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  1. I do have a machine but I used both the machine and hand stitching. The knife sheath, linings, chape and billet were stitched with the machine the holster body, and bullet loops were stitched by hand.
  2. It is done like a a Mexican loop holster, the sheath is folded and tucked into itself to make the belt loop, no stitching or rivets.
  3. This has been on the back burner since Christmas. Finally got a chance to work on it and get it finished, I think it turned out pretty good. The holster and belt are from the "Hand of God" Rig from 3:10 to Yuma except I didn't want the same tooling and it is lined, the belt is also lined but with the rough side out so it wont slip around. The bullet loops, Holster loop, Chape, and billet are dyes a deep brown and the rest is an oil finish I also added conchos. I really enjoyed making this rig and plan on doing a cross draw holster for when I get my other pistol. Thanks go to my wife and kids for getting me the pistol for Christmas and to GT for the knife.
  4. Thank you John75, I have made a few in this distressed style and I'm sure I will be doing more, I will be posting more pictures once I get my knife sheath done to match the distressed cross draw holster I made a while back.
  5. Thanks I thought they turned out pretty well and they carry well too. Thanks for the kind words hipower, it was a pleasure to build that holster for you. If I can get ahold of a mold or a real pistol I can make it, I have made a few others since these were posted on here. This one was made for a Ruger GP100 Match Champion the only difference is the customer wanted a thumb break but it rides about the same as the SAA in the pictures above....
  6. Wish I had the money right now, I have liked that knife since you sent it to me for the sheath. It would be great for my single action rig I'm working on, unfortunately I just had to replace our water heater and pay off some credit cards so I think my wife might kill me if I bought another knife, lol. Its a beautiful knife GT.
  7. It would be my pleasure just send me a PM when your ready and we will go from there. GT I have you to thank for this style of distressing, that Kukri I did for you was the first one I have ever done that way and it got a lot of attention on my end. The guy that got this rig absolutely loved that knife and sheath so since he couldn't buy the knife at the time he had me make this set for when he goes to Steampunk events. To everyone else, thanks for the compliments. I do appreciate the feed back,
  8. Just got finished with the belt, the holster and mag pouch were done a while ago , but I wanted to photo them all together. Holster and pouch are left hand Avenger style for a GLOCK 43.
  9. I haven't done one for a Shield with laser but I have done other holsters for ones with lasers and I have made holsters for the shield line so it wouldn't be a problem. I would just need to know if its the built in laser or a CT laser. I would have to see if I can get a mold for the 19 as I don't currently have one but if I can find a mold I can make it as well I believe its a K frame so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Just let me know if I can help.
  10. So I have been asked lately to make some crossdraw holsters so I have decided to work on a couple designs. The main thing that makes them a little different is the angle (at least I think it is different, lol). I made these to be a little more extreme than most of what is available as that's what I am getting asked for. The first one was made for a S&W 686 2.5" barrel and can be made for just about any medium to large frame revolver. The second one is not for everyone but I had to do it, lol. This one is for a 4.75" barrel SAA I still need to do a little tweaking but I wanted to show what I have been working on lately. Thanks For looking
  11. This is what I have been using... https://www.amazon.com/Gun-Storage-Solutions-Handgun-Hanger-2/dp/B0056GSCBM/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=accuratescom-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=&creativeASIN=B0056GSCBM As others have said though they do flex a bit more than I would like, but they do work for now I just try to put the heavier pistols on the top of the shelf so if they do bend my pistol wont end up at the bottom of my safe. I would also agree the best solution is probably another safe, lol, that;s what I am planning on especially since my wife has started to invade the safe to store her items in. If another safe isn't an option and if you don't find something you like that is currently on the market then perhaps find a good wood worker and see if you can have some racks made that will hold what you need for the space you have available maybe something like a pull out rack that uses the whole depth and width of the shelves, or something along those lines. Just my thoughts they may or may not be good so take it for what its worth, lol
  12. I'm so happy to hear that your holster is everything you wanted it to be. It was a fun project, I like to do things a little different than what is already out there when I get the chance. Enjoy the holster and if I can do anything else in the future just let me know. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

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