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  1. I was worried about the angle, but from what I looked at it was hard to tell some looked like a strait drop and some looked like they had a cant. I my have to take you up on getting a closer look at your holster, after I made this one I really like the style. I'll PM you once I get back from the post office.
  2. Recently I was asked if I could make a Rhodesian style holster for a 1911 so I did some research and made up this prototype holster... I have only seen these in pictures so I'm hoping I did it justice. What do you all think?
  3. I'm glad you like the sheath. It was a pleasure to work with GT on this, his knives are down right gorgeous and it can be a challenge to do them justice but it seems to work out in the end, lol
  4. Its been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I would take a moment away from working on holsters and redesigning my website to post a couple pics of my latest "toy". I decided I wanted to build something a little different for target and hunting purposes so I chose a 6.5 Grendel. I basically wanted something that would be "compact" and that I could suppress later down the road and still have a "shorter" OAL. The scope that's on it is not going to stay, its just what I had laying around till I decide on an optic. Build list... ODIN Works 12" barrel ODIN Works BCG ODIN Works Adjustable gasblock ODIN Works XMR 3 Extended Mag Release ODIN Works Ambidextrous Modular Safety GIBBZ ARMS billet SIDE CHARGING UPPER RECEIVER RISE ARMAMENT RA535 trigger PSA Lower parts kit SBA3 pistol brace Magpul MOE Grip I haven't gotten out to the range yet but hopefully I will have time to do so soon.
  5. I have a 5" government model and a 3.5" officers model that I carry quite a bit. I've carried a 1911 more than any other pistol I have owned ever since I first got my permit back in '92. I have always used a leather IWB holster and if you get the right holster IWB or OWB and good gun belt the weight is not really noticeable at least in my experience. As far as leather or Kydex goes, get what you like. My preference is leather, as I carry all my pistols in leather, I just have never cared as much for Kydex but I know people who swear by them, it's all about what you like and are comfortable wearing. Both Kydex and leather have pluses and minuses and as others have said, dont skimp on the belt as it is as important as the holster. The best holster in the world isn't going to be all it can be with a belt that sags and won't support the weight of the pistol your trying to carry in it. Just my opinion, take it for what it is, lol
  6. You are correct, but from what I have read in 2015 Springfield started making all 1911 in the USA from USA parts. Prior to 2015 you had to look for a certain mark on the frame to get a US made 1911 I think they were marked NM but don't hold me to this, it's just what I have read wandering around the net. I have a 10+ year old Springfield Loaded Government that is US made and it's a tack driver and eats anything I have fed it. I can't speak for all of them but my loaded was as tight as any of the high end (Dan Wesson, Wilson, etc.) pistols that I looked at when I bought it. The only problem I have ever had out of it was on break in I over lubed it because of how tight the tolerance were and after a couple mags of some really cheap ammo it got so dirty it gummed it up a little but cleaned it at the range lightly oiled it and it has functioned flawlessly ever since. It is still tight and functions flawlessly so IMO you can't go wrong, just look them over and decide for yourself.
  7. Nice looking pistol. I have a Rock 45 officers model and it has been totally reliable, and shoots as well as any of the other 1911s I have owned. They make a great pistol especially for the money.
  8. I'm so glad you like the sheath, it was fun to do. It can sometimes be a challenge to match the beauty of GTs knives but I think this one definitely came together.


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