.
  6. Yes, not an equitable outcome over the presumed $200 loss. Then of course, there's the down-grade of living arrangements (how does the penal system deal with 95 year old murders who are so far off their rockers?).
  7. https://www.titusvilleherald.com/news/article_4b20dffd-f392-5f13-b5b0-fb30899ac44f.html Yes, there is tragedy all around with this story, but, obviously the man wasn't thinking too clearly. He just had an original 1911 Govt confiscated because he was worried about a supposed $200 theft.
  8. Pill City, Bearden and the Fellini Kroger on Broadway are fun stops on the "Keep Knoxville Scruffy" party bus tour.
  9. When I met my future wife, she had a red Bronco II and a pair of red Wranglers that both fit her quite well The Bronco II went 220,000 miles without too much problem (except transmission rebuildS). Much like my Forester, the short wheel base made it a very nimble and capable off-roader. We ended up selling it to someone who wanted to set it up for hard-core 4 wheeling. I will certainly give the new Broncos a look when the time comes.
  10. Yep, you are correct. Apparently TN and FL actually allow for sinkhole insurance, but, it may be limited to only catastrophic coverage. Thanks!
  11. UCF went undefeated in his first year there; perhaps he can bring the magic with him.
  12. Yeah, sinkholes are considered earth movements and are usually not covered by homeowners insurance.
  13. You can draw a lot of attention while carrying a concealed baseball bat...
  14. Hi @Moped - The PC version grip safety is aluminum (the regular version is polymer), and it is larger with sharp edges (for some reason). It sticks out further when fully depressed than the regular version. I think the idea for the PC was to have a better purchase on the pistol, but the result is an uncomfortable and ridged protrusion in the palm of your hand. It is the same on the EZ 380 PC model and perhaps with .380 recoil this was not a problem, but, for a range session with 9 mm, it's not fun. And maybe that's MY issue - i like to shoot too much. For just running a mag or


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