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  1. eRay

    S&W 686 Price?

    Dealer cost on a new S&W 686 Deluxe with wood grips and 3 inch bbl is $614. Dealer cost for a Talo 686 with wood grips and 3 inch bbl and unfluted cylinder is $658. Both are allocated and hard for dealers to get right now.
  2. I have considered giving up my personalized license tag for this very reason. Just hate to lose it after 20 years. Only plate number I could ever remember. It now reads              " GUN NUT".
  3. I had a new boat dock built about 8 years ago with a metal roof. It has a couple of places on the  underside of the plywood where the screw gasket has leaked and the plywood is turning dark around the screws. Wish I had went with shingles. After this experience, I would never put a metal roof on my house.
  4. Just bought a new 2014 Wrangler. Glad to hear about tnjeeps website.
  5. Is this thing cheaper than a 12 pound New York trigger at $2.00 ?
  6.   You better get more. I bought 20 the first time, then they sent me a code for free shipping and I ordered 10 more.
  7. I just got some Ruger factory 20rd mini 14 mags from Midway. They have them on clearance for $19.95.
  8. Has anyone heard any rumors as to when Haslem might sign this. I have my hopes up but nothing is for certain until the fat lady sings or in this case the governor signs.
  9. eRay

    Stupid Glocks

    If you want a handgun to show your buddies, get a 1911. If you want a handgun to use like a chainsaw, get a Glock.
  10. I must not have been watching the news back then and missed all that. First gun laws I remember was 1968.
  11. Welcome, from the metropolis of Etowah.
  12. Baby steps. We got all these repressive laws a little bit at a time. We are beginning to get rid of them a little bit at a time. Just be thankful that the momentum now seems to be in our favor.
  13. I thought I wanted one when they first came out. I could envision a small 380 with a better trigger than my LCP and Glock reliability. A lot of the range reports online seem to indicate that the 42 does not yet have the reliability that Glock is famous for. Guess I'll wait and see how they work out first.
  14.   I'm not sure that we know now that anyone open carrying is not a felon. Unless the police are now checking everyone and asking to see their permits, that same felon could now be open carrying. He could also now be concealed carrying. I don't think this would have much effect either way on whether or not felons are carrying guns. A cop can call in your name and birthday and find out if you are a felon almost as fast as he can look at your permit.
  15. eRay

    stolen Beretta 92FSS

    Best hope is that someone will pawn it. All guns going through a background check in Tennessee are checked to see if they are stolen. Not the case in most other states. If it stays in Tennessee, there is a good chance that one day, it will be found.
  16. eRay

    stolen Beretta 92FSS

    Never give up hope. I was doing a transfer for a guy a couple of years ago. It was a Winchester O/U shotgun that he bought off Gunbroker. TICS informed me that the gun had been reported stolen and local police were on the way to pick it up. Turns out it was stolen in Illinois back in 1974. It took 38 years but it was recovered.
  17. I've also had customers come in and disassemble a gun on the counter and leave it there in a pile of parts because they could not put it back together. I even lost my cool once and asked why he took it apart if he didn't know how to put it back together. Some of these gun people should try working in a gun shop for a while. I did it for 9 months after I retired from the railroad. I was doing a good business and averaged over 5 guns sold per day for every day that I was open. 80% of your customers are really great people and I really enjoyed having them come in whether they ever bought anything or not. I closed the shop after 9 months because I could not figure out how to get rid of the other 20% .And yes, Oh Shoot, you are in the 80%.
  18. eRay

    AK question

      I am a member over on fflonly forum. Several FFL's on there charge extra for orders from Buds. Not because it is anymore trouble to deal with Buds, but because they do not like Buds pricing many of their firearms at close to dealer cost. Buds is hurting the stocking dealers profits and they are trying to get some of that money back.
  19. I used to operate a gun shop. I have gritted my teeth several times to keep from saying anything to some clown stacking two new pistols on top of each other. I realize many customers do not think about what they are doing, so I never said anything. They also never bought either gun after stacking them both and field stripping them both. What really gets you, is when a customer comes in and looks at a gun, disassembles it,  then asks if you have a new one back in the safe that has not been handled.
  20. I believe I would have borrowed her $4800 in order to keep that truck. That is one good looking machine.
  21. Resellers are supposes to attach the ammo tax stamp to each box of ammo for sale. If a game warden finds you selling it without the tax stamp, he will confiscate the ammo and the state will auction it. If you are selling ammo like at a gun show, you can buy the tax stamps by contacting the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. I think they come 100 to a sheet for $10.00.
  22. Just called them and ordered two. They had one stainless left for $50 more.
  23. I built a new boat dock in Lenoir City a few years ago. I found the lowest prices on lumber at Sweetwater Valley Building Materials on Hwy 11 in Sweetwater. I saved several hundred dollars off the big box store prices.


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