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  1. 1911alltheway

    My new Knife from Grand Torino and sheath

    Thank you. The wood is actually book matched Ironwood the pictures just don't do it justice. GT's work keeps impressing me the more I see it, I own and have owned a lot of knives and for the money GT makes a better knife.
  2. 1911alltheway

    New to TGO

    Welcome to Tennessee and TGO.
  3. 1911alltheway

    My new Knife from Grand Torino and sheath

    Thanks every one, GT makes some really nice knives and its always a pleasure to make a sheath that compliments them.
  4. Just thought I would post up a couple pics of my new knife I got and the sheath I made for it. The knife of course was made by Grand Torino, book matched Ironwood scales with copper liners and pins. I felt the knife deserved a special sheath that would hopefully match it looks, so I got to designing, and this is what I came up with... The sheath is made as more of a high ride. I used a 1 Oz copper Gadsden coin to compliment the copper in the handle along with some distressed tan ostrich leg inlay, then dyed it black to set it all off. I think it does the knife justice. Thank you Grand Torino for the beautiful knife, I hope the sheath does it justice.
  5. 1911alltheway

    Teachers and guns

    My wife is a teacher and while she doesn't have her permit yet,(only because she can't carry at work where she is at most of the day) but she is more than willing to get it and take whatever training necessary paid for or not to protect the children in her school. I'm pretty sure some of her coworkers feel the same. Now for the record she is going to get her permit she just hasn't yet, she's been waiting on my daughter to have the time to go on a "girls day" so they can do it together.
  6. 1911alltheway

    Here's another knife sheath

    Thanks GT, after doing the sheath for your Kurkri, it just seemed to fit the Karambit as well.
  7. 1911alltheway

    Here's another knife sheath

    This one is for my oldest daughter. Since her birthday is this month I had Grand Torino make a Karambit for her, she saw one he had done before and loved it. The sheath is made so it can be worn in multiple positions (horizontal tip up, tip down, or vertical). The distressing was inspired by the Kurkri sheath I did for Grand Torino but done in back and ox blood dye to match the handle. Well here she is, although I may tweak the clip a bit more.....
  8. 1911alltheway

    ad closed My version of a Finnish Puukko

    Pictures don't do it justice, and when I did the sheath it wasn't even finished yet so I can imagine how good it looks now.
  9. 1911alltheway

    ad closed A beast of a Kukri....

    They look great together, it was a fun sheath to make.
  10. 1911alltheway

    New knife sheath design (hopefully pictures are fixed)

    Thanks everyone. I think it turned out pretty nice, and its comfortable as well. I made it primarily so I could easily take it off and put it on when I have to go to my daughters school and pick her up, or any other place that may freak out over someone carrying a fixed blade knife.
  11. 1911alltheway

    New knife sheath design (hopefully pictures are fixed)

    Hopefully the pics will remain this time. I havent use photobucket in years, now I remember why.
  12. Just wanted to show off the sheath I made for my new EDC knife made by Grand Torino. I designed it for quick removal without taking my belt off. Thanks Grand Torino for the perfect blade.
  13. 1911alltheway

    Holster Break In

    I know I have been beaten to the answer but this is what I send out with every holster I make... Holster break in period and care. Do not apply oil or softeners of any kind to break holster in! If the holster is too tight carefully unload your pistol and wrap it with 2 layers of wax paper (wax side out) and place pistol fully into the holster, let it sit this way overnight. Next, work the pistol in and out of the holster a few dozen times making sure to fully seat the pistol in the holster. Remove the wax paper and try the fit, if its still to tight, repeat the process with 3 layers of wax paper. Continue this process until you get a close fit, just don't over do it as it is difficult to un-streach leather. Once the fit is close remove the wax paper and do a few dozen practice draws. Leaving the gun in the holster when not in use will help the break in process. Your holster should now allow you to wear it and finalize the break in. To finish break in wear the holster and repeatedly draw the pistol till you are comfortable with the draw. A properly broken-in holster should retain the weapon yet still release the pistol for a smooth draw. I normally only have to do the wax paper method once then just wear and draw, re holster the pistol. Hope that helps
  14. 1911alltheway

    New carry rig

    Thank you

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