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  1. I've got a Rossi Rio Grande in 30-30 that's listed for sale on here for $300.00 It is a copy of the Marlin 336 lever action. I would say it 90%+ in condition the only bad is it has a mark on both sides of the rail where a scope was put on wrong. I've got two other 30-30, a Marlin and a Winchester, so I figured I would let one go. I may let the Marlin 336 go but I would need $400.00 for it as that's what I have in it. You can see some pics of the Rossi on here but I can also send pics if your interested.
  2. Bump with price dropped to $300.00. I can also probably meet in Clarksville, Jackson, and maybe Nashville on the weekends. I also have a Marlin 336 30-30 I might consider parting with instead of this one for $400.00. I believe it was made around 2000 but I would have to check the serial number to be sure.
  3. Selling my Rossi Rio Grande in 30-30. I've had this rifle for about 5 years but it just sits in the safe, so I've decided to let it go. Has maybe 50-100 rounds through it an I would rate its condition at about 90+%. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. It does have a mark on each side of the rail, it was like that when I bought it so I'm not sure what caused it I assume a scope was mounted on it wrong while at the gun store. I am including the scope that's on it, it's a Tasco scope but it does work just needs to be zeroed. It's a good shooting rifle I just have 2 other 30-30s so I'm letting this one go. I'm asking $300.00 not really looking for trades at the moment. Bill of sale required, HCP preferred. I do not copy ID but want to be sure your legal. Located in Paris TN Mark on rail Thanks for looking.
  4. You are correct, but from what I have read in 2015 Springfield started making all 1911 in the USA from USA parts. Prior to 2015 you had to look for a certain mark on the frame to get a US made 1911 I think they were marked NM but don't hold me to this, it's just what I have read wandering around the net. I have a 10+ year old Springfield Loaded Government that is US made and it's a tack driver and eats anything I have fed it. I can't speak for all of them but my loaded was as tight as any of the high end (Dan Wesson, Wilson, etc.) pistols that I looked at when I bought it. The only problem I have ever had out of it was on break in I over lubed it because of how tight the tolerance were and after a couple mags of some really cheap ammo it got so dirty it gummed it up a little but cleaned it at the range lightly oiled it and it has functioned flawlessly ever since. It is still tight and functions flawlessly so IMO you can't go wrong, just look them over and decide for yourself.
  5. Nice looking pistol. I have a Rock 45 officers model and it has been totally reliable, and shoots as well as any of the other 1911s I have owned. They make a great pistol especially for the money.
  6. I'm so glad you like the sheath, it was fun to do. It can sometimes be a challenge to match the beauty of GTs knives but I think this one definitely came together.
  7. Just pm any time, I would be happy to help. Thank you, she has been very happy with it.
  8. Thanks BHG123 I'll pass along the info on the Jean's to both her and my wife. As for the draw I know she's working on it I have told her all I can about wearing a shoulder rig so it's up to her to practice practice practice. She also knows a couple of instructors that may be able to help her if need be.
  9. She has been, she's pretty good about the direction she points the muzzle. Yep I usually don't need to worry about her when it comes to boyfriends, she can handle herself pretty well, lol. She usually carries IWB but this is for when her pants either don't have belt loops or are just too tight for her normal mode of carry, although knowing her it may become her EDC time will tell. I have carried in a shoulder rig but they have always been more out of necessity, I prefer IWB carry, but alot of women's pants seem to be made as tight as they can get them or the belt loops are tiny and won't fit her gun belt, at least the non Jean's type and she tends to wear jean's less than other styles of pants.
  10. So my daughter wanted a shoulder holster so she could carry her Ruger LC9 and her knife without wearing a belt. This is what I came up with... it still needs to have the final adjustments done and the straps trimmed but I want her to were it a bit and find the most comfortable placement before she cuts the straps. The back lower strap keeps the holster and the knife/mag pouch from going forward when bending over.
  11. Thank you Chucktshoes, I totally forgot to add my web address. Yes my site is www.eaglecreekgunleather.com Thanks again.
  12. I am offering a coupon code for 20% off for TGO members. If you go to my website just enter TGO20 at checkout and if it's done through PM it is automatic when I quote a price. Thanks.
  13. I usually tell people 3-4 weeks, but depending on my work load it can sometimes be quicker and on very rare occasions maybe a week longer but that doesn't happen often. I'm also getting ready to post a coupon for 20% off for TGO members just need to figure out where to post it. The coupon code is TGO20 if you order through my website, but if you PM me its automatic.
  14. Here are a couple I have done... This was done for one of the members here. It is a cross draw but I can make a strongside holster as well. The next one is for a revolver but it gives an idea for what can be done with a thumb break holster. These are both avenger style holsters but I can also do pancake style holsters as well, I just don't have any pics of them with a thumb break. There are also others on here that make holsters as well, and I'm sure you will get others chiming in. There is alot of talent on here. Congrats on the 1911 it's one of my favorites both to do holsters for and to shoot, I've carried mine forever.

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