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  1. I just recently applied for an FFL. The profit margin on guns is so small that I would think a $25.00 transfer fee would equal about half the profit of a gun sale without the dealer having to invest $500 in the gun first. It may not be as good as selling a gun but a few transfers can pay the light bill until you can sell the gun. Plus if you can keep a customer coming in he will probably find something else to buy like ammo, holsters,another gun,etc.
  2. eRay

    Bill of sale...

    I used to sell with just a handshake. After working at a gun shop for a couple of years and seeing how many guns ATF actually traces, I now want a bill of sale when I sell a gun. If I buy one from someone that I don't know and they require no bill of sale then I will sell it with no bill of sale. If I buy it new and fill out the paperwork, I am going to get a bill of sale or keep the gun. Period.
  3. eRay

    S&W m642 airweight

    I like them so well that when S&W reduced the price about 6 months ago, I bought 6 of them. Now have a lifetime supply,
  4. Tractor Supply seems to have the best prices on Cannon. I bought a 6040 36 gun one for $699.00. They seem to put them on sale every couple of months.
  5. I don't have to notify the officer stopping me. My personalized tag is " GUN NUT". He will probably ask me right away.
  6. eRay

    G27 Question

    If you can find someone to show you how it is done, the Glock extractor is one of the easiest to change out. No tools necessary just use the Glock disassembly tool or a 1/8 inch punch. Remove the plastic recoil shield from the back of the slide. Pull out the spring and bearing which push against the extractor. Turn the slide upside down and push in the safety button ( a steel spring loaded button) and pull the extractor out the side of the slide. When you reassemble make sure the spring and bearing are turned so that the steel end is against the extractor and the plastic end is against the plastic recoil shield.
  7. I oc on my property but cc any time I am going into a place of business. Too many places are posted now. I do not want to give any other business owners an excuse to post.
  8. I'm old fashioned. I like the NRA type better. I bought two new Mini 14 tacticals and got the standard stock even though they were the same price.
  9. I have rented a table at the show in Chilhowee Park in Knoxville and a state sales tax agent came around to every table and had everyone fill out a form for a temporary sales tax certificate to collect tax on all sales.
  10. I just ordered a new Stainless 3 inch chamber one. I bought a new Corvette once. It was not very practical, probably like the Judge, but I liked it anyway. I think I will like a Judge as well. Doesn't matter to me how practical it is as long as I can afford one and want one.
  11. I've been getting Federal 180 gr. JHP from aummunitiontogo for $19.95 for a box of 50. Cheap enough that you can practice with what you carry.
  12. Back when I was a Class 3 dealer, I kept the machineguns in a hidden compartment behind a coat closet and hung about 20 cheap single barrel shotguns and bolt action 22's around the walls for everyone to see. That way a burglar would load up all the cheap long guns he could carry and run with them and not stay around to look for good guns.
  13. I think Kimber had problems with their external extractor. I know my Pro Carry did. Smith & Wesson has used external extractors on their pistols for years with no problems. Smith & Wesson 1911's seem to work fine with external extractors.
  14. eRay


    I've owned several over the years. Only problem I ever had was the lack of good magazines. Now Ruger has solved that with the new factory 20rd mags. Guess I'll have to get another Mini 30 now.


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